MBBS in China for Indian Students

Studying MBBS in China is becoming more and more popular among International students.
The cheaper fees and wonderful study environment are attracting students to this country.

But International students have few questions in mind when thinking of giving an application for medical studies in China.

One must try to put up the application as fast as possible to seek admission in the University of his choice as the rush is pretty good at present.

Few popular questions that come and go in the minds of students are mentioned in the following write up.

  1. Age limit for the studying opportunity in MBBS in China.. Many people have passed the lower age limit and want to do medical studies after graduation in their country. Generally the age limit extends between 18 and 24. But few Universities allow students of higher ages like 28 or 30 and these are China Medical University and Jiangshu University. The lower age limit is also a matter of concern in the minds of students and that is 18 years of age.
  2. Many students want to know whether MBBS in China allows students who did not have either Chemistry, Physics, mathematics or Biology in the 10+2 level of study. One can do without Physics subject or mathematics subject, but Biology and Chemistry must be there in your study subjects just before applying in MBBS courses in China.
  3. The nature of food served in the canteen or the mess of the universities is also a matter of concern in the minds of the students. China has a cosmopolitan environment and allows halal food and non vegetarian delicacies of food from various parts of the world in the canteen.
  4. Students often think whether they will be allowed to practice the internship in their home country. Most of the Universities allow internship to be practiced in the students’ country of choice. But few universities try to convince students to do this practice in the University itself like Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Zhenzhoung University and Sun yat-Sun University.
  5. Many students ask about the medium of teaching practices in MBBS in China.. All courses are taught in English language and there is no problem with communication and understanding.