Sino-Indian Friendship Meet at Kolkata


Saraswati Online.Com organized a Sino-Indian Friendship Meet on 25th June, 2019 at JW Marriott, Kolkata. The meet was attended by the delegation from Dali University led by Prof. Li Xiaobing, Vice President, Dali University, The alumni doctors who graduated the International MBBS programme, a joint initiative by Saraswati Online.Com and Dali University. The meet was also graced by the presence of Mr. Zha Liyou, Consul General, P.R. China and renowned personnel from healthcare and academia. Dr. Partha Sarathi Ganguli presided the meet.

Graduation Ceremony of 2019 International MBBS Graduates


We are so happy to share in the excitement of Dali University International MBBS Program (2013 batch), a class of 2019 graduation ceremony day, and so very proud all of you, too !

We wish you all success in your future endeavors!

Dali University Graduation Ceremony, 2019

Dali University organized the Graduation Ceremony of 2019 Clinical Medicine students.

On the morning of June 20th, the graduation ceremony of the 2019 Clinical Medicine (English-speaking) International Students of Dali University was held. 144 undergraduate students and some relatives from India, Nepal, Pakistan and Côte d’Ivoire gathered together to celebrate graduation.

Party Secretary Duan Lin, Party Secretary Yang Xiaochun, Vice President Li Xiaobing, Duan Lihua, Li Yanping attended the ceremony. Li Xiaobing presided over the ceremony.

Duan Lin congratulated the students who successfully graduated from the six-year program. Duan Lin said“As a future doctor, you will shoulder the sacred duty of hanging the pot to help the world and save the wounded and dying. Choosing medicine means that you will contribute to the health and happiness of human beings.” He said that China and South Asian countries are friendly neighbors, and Dali and South Asian countries have a history of exchanges for thousands of years. The country respects each other and seeks common development, and has a profound traditional friendship.

Li Yan, a teacher representative of the School of Basic Medical Sciences, said in her speech that the growth of international students through learning in recent years is obvious to all. She said “In the attitude of being responsible for the patients, never let yourself stay stagnant and learn the latest and most cutting-edge science.”

4th International conference on Evolving Trends in Medical Education 2019


The Evolving Trends in Medical Education (ETME)-2019, the 4th International conference, held in LuZhou, co-hosted by Southwest Medical Univeristy, has been a successful in not just understanding but also implementing those discussed in ETME-2016, for medical education, International MBBS Program in China. The conference was attended by various Medical Universities in South Asia. The guest of honour was Ms. Ma Zhonghui, the Deputy Mayor of Luzhou city.


ETME-2019, like it’s predecessor emphasised on bridging the gap between International MBBS program and standard undergraduate medical program. As more and more foreign students are being enrolled for International MBBS program, the need for standardisation of curriculum has always been the main agenda of ETME. It’s has been an uphill task to meet the challenges faced and various issues related to standardisation, including managing students of different countries, were discussed in this edition of ETME.


The distinguished guest speakers from India & Nepal gave insight on Medical Education & Medical Licensing exams in their respective countries, thereby comparing with international MBBS program and identifying the areas that needs a significant attention in International MBBS program.


ETME – 2019 had many original articles presented in technical sessions and deservingly, a paper from each session was awarded with Best Paper award.  The technical sessions included papers on Pedagogy; Content & Syllabus; Innovations in teaching & use of technology; Licensing examination: Teaching, Learning approaches & differences and Student Management. The paper presentations and discussions were overwhelming and the newer methods discussed can be put into practice.


The panel discussion on campus discipline and academic discipline was attended by Directors, Deans, Academicians & personnel from administration addressed some common issues faced by every university. It was intriguing and informative.


This edition of ETME, for the first time, had participation and paper presentation by alumni of Southwest Medical University, LuZhou; Dali Univeristy, Dali; Jinan University, Guangzhou & Southern Medical University, Guangzhou.


For guiding the foreign students from India & Nepal about the licensing exams in their respective countries, A Handbook on Indian Medical Licensing Examination – FMGE was released & the same was shared with all the universities participating in ETME-2019; and Dr. Ankur Shah, Executive Member of Nepal Medical Council addressed about Nepal Licensing Examination to all the universities participated in ETME-2019.

4th Sino foreign friendly Volley ball tournament


The 4th Sino foreign friendly Volley ball tournament was organized at Dali University.

The tournament came to an end on 29th April, 2019.

The finals witnessed nail biting competitions among  the participating teams.

The winners of the Boys’ team were:

  • A3 (Cambodia TOP TEAM)
  • B5 (Cambodia All Star)
  • C2 (Sports and Science) and
  • D2 (Vibraniums)

The winners of the Girls’ team included:

  • A4 (Sports Science Institute)
  • B2 (School of Education and Science) and
  • C4 (Bumblebees)

Joint Cooperation & Exchange programs between India Ltd & Dali University,P.R.China


On 12th March 2019, a two member delegation from India Ltd. led by Mr.Nilanjan Gupta, Vice Dean, International Exchange & Cooperation department accompanied by Mr.Kartick Bachhar, Yoga Teacher, Saraswati Yoga Mandir,India, visited Dali University, P.R.China as part of promoting International Exchange & Cooperation.

A meeting took place between the members of Dali University  and the delegates from India ltd. on starting of joint cooperation and exchange programs. From Dali University present in the meeting were Deputy Director Mr. Liu Fengqin, Prof.Ma Fengming, Dean of College of Foreign Languages, Dali University, Dr.Xiao Lei from School of Physical Education and other respected members.

In the meeting it was decided that Dali University will start joint cooperation programs with India Ltd. in the fields of International student’s cultural exchange program, yoga and foreign language.

The meeting concluded with the both the parties agreeing to start work on the cooperation and exchange programs very soon.

The 17th “International Day”of Dali University

On 11th March 2019, Dali University held the opening ceremony of its 17th “International Day”where renowned foreign universities & educational organizations are invited at its campus.

Theme of the 17th “ International Day”  was Sino-India Educational and Cultural Exchange.

Participants for the event were Leaders from Dali Prefecture Party Committee, Foreign Affairs Office of People’s Government of Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, Leaders from Dali University and various other Universities from China and Leaders from various other countries.

Delegates from India Ltd. were invited as honored guests to the event.

Dr.Partha Sarathi Ganguli, Chief Mentor of India Ltd.led the delegation which included Mr. Nilanjan Gupta ,Vice-Dean, International Exchange & Cooperation, Mr. Kartick Bachhar,Yoga Teacher of Saraswati Yoga Mandir and Ms. Tang Ting from Guangzhou,P.R.China office of India Ltd.

The opening ceremony had various artists from across the globe performing on different cultural themes. From Saraswati Yoga Mandir,India Mr. Kartick Bachhar gave a performance on Yoga.

The opening ceremony was followed by Sino-Indian Educational and Cultural Communication Academic Forum where the session commenced with speech from Dr.Partha Sarathi Ganguli, Chief Mentor of India Ltd.

In his speech Dr. Ganguli mentioned how the Sino-Indian friendship & exchange is not only benefiting the Chinese and the Indians but is a major contributor to global development and establishment of peace and happiness. He stated how as a result of opening its door to the foreign students in the last two decades,China and India have seen large number of its students visiting each other’s country for pursuing higher studies,summer camps and other educational programs. He mentioned that a substantial interest has been observed between the two countries in terms of cultural exchange in various domains such as traditional medicines,martial arts, cuisines etc. He stated how the educational and cultural exchange between these two countries not only plays a pivotal role in terms of creating a platform for exchange of ideas but also contributes to growth of other economic activities such as tourism, export and import, joint ventures etc.

Dr.Ganguli congratulated the leaders and all members of Dali University for promoting such wonderful Sino-Indian Education & Cultural ties and concluded his speech saying that the People of China and People of India are great collaborators in terms of education and culture,with both the countries having immense contribution in promoting  global peace ,prosperity and happiness.

A practice yoga session was arranged by Saraswati Yoga Mandir for the students of Dali University where 30 students did an hour long yoga session under the guidance of Mr.Kartick Bachhar. The session was much appreciated by the student’s community.

The day ended with Dinner hosted by Dali University.

SaraswatiOnline.Com hosted delegates from the Dali University, PR China in India


SaraswatiOnline.Com hosted a group of delegation of 5 members from the Dali University, PR China from 5.12.2018 to 10.12.2018 in Kolkata and Bangalore.

The delegation included Duan Lin, Chairman of Dali University Committee, Li Cairui Deputy Dean of Clinical Medical College, Hu Jifu, Deputy Director of Teaching Affairs Office, Qin Yan Deputy Dean of Basic Medicine College and Zhou Hongxu, Section Chief of International Student Affairs, Education & Service Center for International Students.

In Kolkata, the delegation team met the Director of State Medical Education Department, visited the Institute of Post-Graduate Medical Education and Research & SSKM Hospital and the Victoria Memorial and Indian museum which was followed by a Sino-Indian Dinner meet.

At Bangalore, they visited the SaraswatiOnline.Com office and the Apollo hospitals at Sheshadripuram.

On 9th December, the team visited the Tajmahal in Agra and signed the MOU with Sharda University on 10th December.