Registration, Fees payment & Class schedule Notice – Dali University

Students of Dali University ( 2016-2019 batches ) are requested to go through the notices which include details about the following :

1. Registration date
2. Fees Payment Deadline
3. Next semester Class Schedule

In addition to the notices please also note the following:

1. The registration for the year 2020-21 academic year is on August 22nd and 23rd August ( You are requested to stay in touch with your class teacher ).

2. The Deadline to clear the due fees is by 30th September 2020 ( Due to pandemic of COVID – 19 – Delay in the payment of the fees – need to submit your application to respective college for approval – To Madam Shirley – Basic medicine college and to Mr. Tian sir Clinical Medicine college.)

All are requested to go through all notices. For further query or details, you are requested to get in touch with your coordinator.

To read the full notice regarding the Registration date of Dali University click below-

To read the full notice regarding the Fees Payment Details of Dali University click below-

To read the full notice regarding the Next semester Class Schedule Details of Dali University click below-

Dali University Final Exam Schedule

Dear Students,
Dali University has published the Final exam schedule for 2016 & 2017 batch. Please go through the complete notice to know the details of the schedule.

Sl.No Batch Date Subject Name Exam Time (CST) Exam Platform
1 2016 2/7/2020 Anesthesiology 7pm to 8.30 pm Rain Classroom
2 2016 3/7/2020 Surgery – 2 3pm to 4.40 pm Rain Classroom
3 2017 1/7/2020 Medical Imaging – Radiology 2pm to 3.40 pm Rain Classroom

Dali University Internship Notice

Dear Students, We request you to kindly go through this entire Notice from Dali University regarding internship for 2014 & 2015 batch along with previous batch of 2012 & 2013 students. Read full notice for complete details.

Dali University Resit exam schedule

Dear Students, Dali University has published a notice regarding the schedule of the Resit Exam schedule for 2014 & 2015 batch.

Please note that you need to comply with the following points to join the exam :

1 – Scan QR code (shared in official WeChat batch group)

2- Fill in the personal information (Name, Roll number and Nationality )

Read the full notice to know complete details.

Relearning Exam application procedure

Dali University has published a notice regarding the procedure of Application for the Relearning Exam for 2013-2017 batches.

Notice for each batch has been shared along with an overall notice. It must be noted that the last date for submitting the application as notified by the University is 18th May 2020. We request all students to read the full notice and complete the application by the deadline.

2013 Batch relearning application Notice

2014 Batch relearning application notice

2015 Batch relearning application notice

2016 Batch relearning application notice

2017 Batch relearning application notice

Procedure for applying relearning for 2013-2017 batch students

Notice from Dali University

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, Dali University published this notice strictly asking students not to return to campus without before further instruction. Students have been asked to comply strictly. Read the full notice for details.

Official Announcement from Dali University

  1. The start time of the 2020 spring semester The opening of upcoming spring semester will be postponed after March 1, 2020, and the exact date is NOT determined and will be announced according to the epidemic prevention and control situation and the relevant requirements of the government department. The exact date of opening will be announced two weeks in advance separately. All international students of Dali University abroad now are NOT allowed to travel back to campus before receiving the official notice of the University.
  2. Teaching Arrangements of International Undergraduates The teaching arrangements of international undergraduate students should follow the Announcement issued by the Teaching Affairs Office of the University. All the international students are encouraged to make full use of all kinds of online education resources, including the online teaching platform of the Ministry of Education, China and the online courses offered by the University’s partner, Saraswati Online.Com.
  3. Teaching Arrangements of International Postgraduates The teaching arrangements of postgraduates should follow the Announcement issued by the Postgraduates Affairs Office of the University. The University requires the supervisors of postgraduates actively carry out online and offline “one-to-one” teaching and learning.
  4. The Admission of International Students The admission of all kinds of international students in spring semester shall be conducted in accordance with the relevant policies of the Ministry of Education, China, China Scholarship Council and the Provincial Department of Education, Yunnan Province.

For more details and upcoming information, please continue to follow up the official WeChat accounts “大理大学”(Dali University) and “留学理大” (Study at Dali University).

Education and Service Center for International Students
Dali University
February 24, 2020