The 17th “International Day”of Dali University

On 11th March 2019, Dali University held the opening ceremony of its 17th “International Day”where renowned foreign universities & educational organizations are invited at its campus.

Theme of the 17th “ International Day”  was Sino-India Educational and Cultural Exchange.

Participants for the event were Leaders from Dali Prefecture Party Committee, Foreign Affairs Office of People’s Government of Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, Leaders from Dali University and various other Universities from China and Leaders from various other countries.

Delegates from India Ltd. were invited as honored guests to the event.

Dr.Partha Sarathi Ganguli, Chief Mentor of India Ltd.led the delegation which included Mr. Nilanjan Gupta ,Vice-Dean, International Exchange & Cooperation, Mr. Kartick Bachhar,Yoga Teacher of Saraswati Yoga Mandir and Ms. Tang Ting from Guangzhou,P.R.China office of India Ltd.

The opening ceremony had various artists from across the globe performing on different cultural themes. From Saraswati Yoga Mandir,India Mr. Kartick Bachhar gave a performance on Yoga.

The opening ceremony was followed by Sino-Indian Educational and Cultural Communication Academic Forum where the session commenced with speech from Dr.Partha Sarathi Ganguli, Chief Mentor of India Ltd.

In his speech Dr. Ganguli mentioned how the Sino-Indian friendship & exchange is not only benefiting the Chinese and the Indians but is a major contributor to global development and establishment of peace and happiness. He stated how as a result of opening its door to the foreign students in the last two decades,China and India have seen large number of its students visiting each other’s country for pursuing higher studies,summer camps and other educational programs. He mentioned that a substantial interest has been observed between the two countries in terms of cultural exchange in various domains such as traditional medicines,martial arts, cuisines etc. He stated how the educational and cultural exchange between these two countries not only plays a pivotal role in terms of creating a platform for exchange of ideas but also contributes to growth of other economic activities such as tourism, export and import, joint ventures etc.

Dr.Ganguli congratulated the leaders and all members of Dali University for promoting such wonderful Sino-Indian Education & Cultural ties and concluded his speech saying that the People of China and People of India are great collaborators in terms of education and culture,with both the countries having immense contribution in promoting  global peace ,prosperity and happiness.

A practice yoga session was arranged by Saraswati Yoga Mandir for the students of Dali University where 30 students did an hour long yoga session under the guidance of Mr.Kartick Bachhar. The session was much appreciated by the student’s community.

The day ended with Dinner hosted by Dali University.

SaraswatiOnline.Com hosted delegates from the Dali University, PR China in India


SaraswatiOnline.Com hosted a group of delegation of 5 members from the Dali University, PR China from 5.12.2018 to 10.12.2018 in Kolkata and Bangalore.

The delegation included Duan Lin, Chairman of Dali University Committee, Li Cairui Deputy Dean of Clinical Medical College, Hu Jifu, Deputy Director of Teaching Affairs Office, Qin Yan Deputy Dean of Basic Medicine College and Zhou Hongxu, Section Chief of International Student Affairs, Education & Service Center for International Students.

In Kolkata, the delegation team met the Director of State Medical Education Department, visited the Institute of Post-Graduate Medical Education and Research & SSKM Hospital and the Victoria Memorial and Indian museum which was followed by a Sino-Indian Dinner meet.

At Bangalore, they visited the SaraswatiOnline.Com office and the Apollo hospitals at Sheshadripuram.

On 9th December, the team visited the Tajmahal in Agra and signed the MOU with Sharda University on 10th December.

40th Anniversary celebration of Dali University


Dali University celebrated the 40th Anniversary of the institution on October 29th, 2018. Dr. Partha Sarathi Ganguli, the Chief Mentor of SaraswatiOnline.Com, delivered a speech on behalf of the overseas cooperative education institutions attending the celebration. He said that in the cooperation between SaraswatiOnline.Com and Dali University for more than ten years, he witnessed the development of Dali University. He said that he firmly believes that Dali University, which has an international vision for running an institution, will become a leader in the wave of international education. It will be famous all over the world and will bring glory and pride to all those who are related to Dali University. Apart from Dr. Ganguli, Chen Jian, secretary of the CPC Dali State Party Committee, Cai Hongsheng, Vice President of Huazhong Normal University, Yang Heming, the chief physician of the 306th Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army,  Duan Lin, secretary of the institution also delivered speeches reflecting upon the journey of Dali University.

Opening and MOU Signing ceremony of Culture and Education Exchange between Dali University, PR China and SaraswatiOnline.Com


Dr. Partha Sarathi Ganguli, the chief mentor of SaraswatiOnline.Com attended the Opening and MOU Signing ceremony of Culture and Education Exchange  between Dali University, PR China and SaraswatiOnline.Com, India on 29.10.2018. The ceremony was hosted at Dali University by Prof. Li Xiaobing, Vice President of Dali University. The event included speeches of Mr. Duan Lin, Chairman of Dali University and Dr. Partha Sarathi Ganguli, agreement signing and nameplate unveiling.

Cultural Fest – 2018 (Traditional Culture Exchange Activities)


On 6th May’2018 (Sunday), – The Traditional culture exchange activities between chinese students and international students was conducted by clinical medicine college of Dali University. The students represented tradition of their country and their culture including rangoli, mehendi, puja, calligraphy, craft, dance, traditional dress exhibition..etc along with chinese activities. The exhibition basically showed that how we all are connected and how wonderful every culture is.

The teachers and leaders who came to see this programme appreciated all the students for their hard work and they even enjoyed knowing  each and every culture shared.


There was no differentiation between every culture, everything was so inter connected that everyone present over there enjoyed it and learned a lot of things about different cultures. There was traditional dress exhibition, dance and many more activities to entertain everyone.



Degree Certificate Notice – DALI University 2018

Degree Certificate Notice – DALI 2018

4th May 2018

This is to inform all DALI students who completed their MBBS degree @ Dali university & completed their Internship in their own country and who want to apply permanent degree certificate at DALI university need to submit their application form along with clear scan copy of below documents on or before 10th May 2018 to and

List of documents required:
• Provisional certificate
• Internship certificate
• No criminal certificate for your internship duration issued by related departments of your country
• Transcript
• Passport copy( if you have renewed your passport, please submit both old one and the new one)
• Authorization letter( if you cannot receive your degree by yourself, please write one authorization letter to the designed person);
• Photos: Degree certificate size( 4 photos),blue background, soft copy of this photo isalso required( please submit soft copy and use your student number as the file’s name).
• FMGE Marks sheet
• MCI registration certificate

Students who submit their application after specified date will not be considered & late applications will be rejected.
Please note if any student need invitation letter for come back to campus for attend graduation ceremony, also need to send related information on or before 10th May 2018.

Please note if any student need invitation letter for come back to campus for attend graduation ceremony, also need to send related information on or before 10th May 2018.

16th International Day of Dali University 2018


The 16th International day of Dali University was held from 8th March to 10th March, 2018 at Dali, Yunnan Province, P.R.China. During this event foreign universities and educational organizations from across the globe are invited to attend the program. The International day is hosted in line with the concept of integrating the different cultures and casting the university spirit.

The delegation from India who attended the event were:

Dr.Partha Sarathi Ganguli, Chief Mentor, India

Mr.Nilanjan Gupta, Vice-Dean, International Exchange & Cooperation, Jyotirmoy Education & Welfare Foundation

Mr.Maxson Dpenha, Overseas Resident Student Coordinator from India at Dali University.

Mr.Monirul Hoque, CEO of Sangen international also attended the event .


The opening ceremony was held on 9th March, 2018. The program was split into multiple sessions.There were group photo sessions followed by tea break and lunch.

A very important Forum of Dali University and Foreign University Presidents on “Cooperation & Development” was held in the Library’s conference hall,where Presidents from various foreign institutions delivered their speech on the topic.

Dr.Partha Sarathi Ganguli, Chief mentor of Saraswati Online.Com India, one of the distinguished speakers, addressed the gathering with his thoughts. He put forward the fact that how China has come up in the world ranking amongst the most favoured nations in terms of International education, currently occupying 3rd position globally after USA and UK. Continuing his speech Dr.Ganguli mentioned how China has also become the most favoured destination for Indians, South Asians and Africans leaving shores for attaining International education. He highlighted how students from various cultural and regional backgrounds studying at China are not only getting immensely enriched with academic knowledge but are also getting a chance in shaping themselves up as true global human beings.  Dr. Ganguli  appreciated the commendable initiative of the various Chinese Universities in introducing English language as a medium of imparting education to its international students, thereby truly internationalizing their academic endeavours. He congratulated Dali University  in promoting globalization and thanked it’s leaders  in contributing immensely to the global knowledge base.



Sino-Indian Friendship Dinner 2018, Kolkata


On the evening of 22nd February,2018 (Sunday) a Sino Indian Friendship Dinner was hosted by India Ltd. at Hotel Radisson,Ballygunj, Kolkata for a delegation from Dali led by Mr. Chen Jian, Secretary of Committee of the CPC of Dali Prefecture, Honorary Chairman of Dali People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries.

The members of the official delegation present at the event were:

Xu Huiliang, Director of Commission of Tourism Development of Dali Prefecture

Zhang Chunhua, Director of Bureau of Education of Dali Prefecture

Wang Zhengrong, Director of Bureau of Culture and Sports of Dali Prefecture

Prof.Liu Ming, Director of Service Centre for Overseas student of Dali University

The other representatives from the Dali prefecture present at the event were:

Li Fashun, Deputy Director of Standing Committee office of Committee of the CPC of Dali Prefecture

Yang Chunshan, Section Chief of Bureau of Commerce of Dali Prefecture

Zuo Ruotong, Section Chief of Commission of Tourism Development of Dali Prefecture

Yang Yongxiang, Section Chief of Foreign Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Dali Prefecture

Yang Fushou, Staff member of Dali television & Interpreter

The delegation also had several prominent entrepreneurs hailing from the beautiful city of Dali who discussed on various Business opportunities at Kolkata.

From the city of Kolkata we saw the presence of members of the Chinese Consulate,Eminent Sportspersons,Doctors,Academicians and Entrepreneurs.

Names to be mentioned are:

Mr.Cai Zhifeng, Deputy Consul general of the Consulate General of China in Kolkata

Dr.Partha Sarathi Ganguli, Chief India Ltd.

Mr.Gauranga Banerjee, Vice Chairman-WBSSC

Dr.Pradip Kumar Mitra, Ex-Director of IPGMER/SSKM Hospital

Dr.Avijit Karmakar, Medical Practitioner, B.R.Singh Hospital

Dr.Arunanshu Mishra, Medical Practitioner

Dr.Tilak Chatterjee, Principal,Bankim Sardar College

Mr.Sushant Das, Principal, Jyotirmoy Public school

Ms.Partha Priya Hemprakash, Senior Manager- China Operations, Saraswationline.Com India Ltd

Mr.Nilanjan Gupta, Vice-Dean, International Exchange & Co-operation, Jyotirmoy Education & Welfare Foundation

Ms.Ashmita Mridha, Vice-Dean, Admission & Student Welfare, Jyotirmoy Education & Welfare Foundation

Mr.Rajib Saha, Manager-IT, Saraswati Online .Com India Ltd.

Mr.Rajen Malik,Businessman

Mr.Sanjib Ghosh, Founder,Ghosh Engineering

Mr.Kaushik Ghosh,COO & Business Head, Globe

Mr.Sabyasachi Ghoshal, Manager-Corporate Sales,Vicky Tourism Pvt.Ltd. & others.