Online Class Schedule By Saraswati Online.Com : Session February-March 2020

Saraswati Online.Com has arranged for special classes for students pursuing MBBS in China who are stuck in their hometown due to the Corona Virus outbreak in China. All students must attend the online classes to keep updated.

* Any changes in the class schedule maintained below will be intimated to you priorly. Notice is attached herewith for perusal.

Detailed Class Schedule

Online classes from 19/02/20 to 09/03/20

In lieu of the coronavirus outbreak in China, universities initiated the summer semester to arrange classes for you online as per their feasibility and according to ground reality.

The School of International Education, Southern Medical University holds special lectures on legal publicity to strengthen legal education for international students in China

On 20th December, School of International Education, Southern Medical University invited Mr. Luo Yu, a police officer from Baiyun district Public Security Bureau, Guangzhou, to give a lecture on Chinese laws, regulations and anti-drug knowledge publicity for the class of 2019. Total of 248 new students from 58 countries and representatives from the faculty of international education attended the event.

Officer Mr. Luo explained the entry and exit administration law of the People’s Republic of China and the drug control law in detail and systematically. He also introduced the application procedures for student visa and residence permit, as well as the relevant regulations on off-campus accommodation and working for foreign students. During the lecture, he reminded the students of the things they should pay attention to when applying for residence permit with intuitive and easy to understand pictures, so as to deepen the students’ understanding of the harm of drugs. He also handed out the service manual for international students and service manual for foreigners issued by the exit and entry administration bureau of Guangzhou municipal public security bureau, as well as the leaflets. After the lecture, the students spoke actively and asked questions. Officer Mr. Luo patiently and carefully answered the questions.

Symposium on Collaborative Development of International Education

A Symposium was organized on Collaborative Development of International Education at Southern Medical University on the occasion of 20th Anniversary of International School of Education of Southern Medical University on 29th November, 2019. The symposium was followed by a festival where there was a food court many cultural programmes were organized. The students of the International MBBS programme participated in the event.

Jinan Gala Dinner – Jinan University

The year 2019 is a very special year for the long relation of Jinan University and Saraswati The close friendship of Jinan University and Saraswati has reached a milestone of 15 years. To celebrate this milestone, Saraswati hosted a Gala dinner in the Chinese canteen of Jinan University on 28th November, 2019.

All the leaders of the University, the faculties and the MBBS students from all batches currently in China were invited to celebrate this auspicious event.

The specialty of the event was that Indian Delicacies were served along with Chinese food.

This event was attended by International School leaders including Professor Ethan Deng, the Party secretary and Vice dean, Professor Wu, the Executive Vice of International School, Ms Yu Pei, the Executive Vice Dean of International School, Dr Partha Sarathi Ganguli, the chief mentor of Saraswati and all the students of MBBS.

2019 batch White Coat ceremony

The eve of 27th November, 2019 marked the beginning of a new era; a new life for the students of 2019 batch MBBS. It was the day they wore their dreams for the 1st time. It was their White coat ceremony.

Professor Ethan Deng, the Vice dean and Party Secretary was the Master of Ceremony for the Event.

The ceremony started with the Introduction Speech by Ms Yu Pei, the Executive vice-dean of International School, Jinan University followed by a speech from Dr Partha Sarathi Ganguli, the chief mentor of Saraswati Dr Ganguli enlightened the students to work hard and utilize the opportunity they got to pursue their dreams of becoming a successful doctor. This was followed by an Informative speech by Dr Suvra Kusum Biswas, the Pathology Professor for MBBS. His speech included information about the White coat and its history. This was followed by a speech by Parth Singh, the student representative of 2019 batch. In his speech he urged his batchmates to work really hard for the coming 6 years of their Medical life as a student.

The next event was the Guests of honour and the leaders of the University from the University, helped the student Representatives of 2019 batch to put on their white coat and the other students from 2019 batch were also asked to put on their white coats thereafter.

The most important event of the ceremony was the oath taking ceremony where the students took oath to serve the society as a doctor.

And finally, a group photograph was taken with all the Leaders, guests and students.

Southern Medical University’s Charming Guangdong Living My Dreams-International Students Gala 2019

On 18th November 2019, the “Charming Guangdong Living My Dreams-International Students Gala 2019” was held in Southern Medical University’s Auditorium hall, Sponsored by Guangdong Public Diplomacy Association, Guangdong People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and Guangdong Education International Exchange Association, organized by Southern Medical University and Foreign Students Working Committee of Guangdong Higher Education Association.

Nearly a thousand foreign students from 56 countries took participation, they are from Southern Medical University, Jinan University, Sun yat-sen University, South China Normal University, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, Shenzhen University and South China University of Technology.

“Slow Slow Tune, Salute Civilization” from Southern Medical University, “Rising Dragons and Dancing Lions: We Are the World” from Jinan University and “Silk Road to Blossom” from Sun yat-sen University have won the First Prize out of all the other performances.

Congratulating Isha N. Mirza, Jinan University

We heartily congratulate Isha N. Mirza, student of Jinan University, 2016 batch, who made it to the final of UNLEASH Innovation Lab. The UNLEASH Innovation Lab is a lab that is designed to bring together 1000 talents from all over the world to bring about solutions to reach the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. She was selected among the final 1000 from 18000+ aspirants who applied. It was held in Shenzhen from 6th November to 13th November. She was a part of the SDG 3: Good Health and Well Being, and dealt with a problem, focussing on maternal mortality in underdeveloped countries. In her interview she said, “I am extremely grateful to Saraswati Online.Com and Jinan University for this wonderful opportunity to apply and be selected. I would also like to thank Dr. Pallavi Jayavanth for being my true guide throughout this incredible journey and sparing time to give me constructive feedback on my application and CV.” We wish her good luck in all her future endeavours.

Opening Ceremony for 2019 International Students

On 30th October 2019, the opening ceremony for 2019 International Students was held in Southern Medical University.

SaraswatiOnline.Com and Southern Medical University have been cooperating with each other in education for foreign students in China for 14 years. Both sides have reached good cooperation consensus in promoting the enrollment of foreign students in China and improving the quality of international medical personnel training and achieved certain results.

Host by Madam Chen Jun, Dean of School of International Education, Southern Medical University.

Present members : President Li Mengfeng, Vice President Wen Mingang, Teaching Affairs Office, Student Affairs Office, International Affairs Office, The Graduate School, Leaders of School of International Education, Education and Teaching Committee for International Students in China, Foreign Teachers and Chinese Teachers.

President Li Mengfeng of Southern Medical University delivered a speech. He pointed out that in recent years, the university’s medical teaching and research work has shown great-leap-forward development. 2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China, and the 20th anniversary of the establishment of School of International Education in Southern Medical university, President Li Mengfeng encourage students to cherish the opportunity, hard work, brave to dream, and message of all the students, new to self-discipline, integrity hard learning, good at communication, bear of cooperation, mutual benefit of human health, to try to build the community of human destiny.

Representative of teacher Prof. Zeng Qingchun from First Clinical Medical School delivered a speech.

As the front-line teacher, Prof. Zeng encourages the freshmen to face up to various obstacles and challenges in cross-cultural adaptation and get involved in the basic study as soon as possible. For graduate students, he suggested that based on learning to use scientific research methods and skills, they should continue to explore deeply and actively seek answers to questions.

Representative of Senior Student Sourav Pal (Indian nationality) delivered a speech. He shared the experiences and growth as he is part of the student union.

Representative of freshmen from Postgraduate School Mohyeddin W. R. Ali (Palestinian nationality) delivered a speech. He expressed his sincere feelings towards China in fluent Chinese.

Representative of freshmen from MBBS program Camila Briceno (Colombian nationality) delivered a speech. She expressed her gratitude to the university and love for the medical profession in her speech.

At the meeting, Vice President Wen Mingang, Prof. Huang from Education and Teaching Committee for International Students in China, Prof. Jin, leader of the supervision group, presented certificates to the scholarship winners respectively.

President Li Mengfeng conferred the school badge for the freshmen, and all the freshmen, under the leadership of old students, solemnly swore that they would try their best to practice the school motto, become a qualified professional talent and become a well-known international student.

Finally, the opening ceremony of the class of 2019 ended with the freshmen singing “Love in the south” in chorus, and all the teachers and students took a group photo in front of the library.

First SINO-FOREIGN Medical Students Badminton Competition At Dali University

The closing ceremony of First Sino-Foreign Medical Students’ Badminton Competition held at Dali University was held on 31.10.2019. The four day tournament successfully ended with the combined effort of the volunteers, athletes and teachers’ team. Sports promotes the feeling of cooperation and competition at the same time. The motto of the event thus was to establish a cultural exchange between the different participants and establishing friendship between the students through sports.

Closing Ceremony for 2019 Hua Wen Batch, Jinan University

On 25th October, 2019 was the closing ceremony of 2019 batch Hua Wen batch. The ceremony was conducted in the Auditorium of Hua Wen campus of Jinan University.

The event began with the welcome speech by the Dean of Hua Wen Language. The students were then handed over their Graduation certificates during the event. Students from India and Bangladesh performed Chinese poetry, song and dance and the Chinese students ended the event with a Chinese Kung Fu performance.

Holiday Notice for Jinan University

Jinan University has released a notice regarding Summer vacation starting date, college reopening date, registration date details of the University. Read the full notice for further details.

Exam Starting Date Vacation Starting Date College Re-opening Date Last Date for Reporting Registration Date First Day for Class
29th  December 2019 12th January 2020 16th  February 2020 14th  February 2020 17th  February 2020 17th February 2020