Attempting NEET? We have some tips!

 10/05/2022  MBBS

For a medical aspirant, appearing for the NEET exam is a crucial stepping stone. A good NEET score can set you up for success and turn your dream of becoming a doctor into reality. Cracking NEET is essential and focusing on the preparation with utmost dedication and devotion is going to be a pivotal point in your career. As educators with years of experience and the best MBBS abroad consultants, we have some tips for you that will help you prepare for the NEET exams successfully.

Stay focused

In this era of smartphones and social media, getting distracted is as easy as it can be. Staying focused and dedicated to the preparation is a challenge every student faces. We recommend you practice the saying “attachment is detachment”. In simpler terms, when you are too attached to your preparations, you will slowly get detached from the other guilty pleasures you seem to enjoy. You may think you are good at multi-tasking. But trust us when we say this, our mind is not capable enough to focus on more than one thing properly at any given time. So, for the few days, you are preparing for NEET, gear up and say NO to all distractions.

Develop an interest

As the best MBBS abroad consultants, we can tell you that the main reason for failure is not being interested in studying. You have to develop an interest in studying. Think of it this way – you are gaining knowledge during your preparations. Don’t grind yourself to secure a good rank and a great score. Instead, focus on the interesting aspect of it and try to imagine all the knowledge you will get to gain while studying for the exams.

Daily revision

Questions like how I can prepare a schedule for studying, what routine I should follow etc. do not have a set answer. These preparations depend on each individual and what works for each the best. Divide your subjects based on their difficulty level. Try to finish the subjects which seem easier first and then go on to the difficult topics and subjects. That way, once you finish the syllabus, you can start with a revision of the easier subjects and finish with the difficult ones to keep them fresh in your mind before the exam.

Mock test

Following the NCERT word to word will help. Make sure you are well prepared with the NCERT first and when you are done, try to give mock tests. Time yourself and try solving the last ten years’ practice papers. Try to finish your tests 15 minutes prior to the three-hour time as when you appear for the exam you will not get the full time to write the exam because of some signatures, formalities, etc. Keep giving the exams and you will realize how you become more confident.

We can ensure you that once you focus on the preparation and score good marks in NEET; no one can stop you from achieving your dreams. Even if you are unable to get a government medical college seat, we have you covered. As the best MBBS abroad consultants, we will offer you varied options for pursuing MBBS abroad and will make sure you are matched with a university that is tailor-made for your requirements..