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Choose the Right Destination for Studying MBBS Abroad

 03/04/2020  MBBS Abroad

Every student has to take a right step in his career after completion of his school. So, choosing the right career option is essential, that is why one should carefully decide which degree is best for him for a successful future. when the student decides to study MBBS, he should consider the following few things before choosing their destination to study MBBS abroad:

Details of the Course

MBBS is a versatile and popular course which is famous all over the world and can be studied in various destinations. Before searching for the best destinations to pursue MBBS abroad, you should start with doing extensive research about the course. If the interests and priorities are noted down, it will become much easier to identify the course preference. Visit various websites to find the details regarding the MBBS abroad course details such as Universities which offer the degrees. Degree awarded, duration of the course, intake session etc. can be found on the websites of the Universities. Knowing the complete details of the MBBS abroad course will help you to chose the right destination properly.

Scope of MBBS in the preferred destination

Looking up the opportunities and industries available at the destination is important as it will give you an idea of the scenario once you finish the MBBS abroad course. Countries where maximum numbers of students are studying MBBS will be able to help you grow in your profession. You can also check the nature and quality of internships available at the location. This will help you get an idea about the available prospects after completion of the course in the destination.

Eligibility Criteria

Check the Eligibility criteria thoroughly in your selected destination before finalizing. Usually students are not required to appear for any special elective examination for studying MBBS abroad. They are generally selected based on their 10+2 aggregate and NEET Score. You must also check if you have to take any local language course as often it is required to make conversation with local people easier and is very helpful during the stay


Each destination has a unique educational infrastructure. While choosing the destination, students must check if the destination fulfills your requirement of infrastructure. Teacher student ratio, quality of classrooms, accommodation, security etc. are some very important matters required to be checked before finalizing the destination.

Fees Structure and Cost of Living

The fees structure and cost of living must be checked out. Apart from the direct costs involved, you must check out about the accommodation cost, value of currency, medical insurance, transportation charges and cost of other basic amenities. These details will help you to roughly calculate the amount you will be required to spend annually or monthly. Comparing the expenses and making an informed decision is recommended based on your financial capacity.

Value of MBBS Degree in India or your home country

It is necessary for the students to assess the value of the MBBS/MD degree you will be awarded after completing your course. The degree must be recognized by the Government and you must be allowed to practice in your country after clearing the licensing exams.

Student Visa details

The visa requirements of the destination you are considering must be checked thoroughly. The process, costs and rules vary from one country to the other. You must make yourself aware with of these details

Culture and lifestyle

Studying MBBS abroad will give you a global exposure and will let you get introduced to many new cultures and lifestyles. While knowing the culture and lifestyle of the people residing in your shortlisted destination might not help you to actually finalize the destination based on that, but, it will help you in preparing for your journey and stay.

With the right counsellor, you can get a fair idea about all these things before you can take your final decision about which destination you should choose for studying abroad. At SaraswatiOnline.Com, you will get to interact with the best counsellors who will guide you and help you through each step of your admission.