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All you need to know about MBBS in Georgia

 09/07/2020  Georgia

Georgian medical educational programs are based on the international European standards. Institutions are staffed with highly qualified academic staff and provide medical education in accordance with international regulations and recommendations. The academic faculty is represented by a team of experienced professors, who have been trained in USA and Western European Countries. The Academic Process, based on ECTS system, allows students to gain international academic recognition. Students are given an opportunity to practice and train at the national and international level at partner Universities as well as participate in exchange programs. Universities aim to understand the needs of every student and support them during their learning process aimed at successful professional career. They have possibility to participate in research work in different fields and scientific-practical conferences held.

About Georgia:

Georgia is a European country located at the intersection of Eastern Europe and West Asia. It is no doubt that Georgia has got the best literacy rate and an ideal place for pursuing medicine as a career. The MBBS universities in Georgia are the best in the world, attracting global students to join their medical academic curriculum. Georgia has maintained good relations with its neighbours and is a member of the United Nations, the Council of Europe, the World Trade Organization, the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the Community of Democratic Choice, the GUAM Organization for Democracy and Economic Development, and the Asian Development Bank.

Hence, if you are looking to get enrolled in a medical course, then joining any one of the MBBS universities in Georgia will build your career.

Why Study MBBS in Georgia?

Georgia MBBS degrees are legitimate in India and these MBBS universities of Georgia are perceived

The WHO report has accepted these MBBS universities of Georgia as the best clinical colleges.

MBBS in Georgia is a favoured destination for International students due to affordable cost when compared with other western nations.

High Calibre of Education joined with this minimal cost is one of the fundamental explanations behind picking top medical colleges of Georgia for MBBS.

Top MBBS universities in Georgia

  • University of Georgia
  • East European University (EEU)
  • European University (Formerly: European Teaching University)
  • Tbilisi Medical Academy
  • Geomedi Medical University
  • Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University
  • “AIETI” Medical School
  • Akaki Tsereteli State University
  • David Agmashenebeli University of Georgia
  • David Tvildiani Medical University
  • New Vision University, Georgia
  • Georgian National University (SEU)
  • Tbilisi Medical Teaching University “Hippocrates”
  • Caucasus University
  • Tbilisi State Medical University
  • Teaching University Geomedi, Georgia
  • Georgian American University
  • The medium of instruction is English, which is easily understood by all foreign medical students, but the local language is Georgian so the international students should learn the basic of the local language in order to communicate with the local people for daily purpose.

    PG Options after Completing MBBS Degree from Georgia

    MBBS graduates from Georgian Medical Universities can:

  • Practice in UK after qualifying PLAB examination.
  • Practice in US after qualifying USMLE
  • Practice in India after clearing NEXT exam
  • Practice in Australia after AMC
  • Join a PG program in Germany
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