Medical Colleges in China

If you are planning to study MBBS in China., you have a wide choice of universities that offer you teaching in English language and consist of an excellent team of faculty.

Getting admission in a top ranked university in China is much easier compared to universities in other parts of the world like UK, Europe, US, India or Pakistan. You do not have to face tough competition here to get admitted in a reputed college as in other places.

Another reason why many of the students choose to study medicine in China is that the living cost and the tuition fee are much cheaper than they are in the US or UK. You also get a chance to meet a lot of students from other parts of the globe by studying in China.

There are about 150 medical universities that offer MBBS in China and all are well provided with all facilities. Hebei Medical University is located in the city of Shijiazhuang and is one of the oldest medical universities in China, which is also one of the best in the country.
A large number of international students study here and it has 6 hospitals with a total of 4500 beds. It also has libraries, teaching hospitals, research institutes, etc.

It is one of the best universities and consists of well experienced and dedicated faculty. Harbin Medical University is located in the beautiful and ancient city of Harbin and was founded in 1926. It is one of the top medical universities in China and reflects the traditions and culture of China.

Capital Medical University, Tianjin Medical University, Dalian Medical University, China Medical University, Jilin University, Harbin Medical University, Fudan University, Sichuan Medical University formerly known as Luzhou Medical College, Jinan University, Southern Medical University, Dali University etc are some other well known universities that offer your study of MBBS in China.

The curriculum for MBBS in China. is similar to that in India and even the books are same. Some of the medical colleges in China offer MCI Screening training when you study medicine there. This helps you to get through the screening test without any difficulty. International students in China are given proper security and a safe environment.