Culinary Science

Kunming University offers Degree in BBM, BHM (4 years) and Diploma in Culinary Sciences (19 weeks).

Fast Facts

Affiliation Duration Of The Program Food
Kunming University is affiliated and administered by the Provincial Government of Yunnan, P.R.China. Certificate of passing shall be issued by Kunming University. 19 weeks Intensive teaching program comprising of 6 courses with 1(one) week internship & field study. Hygeinic and wholesome food served in the campus cafeterias. Abundance of Milk , Yoghurt , fresh vegetables & fruits of all sorts.
Medium of Instruction Curriculum Dormitory
Medium of instruction is English. Has 6 parts. Details available on request. Dormitories are twin sharing with all modern amenities & internet access.

Chinese Cuisine – an overview

Chinese cuisine is as old as Chinese civilization. Indeed modern Chinese cuisine has transformed itself into an International favourite with literally a million restaurants and eateries around the globe from a hole in the wall to plush dining arrangements.

Each province in China boasts its own speciality and style of cooking and it is a fascinating history of Chinese civilization that unfolds with each dish. While schezuan food is favoured for it’s spicy & pungent aroma , Hui cuisine originating from Anhui province emphasizes bamboo & vegetables. Shandong cuisine known simply as Lu or imperial cuisine is featured by a variety of cooking technique and sea food while Cantonese involves dining on a variety of dim sums and tea. Did you know that Dim sum literally means “touch your heart” and Yum Cha refers not to a particularly tasty tea but literally “drink your tea ”.

Who should do this course ?

  1. Any high school student who wishes to have a career as a chef in a hotel.
  2. Any student of Hotel Management who wishes to specialise in F&B or Production.
  3. Entrepreneurs who wish to understand and learn the ethos , serving practices and other dimensions to Chinese cuisine.
  4. Chefs , Sous Chefs particularly those already employed in Chinese restaurants and hotels and resorts of any level.
  5. Individuals who wish to add a world famous cuisine to their repertoire out of interest or to enhance existing skills
  6. Teachers of Hotel Management institutes particularly those in F&B who wish to upgrade their knowledge of Chinese cuisine.
  7. Principals who can learn first hand the latest methods , the facilities and infrastructural requirements which can be incorporated in their teaching methodology.



Medium of Instruction The medium of instruction is English.
Duration of Program 19 weeks Intensive teaching program comprising of 6 courses with 1 week internship & Field Study.
Chinese Catering Culture Introduction of the characteristics of Chinese catering culture, Chinese health preservation methods, traditional food, food & eating customs, dietary and tea culture, etc.
Chinese Culinary Skills Training This training program emphasizes Chinese Culinary skill training and contains basic skills training, such as stir frying, ruffling skills and cutting skills.
The program stresses the importance of standardizing the skills of sauce thickening, cutting, paste processing and oil temperature control.
The program will also focus on the principle of reconstituting dried foods, dish-making and cooking methods involved.
Chinese Cold Dish Making This course mainly focuses on the development of Chinese cold dish making – balancing nutrition, controlling health & safety of cold dishes and cold dish making methods. The students are required to learn and master 5-10 types of Chinese cold dishes after completing this course.
Chinese Food Carving and Cuisine Decoration This course mainly focuses on the food carving skills for flowers, fish, fruit and vegetables, as well as cuisine decoration methods. The students are required to learn 10-14 food carving skills after completing this course.
Chinese Pastry Making This course mainly focuses on teaching basic knowledge of Chinese pastry, pastry-making skills, pastry cooking skills, dumpling stuffing, steam-bun stuffing and the characteristics of Chinese traditional pasta and snacks.
Chinese Cuisine The course mainly focus on definition, preparation process, various cooking methods of applicable raw cooking materials and representative Chinese cuisine dishes. After completing this course, student can acquire various Chinese cuisine cutting skills, accurate identification of fire and oil temperature, and basic knowledge of Chinese cuisine cooking methods, as well as learn to cook approximately 80 typical Chinese Cuisine dishes.
Certification & Accredition Kunming University is affiliated and administered by the Provincial Government of Yunnan, P.R.China. Certificate of passing shall be issued by Kunming University. After passing the national Chinese Chef Examination, the student will also obtain a certificate from China’s Professional Skills Appraisal Centre.

2012 Batch

SL Name City / State
1. Chatterjee Akash Howrah, West Bengal
2. Khan Saad Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh
3. Yadav Vivek Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh
4. Munal Aniket Akther Pirojpur, Bangladesh
5. Dey Sourov Lakshmipur, Bangladesh
6. Anamika Ananna Dhaka, Bangladesh
7. Baki Abdullah Al Rajbari, Bangladesh
8. Mithu Md Miftahul Rajshahi, Bangladesh
9. Jolly Jasia Jannat Kustia, Bangladesh
10. Islam Md Mohidul Kustia, Bangladesh
11. Nahar Ashra Fun Kustia, Bangladesh