13th International MBBS Batch inauguration at Dali University


In the recently held 13th International MBBS Batch inauguration held at Dali University on 08/12/17, Dr. Partha Sarathi Ganguli addressed the new students talking about the association between Saraswati Online.Com and Dali University and said that they have had over one decade of partnership and successful cooperation. He said that there are many universities in China which offers medical education to foreign students, but from his own experience he stated that Dali University attaches lot of importance and priority to the program and makes best academic experience available for the international students of medicine. A very successful and large number of alumni of Dali University is prominently placed in the health care system of South Asia, and many of them are in regular touch with him and he feels extremely satisfied in observing their growth and success. Apart from being good doctors they are also good human beings and that brings to the organization special happiness. He continued saying that Saraswati Online.Com and Dali University have successfully forged international exchange program and their cooperation has so far produced more than 2500 doctors who are serving in their respective countries and abroad successfully as they give very high importance to innovations through teaching learning experience and continuously make effort to take initiative in improving pedagogical aspects of the programs they conduct.

He ended by thanking all the leaders, teachers, administrators and staff of Dali University on behalf of all the parents of the students for accepting the foreign students and providing the facility for them to succeed in their chosen field.

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