Bachelor of Hotel Management

Level : Undergraduate

Duration : Four Years

Degree conferred : Bachelor of Management (BHM)

Training Objectives

In this course you shall be trained for a variety of managerial and administrative responsibilities in the hospitality industry. I will also develp in you the ability to think and communicate clearly with an eye for detail and a consistent pursuit of economic prudence in the management and running of an establishment.

It will also ensure an indepth knowledge of the importance and impact of IT in hotel management as well as all the skills both personal and professional required to excel in the competitive hospitality industry. Last but not the least it will also equip you with an international outlook , ethical working practices and an appreciation for the larger role played in society as part of an organization with social and environmental responsibilities.

Main Courses

Management, Economics, Hotel Management, Hotel Lobby And Guest Room Management, Hotel And Catering Management, Financial Management Of The Hotel, Human Resources Management, Brand Building , Modern Service Management, Hotel Business English, Hotel PR Etiquette etc.

Employment Direction

There aremany options available for entry level Hotel Management Graduates. Among them are employment in star rated and non star rated hotels , employment in Malls and other service oriented services , there is also scope for employment in restaurants both chain as well as speciality and fine dining restaurants. Airlines too accept hotel management graduates as part of their crew.

Apart from executive functions there are also job opportunities as faculty in various hotel management schools and research in food safety and processing.

Lastly many graduates of hotel management are also bitten by the bug of entrepreneurship and can and do open restaurants or work as consultants in the hotel and restaurant industries.