Bachelor of Business Management

Level : Undergraduate

Duration : Four Years

Degree conferred : Bachelor of Management (BBM)

Training Objectives

The goal of the undergraduate business administration degree program is to develop broadly educated business professionals. This goal is accomplished through a four-year academic experience involving curricular and co-curricular elements. The program consists of three major components: professional education in business administration, education in the liberal arts, and development of a broadly defined set of personal skills. Each component is a necessary part of the educational experience for students, and none can be neglected if the program is to succeed.
The main learning outcomes will be that the student will be able to put into practice all that he learned by thinking critically and by using the knowledge and skill sets gained in the classroom to the larger field of business problems.

That the student shall also demonstate an understanding of functional interdependencies by understanding the engagement between various departments and the way they interact with one another to be part of a comprehensive whole.

That the student will also interface with society and shall be conversant with the inter relationship between various legal and regulatory bodies as well as the technical , commercial and environmental factors that influence decision making.

Main Courses

Management, micro (macro) concept of economics, marketing, statistics, accounting, corporate strategic management, business communication, human resource management, economic practical writing, financial management, management information systems, off a high school, market analysis and prediction, architectural drawing, real estate development and management, real estate investment analysis.

Employment Orientation

Graduates find scope in junior management and administrative positions in all kinds of enterprises, institutions and organizations engaged in business, in almost all kinds of position that require the application of management knowledge and skills to solve practical management and operational issues.