MBBS in China

Why choose China for studying MBBS

 12/11/2021  China

China is now undisputedly the number one MBBS destination in Asia for international students, including those from India, who wish to obtain a hitch-free medical degree. Studying MBBS from a Chinese medical university has never been a greater lucrative proposition than now. So, if you are willing to study MBBS in China, you need to know why it is a top destination for studying medicine abroad

It is important for students and parents to know that all the medical universities in China are enlisted with WHO (World Health Organisation) and IMED (International Medical Education Directory). Besides, most of China’s medical universities are government-approved. So, no Chinese medical university has any dubious background whatsoever. Each one of them enjoys wide acclaim across the globe and MBBS graduates from China have been making their mark in the field of medicine everywhere in the world in no uncertain manner.

Let’s start with the first hurdle that often face Indian MBBS aspirants. Since competition is too high for Government medical seats in India, students look for private medical colleges. But then, the fees in private medical colleges are abdominally high. Needless to say, they are out of reach for many. This is where China comes in as a rescuer. The MBBS fees in China are highly affordable plus the medical colleges in that country enjoy great repute.

Studying MBBS in China is very affordable in terms of costs. While the cost of studying MBBS in an Indian private medical college is around Rs.70 lakh and above, it is far less in China, which comes as a great relief to MBBS aspirants. Students get international scholarships from the medical colleges which is a partially funded or a fully funded scholarship. This helps the meritorious students to receive world-class education at an affordable cost. A number of medical colleges offers best facilities for the international students to make China’s MBBS education system truly of global standards. No wonder then that more and more international students are rushing to China every year for an MBBS degree. China is working continuously to turn its medical education sector into a leading model for the rest of the world.

The mixed diaspora

China is a great country to explore. Though students come mostly from the developing countries, those arriving from the West can feel the cultural difference. But that’s not the case with students from the developing world, especially from Asia. They have the opportunity to explore a similar but not an identical culture. Studying MBBS in China provides a great opportunity to get a global exposure, particularly when your classmates happen to be coming from different countries.

Medium of Instruction

What might be a bit of a problem is the language that can be little problem for the non-Chinese speaking students. To study MBBS in china, learning Chinese during the study course is mandatory now. But, come to think of it, learning a new language is all about opening a new vista in life. It’s not an impediment; it is, in fact another frontier won in life.

The best part of this entire Chinese learning process is: after the completion of MBBS in China, the students can get a bi-lingual MBBS degree from the medical colleges of China.

Passing rate of FMGE:

Studying MBBS in China is yet another opportunity to prepare for FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduation Examination), which is mandatory for the international students to get registration in India. The medical colleges of China give special attention to the international students from India so that they can pass the FMGE in one attempt. As a result, the passing rate in FMGE is high for Indian students from China.