MBBS in China Admission Procedure

MBBS in China – Admission Procedure

 20/03/2020  China

There are around 50,000 MBBS seats available in India in Government colleges whereas 10 lakh students appear in various All India and state level entrance tests every year. This means that every year, only 5% of the students who are aspiring to become a doctor will be able to achieve their goals. There are a total of 335 medical colleges in India out of which 181 are private institutions and 154 are government run institutes.

Most of the private institutes have a capitation fee ranging from 15 to 20 lakhs with a yearly fee of 4 to 5 lakhs. For any middle-class family, even if the student secures a seat through entrance tests, MBBS still remains a forbidden fruit due to astronomical fee structure of the private institutes.

China has been the most-preferred destination for Indian students who wish to obtain a medical degree outside India. Saraswati Online.Com is an education service provider and the Pioneer in Promoting Education Exchange Programs in the field of Medicine in Asia & Europe. The admission procedure for MBBS in China through Saraswati Online.Com is explained below for all the students.

 The first step is to contact the counselor through Email, Telephone, WhatsApp or Personal visit and clarifying all queries in your mind, doing cost benefit analysis and finalizing a University which suits all your criteria.

 The next step to follow would be to apply for a passport if not already in possession.

 Next the application of Admission needs to be submitted along with the following documents:

 Bio Data Form duly filled in with all enclosures [copy of class X & XII Mark sheet & NEET Score card is Mandatory + passport if available]

 Payment details INR for Rs.50,000/- to be enclosed (Only on receipt of INR Rs.50,000/- documents will be processed / issued)

 On receipt of the amount and processing of the documents you will receive the following:

 Provisional Selection Letter

 College Application Form

 Rules & Regulations Form

 Fee Structure on University letterhead

 Next you need to apply for the passport if not already applied. If passport is already in possession, you need to apply for the Police Clearance Certificate.

 Next you need to forward the following to Saraswati Online.Com for further processing:

 College Application Form duly filled & signed with all enclosures.

 Rules & Regulations form duly signed by guardian, student & counsellor.

 Within 21 days of receipt of PSL send complete balance amount for other processes. On receipt of the balance amount, you will receive the following:

 Provisional Admission Order

 Visa Application Form

 Physical Examination Form

 On receipt of these, you need to forward the copy of your Passport and Police Clearance Certificate to Saraswati Online.Com

 After receiving the copy of the Passport, Saraswati Online.Com will apply for the JW202 Form. (Copy of passport is to be submitted at the earliest as each University has it’s separate deadline for passport submission without which jw202 cannot be applied)

 Next you need to submit the following to Saraswati Online.Com:

 Original Passport within 21 days of receipt of PAO

 Visa Application Form [signed only] • 33x48cm photo with white background,80 percent face, ears should be visible, no spectacles, candidate should wear dark coloured clothes, female candidate should not wear any kind of jewellery or apply any makeup.

 Physical Examination Form filled by the government doctor with seal and signature along with doctor’s registration no. on the frontpage photograph and back page with hospital seal along with supporting medical reports [VDRL, Hepatitis B, HIV, Blood Group, Blood Routine, Routine Urine Check Up, Vision Test, ECG, Chest X Ray, Blood Pressure]

 On receipt of the original JW202, Saraswati Online.Com will apply for Visa and Tickets.

 Students must then pay the first-year fees (Payable to University) enabling smooth departures. At the time of departure, each student should carry either Yuan or USD for his/her immediate expenses in China. Nobody should carry INR as it would be of no use after leaving India.

 Saraswati Online.Com organizes a residential Orientation Program in batches at their own Campus in Kolkata which all the students must attend.

 The student then departs for college from airport along with Saraswati Online.Com escort.