Study Medical in China

Once students pass plus two with biology as one of the main subjects, it is the dream of the majority of the students to get an MBBS degree. But many fail to get it in their country as the entrance test is very tough and a few manage to get qualified. Government medical college seats are limited in number and only a small percentage of the students are admitted on merit. Others may get in management seats in private medical colleges. But here the tuition fee and other expenditures are very high and not affordable by the middle class people. But now there is an alternative to this and it is getting an MBBS in China. It is quite easy to get admitted to a medical college in China as the procedures are not very tough. It is also less expensive here when compared to other countries.

There are many well recognized universities that offer international students a chance to study MBBS in China. It is a 6 year course and the students are given all facilities like well equipped laboratories, spacious classrooms with all facilities, well stocked library, separate hostels for boys and girls, hospitals for practice ad internship and so on. Capital Medical University, Tianjin Medical University, Hebei Medical University, Dalian Medical University, China Medical University, Jilin University, Herbin Medical University, Fudan Medical Uniniverdity etc. are some of the top medical universities that offer MBBS in China.

Southeast University at Ninjing is one of the National Universities in China and is directly under the MOE of China. It has 6 basic medical departments, 12 clinical departments, research units, 10 teaching hospitals, 2 key labs, etc. the medium of teaching is English and there are more than 390 international students from 20 countries. Soochow University, Zhejiang University, Sun Yat-Zen, Wuhan University, Central South University etc are some other well known universities to study MBBS in China. These universities have a hospital with the latest medical equipments and other amenities that meet the world standard, where you may have internship after completing the 4 and a half year course.

Medical Studies in China

In India, it has become a mandatory to take up a Common Entrance Exam to get admission in top Medical colleges. Recently the Union health Ministry and the Medical Council of India (MCI) have made an agreement and decided to make CET for getting admission in all private medical colleges, government colleges and deemed universities for MBBS course. But there are no compulsions or mandatory options to attend medical entrance examinations for doing MBBS in China..

It is enough to produce a high school graduate certificate or the other equivalent certificates, manuscripts for science subjects like Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Math. It is also easy to get an admission for doing MBBS in China and the process of getting seat in the top colleges or Universities is quite simple. Most of the universities in China usually close their admissions in the month of June and July. So it is wiser to choose the course of study and other related information in prior and do the needed things in advance. It is easy to take up a medical seat in medical colleges in China. Planning and executing the right plan will always lead to the success and it is absolutely true in the case of doing MBBS in China.

As there are no specific entrance exams or common tests to attend for getting a medical seat, the time limit exceeds only to certain period and it eventually closes by the month of June or July. So, plan ahead and make it accordingly to do MBBS in China.. It is very easy to apply MBBS course through Saraswati Online. There are numerous universities in China which caters good quality education to the candidates at affordable rates. Hence, make use of the available opportunities and pursue your dream career within your expected budget at the top Chinese Universities.

Medical Education in China

China is growing to be one of the best destinations for studying Medicine abroad as Chinese Universities offer affordable options in all the aspects and it are highly advanced technologically. The advancements have helped it to attain forefront in the field of education and more precisely in the field of medical education. China ranks the highest when it comes to medical education by offering practically all the specializations in the medical field. It has also become the most preferred place for the international students studying medicine in the world. Studying MBBS in China seems to be the best bet for an international student.

Chinese Universities guarantee a high-quality and standardized education for all the students opting for MBBS in China. There are 49 universities in China which are offering medical courses for Chinese as well international students. The medical schools are approved by the Medical council of India and are recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO). The medical graduates are globally identified and can serve in any part of the world after passing the due licensing test post completion of their Medical Education in China. In present years, many students choose China for medical education and most of them prefer selecting English-Medium MBBS program.

China always welcomes the international students who wish to pursue higher education here and the Universities in China are welcoming international students with open arms. Pursuing MBBS in China opens up a lot of doors for the students.

It provides them the chance of meeting many foreign students from different walks of life under one roof and paves the way for them to learn about different cultures and traditions. The higher education system in China is well structured and advanced compared to the other western countries.

Most of the Universities in China are ranked among the top 500 Universities of the world and are named among the best universities in the field of the medicine.

The most important reason for the students pursuing MBBS in China is that they can actually choose the desired subjects and each University develops its own featured teaching system and the courses based on the national standards.

Medical Colleges in China

If you are planning to study MBBS in China., you have a wide choice of universities that offer you teaching in English language and consist of an excellent team of faculty.

Getting admission in a top ranked university in China is much easier compared to universities in other parts of the world like UK, Europe, US, India or Pakistan. You do not have to face tough competition here to get admitted in a reputed college as in other places.

Another reason why many of the students choose to study medicine in China is that the living cost and the tuition fee are much cheaper than they are in the US or UK. You also get a chance to meet a lot of students from other parts of the globe by studying in China.

There are about 150 medical universities that offer MBBS in China and all are well provided with all facilities. Hebei Medical University is located in the city of Shijiazhuang and is one of the oldest medical universities in China, which is also one of the best in the country.
A large number of international students study here and it has 6 hospitals with a total of 4500 beds. It also has libraries, teaching hospitals, research institutes, etc.

It is one of the best universities and consists of well experienced and dedicated faculty. Harbin Medical University is located in the beautiful and ancient city of Harbin and was founded in 1926. It is one of the top medical universities in China and reflects the traditions and culture of China.

Capital Medical University, Tianjin Medical University, Dalian Medical University, China Medical University, Jilin University, Harbin Medical University, Fudan University, Sichuan Medical University formerly known as Luzhou Medical College, Jinan University, Southern Medical University, Dali University etc are some other well known universities that offer your study of MBBS in China.

The curriculum for MBBS in China. is similar to that in India and even the books are same. Some of the medical colleges in China offer MCI Screening training when you study medicine there. This helps you to get through the screening test without any difficulty. International students in China are given proper security and a safe environment.

MCI Recognized Medical Colleges in China

China is rapidly becoming the preferred destination for pursuing MBBS course in Asia. Every year the number of students for doing MBBS in China. is increasing. The reason for the increase in the number of students seems to be very simple. The medium of study was changed to English since 2004 and this has been welcomed by the foreign students to choose Medicine for studying. The Medicine courses offered by the China Medical schools are recognized by the Medical Council of China and by the World Health Organization. The bachelor of medical degree is also globally recognized. There are 49 best Universities in China offering medical courses in English medium and these Universities are approved by the China Ministry of Education.

The infrastructures of these Universities or colleges are good and this is also intended as one of the reasons for students prefers doing MBBS in China. The faculties handling the programs come from different countries which also includes India, Nepal and Pakistan. The faculties hold doctor or master degrees, have major in Medicine and many number of years experience in the medicine field. As experienced faculties their teachings meet the international educational standard and make the young talents to gain knowledge in their desired field.

The students doing MBBS in China have an additional option of doing one year internship program for a real practice. Essentially, these internship programs make them to have a real time experience with patients. The students can do internship in their motherland or China and this choice is left to them. The students scoring high marks in their exams are offered scholarships by some of the universities. Foreign student doing MBBS in China. are given practice in Chinese language and some Universities need them to pass the HSK test (Chinese Proficiency Language). It is made in order to make them communicate with the patients in the clinics. All the students are considered and treated as ordinary students and all are expected to follow the rules and regulations of the University.

MCI Approved Medical Colleges in China

Medicine is a profession which is always respected and honored by all kind of people. Every year, thousands of science students wish to become a doctor and they work hard throughout the year to accomplish their dream. But in the present competitive world only few can achieve it due to less seats and striking tough competitions. Many aspirants who do not clear their entrance exam at the first attempt try to give another try year after or either chooses to drop their dream of becoming a doctor. Few also opt for medicine degree from abroad, but this seems to be bit expensive and includes a lot of tests and difficulties to be cleared before getting a final admission. Hence, medical degree has become a distant dream for most of the aspirants. Still there are ways to become a medicine graduate and a practicing doctor by comparatively easier and most cost effective ways to get an authentic medical degree from abroad. Pursuing MBBS in China. is a good choice for those who opt to do Medicine course in abroad.

The high graduates from India, South Africa, Pakistan, Saudi Arab and from many other countries dream of getting a scholarship seat in a good governmental medical school at home or abroad. They strive hard to score a high marks in the medical entrance examinations conducted by Ministry of Education. Candidates who fail to get a scholarship choose to study the whole course under self-support in the private colleges of their home-country which becomes very expensive. Therefore studying MBBS in China is truly a good choice for those who wish to become a doctor in the near future. One can easily get medical seat in Chinese Universities and there are no capitations fees or donations to be paid to the Universities. On the whole pursuing MBBS in China. costs less than doing in one’s own country. The cost of living is also comparably less when compared with US, UK and other countries.

MBBS in China for Indian Students

Studying MBBS in China is becoming more and more popular among International students.
The cheaper fees and wonderful study environment are attracting students to this country.

But International students have few questions in mind when thinking of giving an application for medical studies in China.

One must try to put up the application as fast as possible to seek admission in the University of his choice as the rush is pretty good at present.

Few popular questions that come and go in the minds of students are mentioned in the following write up.

  1. Age limit for the studying opportunity in MBBS in China.. Many people have passed the lower age limit and want to do medical studies after graduation in their country. Generally the age limit extends between 18 and 24. But few Universities allow students of higher ages like 28 or 30 and these are China Medical University and Jiangshu University. The lower age limit is also a matter of concern in the minds of students and that is 18 years of age.
  2. Many students want to know whether MBBS in China allows students who did not have either Chemistry, Physics, mathematics or Biology in the 10+2 level of study. One can do without Physics subject or mathematics subject, but Biology and Chemistry must be there in your study subjects just before applying in MBBS courses in China.
  3. The nature of food served in the canteen or the mess of the universities is also a matter of concern in the minds of the students. China has a cosmopolitan environment and allows halal food and non vegetarian delicacies of food from various parts of the world in the canteen.
  4. Students often think whether they will be allowed to practice the internship in their home country. Most of the Universities allow internship to be practiced in the students’ country of choice. But few universities try to convince students to do this practice in the University itself like Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Zhenzhoung University and Sun yat-Sun University.
  5. Many students ask about the medium of teaching practices in MBBS in China.. All courses are taught in English language and there is no problem with communication and understanding.

Education Consultants in Bangalore

Students from India are showing enormous interest in studying MBBS in China. as the tuition fees are affordable and one gets the opportunity to study in a foreign environment. The degrees offered in medical studies is being approved by the Medical Council in India later on and the students can sit for examinations in India to get good jobs or higher studies in India. Students must do ample research about Chinese culture and University learning rules before thinking of visa application.

  • Online applications can be made after downloading the form and knowing the list of the Universities offering admission in the year of visa requirement. Chinese government sends a list to the Indian government about the medical colleges offering MBBS education every year to foreign students. Students can also approach the agents handling student visa application processes and making arrangements for the journey and settling of the students to study MBBS in China.
  • One cannot work illegally in China to pay off the tuition fees for studies there. X1 and X2 type of visa is offered to the students for the term they wish to stay there. The X1 offers more than 6 months staying opportunity in China while X2 offers less than 6 months stay time in China for research studies or survey studies.
  • Recent photograph of particular size showing full face in a dark background is asked during the application.
  • Other sponsorship details must be submitted along with the application.
  • One must also submit the application form of the university they wish to study in. One must always check the visa dates and renew them well before time.
  • Studying MBBS in China is becoming increasingly famous among students from India. Visa charges are nominal and visa is processed within 4 working days if the details presented are correct. Travel agent or a person residing in China from India can act on the behalf of the students applying for the required visa.

Make sure to give the exact amount attached to the form for the visa application to study MBBS in China.. It is advisable to choose a responsible and reliable agency to work on the behalf of the applicant.

Best Medical Colleges in China

China is now one of the favorite destinations for students who peruse higher education, especially for MBBS. Getting admitted to a Medical College in China is much easier and the tuition fee is also affordable compared to other parts of the world. So MBBS in China is the latest trend now and a lot of students fulfill their dream of getting an MBBS degree in China. There are many recognized universities approved by the Ministry of Education in China, where you may get admission easily and which offer the MBBS program in English.

Jinan university

Jinan University is one of the top 10 universities in China, providing Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine and the duration of the program is 6 years. The medium of teaching is English and it is located in the Shipai district of Guangzhou. Southern Medical University in the same city another university where you may take MBBS admission. It was established in 1951 and has produced eminent medical experts and national health administrative officials. Here also the medium of teaching is English. Sichuan Medical University in Luzhou, Sichuan province is another top ranking university that offers you MBBS program in English. It has as many as 1300 international students from 82 countries pursuing a degree in Medicine.

Capital Medical University also offers you MBBS in China and is one of the top universities in China. It is located in Beijing and was founded in 1960. Tianjin Medical University, founded in 1951 and started accepting international students from 1960. Presently it has 1430 international students from 64 countries and conducts the program in English. Shandong University is in the city of Jinan and is well recognized for its medical education. It started offering the medical program in English as early as 1979.

Southren Medical University

MBBS in China. is a 6 year program and getting an admission is also easy. Earlier, knowledge of Chinese was needed to get admission in China but now that does compulsory as most of the universities not take international students and teach them in English. Choose a university that offers the program in English, so that you have no difficulty in understanding what is taught.

Admission for MBBS in China

China is popular destination for doing MBBS

China is emerging as a popular destination for doing MBBS since last decade under self support, where many universities started offering MBBS in English Medium. China Ministry of Education has announced new and strict regulations for standardization of MBBS teaching in the medium of English for the benefit of the international students. It is known as the “Provision for Quality Control Standards on Undergraduate Medical Education in English for International Student in China”. The recent provision has been in practice from the year 2007 and improves the educational experience for the students doing MBBS in China.

Study MBBS in China Medical Colleges& Foreign Universities

Conferring to the published provision there are 49 medical Universities which is accredited to admit the international students to study MBBS in China. The medicine profession is one among the most promising careers across the globe. The doctor profession has high respect in the society and can be served in any part of the globe. The basic requirement to pursue MBBS in China is that the candidates should have passed the 10, +2 Higher Secondary Examination and a period of 12 years of study or equivalent education. The candidates must have obtained a minimum of 60% marks in aggregate in English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. It is compulsory to take up these four subjects. Minimum requirement age is 17 years by the end of the year that is by December 31st. The candidates found eligible under the eligibility criteria are allowed to apply for getting a medical admission.

MBBS in China

Study Medical in China

Saraswati is a noticeable educational consultant in India nurturing the students to get positioned in the reputed educational institutes in the medical domain. We have advanced a great number of students to pursue the medical degree by assisting them to get MBBS admission in Chinafrom the renowned medical institutes in China.

China has opened its gate for offering higher education for foreigners who are willing to take the valuable education from the country. The system of medical education in China is most prominent among the world class medical education. Moreover, Saraswati online helps you to get easy admission into the noticeable medical universities in China. So, if your aim is to be a doctor then definitely your aim will be fulfilled by Saraswati online as we get admitted you to study MBBS in China. Like other medical colleges and institutions in all other developed countries of the world including the UK, US, Europe, Germany, Russia and many others the degree of MBBS in China is also more valuable. Many institutions are included in the Directory of World Medical Schools that is listed by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Moreover, the living costs as well as the tuition fees for courses of MBBS in China is more affordable and expansively reasonable compared with all other countries offering the same.

We assist our clients or the students to get admitted into the following Medical colleges in Chin

  • Dali University
  • Jinan University
  • Sichuan Medical University
  • Medical School Nanchang University
  • Southern Medical University
  • Xiamen University
  • Hubei College of TCM