MBBS after Class XII? We got you covered!

 20/04/2022  MBBS

In India, MBBS is one of the most sought-after career choices among students. Considering the need for healthcare professionals during the trying times over the past two years, inspiring more students to take up MBBS after class XII is appreciated. Although, the popularity of the course as compared to the number of government seats available in our country leads to a huge number of Indian students willing to study MBBS without a government college seat. Most students are not financially capable of bearing the exorbitant amount charged by Private Medical Colleges in India. What are such students going to do? Give up on their dreams? Is the country supposed to lose out on such myriad potential just for the lack of adequate government seats? We say no! This is where we come in with the option of MBBS abroad for Indian students.

One of the main reasons to choose MBBS abroad for Indian students is the cost-effective nature of the course. For instance, the lowest course fee for studying MBBS is being offered by Kyrgyzstan. The fee at the medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan ranges from Rs. 11 lakh to a maximum of Rs. 27 lakh in Indian rupees, for a five-year course, which is way less than what private medical colleges in India are charging.

Are you worried that the low course fee might be due to compromised quality of education? Absolutely not! If you don’t believe us, explore what some of our students who chose MBBS abroad for Indian students and are now working as professionals in the medical field have to say from their testimonials.

If you are confused about which country to choose forMBBS abroad for Indian students, we can help you there too!

Visit the links provided below for the countries and learn about the advantages of studying in that country, duration of the course, degree offered, and the quality of life and infrastructure.

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