Our People

Every member of staff at Saraswati Online.Com is an exponent in his or her domain. The entire team has been very carefully put in place to effectively answer the varying needs of the education sector at home and abroad. From the driver of staff cars to a Director on the board of the company, each brings expertise and immeasurable value to the organisation’s vision and strivings.

Their commonality of purpose contributes immensely to the vast operations of Saraswati Online.Com across the world.

Saraswati Online.Com has its own offices in Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi, Shillong and Guangzhou Province in China. Besides, it uses a network of associates in 40 locations across India. Overseas, its network offices are in Nepal, Mauritius, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Kenya, Indonesia, East European countries and African nations.

Here are the people who are always ready to serve you with care:

Dr. Partha Sarathi Ganguli, Chief Mentor
Mrs. Vanita Ganguli, Board of Director
Mr. Subir Kumar Ganguli, Board of Director
Ms. Parth Priya Hemprakash, Sr. Manager - China Operations
Mr. A K Saha, Financial Adviser
Ashok Kumar
Mr. Ashok Kumar, Vice President - Sales & Marketing
Anil Rao
Mr. D Anil Rao, AVP - FAA
Manager- IT Services
Mr. Rajib Saha, Manager- IT Services
Ms. Ting Tang, Assistant Manager – China Operations
Puneeth Rao
Mr. Puneeth Rao, Asst. Manager- MED Dept
Bejoy Giri
Mr. Bejoy Giri, Asst. Manager MED
Mrs. Lavanya Executive – Admissions & Front Office
Mr. Vinay B C, Sr. Executive - FAA
Junior Executive
Mrs. Atashi Chatterjee, Junior Executive
Mr. Maxson D'penha
Mr. Maxson D'penha, Overseas Resident Student Coordinator of Dali University
Mr. Bernard Jackson, Overseas Resident Student Coordinator of Jinan University
Overseas Resident Student Coordinator of Southwest Medical University
Mr. Prince Sam Paul, Overseas Resident Student Coordinator of Southwest Medical University
Soumya Kanti Dutta
Mr Soumya Kanti Dutta, System Administrator
Arijul Haque
Mr. Arijul Haque, Software Developer
Subham Roy
Mr. Subham Roy, Junior Software Developer
Aritro Saha, Trainee Software Developer
Dipu Mondal
Mr. Dipu Mondal,Software Testing & Technical Support
Amit MA
Mr. Amit MA, Trainee – System Admin
Antara Ganguli
Ms. Antara Ganguli, Trainee- Creative Communication
Rikparna Singha Roy, Content Writer
Sangjukta Bhawal Sarkar
Mrs. Sangjukta Bhawal Sarkar, Sr. Counselor- Admission
Ms. Sweety Sharma, Trainee- Telecaller
Soumen Gayen
Mr. Soumen Gayen, Jr. Executive- Digital Marketing
Susmita Sahoo
Ms. Susmita Sahoo, Trainee Executive- Administration
Gourav Kumar Dhar
Mr. Gourav Kumar Dhar, Executive IT attached to M.ED
Ms. Rubina Pathaw, Trainee
Subhajit Bhowmick
Subhajit Bhowmick, Executive Graphic Designer
Sujan Gain, Executive Graphic Designer
Ranjit roy
Mr. Ranjit roy, Driver
Mr. Mitu Ravi Das, Office Assistant
Tapon Patra
Mr. Tapan Patra, Office Assistant