MBBS courses in Ukraine

The Ultimate Guide To MBBS Courses In Ukraine

The foreign students, specifically Indian students can study range of MBBS courses in Ukraine at highly affordable fees at many top notch Ukrainian universities.

If any MBBS-seekers from India wish to have a booming career in study medicine in the form of a solid University degree at amazingly low cost, Ukraine is definitely the place to consider.

Major MBBS courses in Ukraine

  1. MBBS, MD-General Medicine
  2. Dentistry (Bachelor)
  3. Nursing (ADN, BSN, MSN)
  4. Physical Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy
  5. Veterinary Medicine

MCI Approved Universities for MBBS courses in Ukraine

  1. Bukovinian State Medical University
  2. Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University
  3. Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy
  4. Donetsk State Medical University
  5. Lugansk State Medical University
  6. Odessa National Medical University
  7. Ternopil National Medical University

Medical Education System for MBBS courses in Ukraine

Ukraine medical education system is well-advanced and is at par with western countries like US, UK, Australia and Other European countries. Ukraine medical education system has been designed to suit English speaking people.
Therefore students from India will not face any language barriers. As the MBBS courses in Ukraine have been approved by MCI, WHO and FAIMER, the MBBS graduates from their universities can work anywhere in the world.

The Indian applicants just have to full-fill the registration requirement of Medical Council of Respective Country. The duration of an MBBS course in Ukraine is 5-6 years. No entrance examination or donation is required to get admission in a medical university in Ukraine.

The medical education in Ukraine is closely associated with national educational and health care system.

Duration of MBBS courses in Ukraine

  1. MBBS/ MD – 6 Years
  2. Pharmacy – 4 Years
  3. Dentistry – 5 Years
  4. Nursing – 4 Years

MBBS course Pattern in Ukraine

The first three years of the MBBS course in Ukraine are more of theoretical with 20% practical and the last 3 years are dominated by practicals and much emphasis is given on high number of hospital visits and Clinical rotations.