China Resumes International Flights after the COVID Lockdown

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China will permit additional foreign airlines to resume flights to its cities, in an exceedingly move that comes on a daily basis once the US government vulnerable to bar Chinese carriers if the country didn’t open to American Passenger aircraft.

Foreign airlines that were at this time world organizations to send international flights into China would currently be able to fly to at least one town weekly from weekday next week, the country’s transport regulator afore mentioned on Thursday.

The Civil Aviation Administration of China didn’t refer to specific countries. However, it aforementioned the measures would apply to any foreign airlines not enclosed in an exceedingly set up unveiled in March that distributed international flights. That set up barred United States of America carriers from Asian country.

China is now accommodating 134 international flights a week under restrictions imposed from late March due to the pandemic. All airlines shall apply for Pre-Flight Plans to the Operation Supervisory Center of CAAC in advance. This policy will last until October 2020. Business travelers must check if their flight is approved by the CAAC, or they will risk having their air tickets cancelled. On June 4, the CAAC said it would allow all foreign airlines, including those which were barred from operating flights to China, to choose from a list of approved cities to operate on one international passenger flight a week beginning June 8.