The 1st International Culture Festival – 2016


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The 4th SMU Science, Cultural and Art Festival was held on the occasion of 65th anniversary of Southern Medical University on 24th November, 2016. The School of International Education also celebrated its 1st International Cultural Festival on the same day.

The guests included Vice Party Secretary Chang Jiajie, Vice President Wen Mingang, Director of Office of International Exchange and Cooperation and Li Jinjun from the Department of Education of Guangdong Province.


South China University of Technology, South China Normal University, Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, Shenzhen University and Guangdong University of Petrochemical Technology, Mr. Sanjeev – Consul General of India, Guangzhou and leaders from other departments and schools of Southern Medical University also participated in this remarkable event.

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The spectacular performances attracted the attention of all the audience and the venue was filled with exciting cheers. International Students, along with Chinese students and Teaching faculty exhibited their talents on the stage.

The dance steps of Palestinian Dabke, colourful costumes in Indian Fusion and graceful moves in Thai dance will always remain fresh in everyone’s memory. The Latino dance and African dance was also a visual treat to all the spectators.

China is a country with more than 5000 years of profound and glorious history. Students from School of Traditional Chinese Medicine impressed the audience with a Tai Chi Chuan performance and the Drunken Beauty of Peking Opera.

Teaching staff in SMU is not only knowledgeable to impart what they have learnt in their respective disciplines, but also versatile to sing and dance.

International Culture & Art Festival_2016_32Apart from the feast for the eyes, the booths of different countries were also the highlights of this Festival. By wearing their national costumes and waving the flags of their countries, the International Food Fiesta and Culture Exhibition was pulled away its veil. The distinctive clothing, food, music and photos caught visitors’ eyes tightly. They were beaming with smiles on their faces going around varied booths even though it was cold and windy.

Foreigner countries’ exotic culture and Chinese artistic culture were exhibited at the unique platform. All students said that they are looking forward to next year’s cultural festival.

These activities showcased different views and attitude of students towards their life and study. In future, the School of International Education will take more efforts to make the international students feel at home and try to establish a better platform for International students and for Chinese students to exchange their ideas and enhance their creativity, thus building a campus with various cultures.


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