Freshmen Welcome Ceremony – Jinan 2015 MBBS Batch

The program started with the school anthem where all the students and delegates were asked to stand

Prof Wang Liwei, Dean of International School. Jinan University

Prof Wang Liwei, Dean of International School. Jinan University

up. This was followed by a speech by Prof Wang Liwei, Dean of International School. Next, we had a speech by Mrs Partha Priya H, Manager- China Operations, Saraswati Online.Com. Both of them welcomed the new students and wished them all a very prosperous and happy stay in Jinan University for the next 5 years. After this, all the students were made to wear their lab coats for the first time and were asked to take their Hippocratic Oath as they all begin their journey towards being doctors.  This was followed by a group photo session for all the new students along with the Dean, professors and other delegates.

After this, the most awaited section of the Freshmen Welcome Ceremony started where there were a lot DSC_5331of performances by the students of MBBS. It began with the Lion Dance by MBBS students of 2014 batch from India who have taken the initiative of learning it within a short span of time, in spite of busy class schedule. This was followed by several dance performances by 2015, 2014 and 2013 batch. The senior most 2011 students also had a performance at the end of the ceremony.

One of the key highlights from the performances of the evening was the Mime Act by 2014 batch students where the message of “Say No to Abortion” was shown in an amazing manner. It was appreciated by all the students with a standing ovation. We also had few wonderful singing performances by the 2015 batch new students.

The ceremony ended with a DJ Party, exclusively for the students.

It was a colourful evening where all the new students came well dressed for the occasion and surely have created lot of memories for everyone present there.