Charming Guangdong, Living My Dreams – International Students Gala

On 19th December, 2016 Jinan University Co-hosted the International Gala Evening inviting participation from various universities of Guangdong Province, to promote friendship, peace and harmony. It was a cultural event full of delighted performances by the International Students.

The students from MBBS 2016 batch also performed “Shanghai Grand” representing Jinan University. They were choreographed by the proficient dancers for this act. The performance was so energetic and thrilling, that it received lots of applause and appreciation. They were honoured with a 2nd Prize for their efforts and outstanding sequence.

Also, the Master of the Ceremony was a student from MBBS 2015 batch. He had been praised a lot by the audiences as well as the officials from the University for commendable hosting and confidence.


Summer Series: Cricket Tournament 2016

The Sumer Series’ 2016 was organised by MBBS – 2014 Batch in the Jinan University from 1st October’ 2016 to 4th October’ 2016 during the China’s National Holiday, involving participation from the entire MBBS. The entire tournament was sponsored by The Guangzhou Tamil Community (GTC).


On 1st October’ 2016, was the inaugural day for calling the summer series “ON”. The event took place at the football ground, Jinan campus. The entire series was divided into 6 Championship Leagues + Grand Finale. On Day 1, the 1st league was between batches 2013, connoted as “18+” and 2015 as “The Free Hitters”. The match begun right after the Toss. The match turned out to be a thriller, landing the winning championship in the hands of The Free Hitters. Mohan Kumar was announced to be the Man of the Match because of his outstanding performance on the field.
In the later half, the 2nd league was The 18+ (Batch 2013) Vs The Lollipop (Batch 2014). This match turned out to be a Battle, in which The Lollipops’ strived hard to win the challenge. Not having the luck on their side, they lost the Winning against The 18+. Aswin Kumar was adjudged the Man of the Match.


On Day 2, started the 3rd League. Both the team players were ready to hit the field with applauding audiences. This match was played between The Free Hitters and The Lollipop. After the running and rolling out battle, Free Hitters won the match defeating Lollipop as “All Out”. Sonu was announced as the Man of the Match, for turning the game into his team’s favour. League 4th, The 18+ Vs The Free Hitters, resulting into 74 Runs by the 18+ and 73 Runs by the latter. Declaring Prem Kumar as the Outstanding Performer.



On Day 3, it was a real battle between the champions to enter the Finale. The 5th League started with The 18+ Vs The Lollipop. With a mere difference of 1 run, The 18+ won the match and entered the Finals. Crediting Rajkumar, being the Man behind the winning. The later half witnessed a cut-throat competition between The Lollipop and The Free Hitters for 6th League, striking hard to enter the finals. The Lollipop lost against the Free Hitters due to continuous wicket falls. Gowtham was honoured to be the Man of the Match taking back to back 6 Wickets, turning the flow of the Game and taking the team to the Finale.



The Grand Finale, here comes the day, all set, targeting the Winning trophies, boost up players and the motivated team spirit. The supporting roar of the audiences turned the excitement on. The players gathered in the ground, devising the game-winning strategy. The match was a real nail biter, the Super Seniors Vs the Super Juniors. After a 3 hours struggling encounter, “The 18+” emerged out as the Champions for the Summer Series 2016.

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International Volunteer’s Team And Blood Donation Camp


On May 6th 2016, the MBBS students came together along with the support of Mr. Andy He and International school student’s union to form the INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTEER’S team in Jinan University. It was decided that the first work that they would do is to arrange a Blood donation Camp.

International Volunteer’s Team In Jinan University

International Volunteer’s Team In Jinan University

Dean of International School Mr. Wang li Wei

Dean of International School Mr. Wang li Wei

The day was kick started with the opening ceremony of the international volunteer’s team along with the presence of several dignitaries, respected Dean of International School Mr. Wang li Wei, Mrs. Partha Priya Hemprakash and other respected teachers. Mr. Andy He gave a warm welcome and supported the students constantly in forming the international volunteer’s team.


The students were enlightened and deeply moved by the speeches given by respected teachers who guided the students all the way along and gave them a way to move from darkness to light. To make this event even more special the team along with International School, joined hands with the Red Cross to arrange a blood donation camp at the gymnasium, as blood donation is the greatest donation of all.

17Blood Donation Camp_Jinan University

There were many people who supported the team by donating blood and making this event a successful one. The event started at 10am in the morning and ended at 5pm in the evening. During this period of time many enthusiastic students volunteered to donate blood who offered their service with the moto of service to man is service to God. We would like to thank the student’s union for being a great support throughout the event. At the end of the day there were a total of 112 donators. The students are looking forward for a brighter future and they would like to volunteer their service for more events as their moto is to serve.

The International Volunteer’s Team further plans to conduct many more such activities which would contribute towards the welfare of the students as well as the society.

Badminton And Volleyball Tournament 2016


A Badminton and Volleyball tournament was organised and sponsored by Saraswati Online.Com in the Jinan University campus on 16th and 17th of February 2016 for all the Batch students of MBBS  who have stayed back in the university campus for the holidays. The students who have participated were from all the batches and the tournament was coordinated by overseas student coordinator Ms. Divyashree.

On 16th February, everyone assembled in the university’s gymnasium at 10am.The Men’s Singles and Women’s Singles matches began simultaneously. Since, there was small number of contenders in Women’s Singles Supriya Singh of MBBS 2015 was soon adjudged the winner. The Men’s Singles took place till the semi-finals and then the Men’s Doubles started. With a small lunch break the Men’s Doubles too ended at the semi finals and the day was concluded.

Badminton And Volleyball Tournament 2016 - Jinan University

On 17th February everyone assembled at the volleyball court at 10 am and the volleyball matches started. A total of three teams participated and the matches took place in full swing. Each match was more interesting than the previous one and finally team under the Captaincy of Rajkumar Palani from 2014 batch which also had students from 2015 batch, became the winner.

Volleyball matches went on till the afternoon and after the lunch break Men’s Singles and Men’s Doubles were resumed for the finals at the gymnasium. It was a great show of skill and training and Viswanathan Tharani Balan  of MBBS 2013, a state level player left everyone awestruck. He was the winner of Men’s Singles and also, Men’s Doubles along with his partner Satya Prakash Singh of MBBS 2011.

Badminton And Volleyball Tournament 2016 - Jinan University

At the end Trophies were given to the winners and certificates were handed to all the participants by Ms. Divya and the senior most Batch Students. This was followed by a Concluding speech by Ms. Divya encouraging everyone who participated and thanking for making it a success.

All-In-All The whole tournament was super fun and very tiring too. It was a great platform for making new friends, a platform for some to learn new skills and others to enhance their skills.

Saraswati Panchami Celebration at Jinan University


On the 13th of February, 2016 the students of MBBS 2015 organised a ‘Saraswati Panchami Celebration’ in Jinan University campus as a tribute to goddess Saraswati.

Goddess Saraswati is the goddess of learning, wisdom, fine arts, knowledge, refinement, science and technology. People worship Goddess Saraswati to attain enlightenment through knowledge and to rid themselves of lethargy, sluggishness and ignorance. Celebrants celebrate Saraswati Panchami as the birthday of goddess Saraswati. This day also goes by the name of “Vasant Panchami” which marks the beginning of the spring festival according to the Hindu lunar calendar. The colour yellow plays an important role in Vasant Panchami as it is related to the bloom of mustard flowers during this period.

The day started early with cleaning the area and arranging the make-shift stand of books and stationary for goddess Saraswati to bless. A lot many offerings or “Prasad” were bought and arranged along with drinks. There was an arrangement for holy songs and mantras continuously playing in the background to enhance the holiness of the event. Beautiful invites were made and distributed to all the teachers and seniors.

As people gathered at the venue by 9:30 a.m., the programme started. The first event was a welcome speech by Yashika Sharma who was a part of the main organising team of the celebration. The next was a holy song for goddess Saraswati often sung by students as children in school. As all the Indian students familiar with the song hummed to its tune, it created a very peaceful and sanctified environment. Teachers and senior students present were then called for lighting the lamp. The lamps signified the end of darkness and spread of the light of knowledge. Next was a bharatnatyam dance (a traditional dance form of India) by Anushree Kabiraj of 2015 batch. The most exciting part of her performance was that she carried it in a saree (the traditional Indian attire for women). After her incredible performance was a two minute silence for everyone to pray to Goddess Saraswati for wisdom and success in their education.

The rest of the event was followed by distribution of the offerings made to the goddess and conversations among all the students. Some of the senior students also shared their thoughts regarding the importance of this occasion and congratulating the most junior batch on organizing their first event in the university. It sure was a jolly mood and very special event for all the Indian students who got a chance to celebrate their traditional festival in foreign land and felt closer to home. As everyone gathered to leave, vermillion or “tika” was smeared on their forehead to mark the end of this holy celebration, to be celebrated again the next year.

Jinan Stars – 2015


This indeed is a moment of pride and happiness for us that 3 students from MBBS – 2011 won three different categories and set a new record for the MBBS and the Indian students. May these 3 stars keep shining bright all through their career.

Jinan Star – 2015

Satya Prakash Singh

Satya Prakash Singh

Jinan Star is a title of honor awarded to 10 outstanding students of Jinan University every year, out of 25000+ under graduate level students. This Year, for the first time a foreigner has won this title of Honor and is our very own student from MBBS – Satya Prakash Singh 2011 batch. This is a moment of great pride and honor for all of us.

Satya has been outshining in his academics from the very first semester maintaining an average GPA of 4+, he has actively participated in all activities, is also the monitor for his batch and is well known and respected for his good behaviour amongst all teachers of International School and other students of MBBS.


Jinan Study Star – 2015

Vimala Thiyagarajan from Jinan 2011 batch won this title of honor for the year 2015. The 1st foreigner to

Vimala Thiyagarajan

Vimala Thiyagarajan

win this title. This title of honor is given to the most outstanding student in academic performance out of 25000 + students from undergraduate level.

Vimala is a very diligent, self-motivated and a bright student. She has maintained a GPA of 4+ and has taken various initiatives related to academics .Vimala is very focused about her goal of becoming a very good doctor. She is the class monitor for her batch ever since she joined the MBBS program and has actively participated and won many debate and extracurricular activities as well. She is an inspiration to many.


Jinan Art Star – 2015

Eliza Ahmed

Eliza Ahmed

Eliza Ahmed from Jinan 2011 batch won this title of honor for the year 2015. Yet again the 1st foreigner to win this title. The title of honor is given to the most outstanding student in arts. 10 most outstanding students amongst 25000 + students are given this title of honor. Eliza is a very sweet natured student, dancing has been her passion from childhood. She has actively taken part in all the dance and art competitions and successfully choreographed many dance performances.

Along with pursuing her passion she has also balanced her studies very well and is one of the top students in her batch.