Orientation & Opening Ceremony for 1st batch of International Scholarship Students, South West Forestry University – 2018


On 16th March,2018 South West Forestry university, Saraswationline.com and Sangen International held the orientation and opening ceremony for the first batch of International scholarship students in the discipline of computer science.
Welcome speech was given from the top management of South West Forestry University, Saraswationline.com and Sangen International.

From Saraswati Online.Com speech was given by Dr.P.S.Ganguli, Chief Mentor.

From Sangen International welcome speech was given by Mr.Monirul Hoque, CEO, Sangen International.


Official Agreement and Contract of the First Program between South West Forestry University And Saraswati Online.Com


Both South West Forestry University and Saraswati Online.Com have reached an agreement about the Joint Cooperative Program through friendly consultation and negotiation and signed the Official Agreement and agreed to conduct a Joint Cooperative Program for foreign students for the following majors to be taught in English language:

  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering,
  • Bachelor of Computer Engineering, and
  • Bachelor of Business Management.

The degree awarded to the students after completion of the complete course of their major required by The People’s Republic of China and South West Forestry University and reached the school work standards will be Bachelor’s Degree in their respective majors as mentioned above.

The standard duration of the course will be for four years, including three years of academic training and one year of Research Project & Internship in the final year.

With this signing of the agreement, the two organizations shook their hands towards spreading
English as a medium of Education in China.