2019 batch White Coat ceremony

The eve of 27th November, 2019 marked the beginning of a new era; a new life for the students of 2019 batch MBBS. It was the day they wore their dreams for the 1st time. It was their White coat ceremony.

Professor Ethan Deng, the Vice dean and Party Secretary was the Master of Ceremony for the Event.

The ceremony started with the Introduction Speech by Ms Yu Pei, the Executive vice-dean of International School, Jinan University followed by a speech from Dr Partha Sarathi Ganguli, the chief mentor of Saraswati Online.com. Dr Ganguli enlightened the students to work hard and utilize the opportunity they got to pursue their dreams of becoming a successful doctor. This was followed by an Informative speech by Dr Suvra Kusum Biswas, the Pathology Professor for MBBS. His speech included information about the White coat and its history. This was followed by a speech by Parth Singh, the student representative of 2019 batch. In his speech he urged his batchmates to work really hard for the coming 6 years of their Medical life as a student.

The next event was the Guests of honour and the leaders of the University from the University, helped the student Representatives of 2019 batch to put on their white coat and the other students from 2019 batch were also asked to put on their white coats thereafter.

The most important event of the ceremony was the oath taking ceremony where the students took oath to serve the society as a doctor.

And finally, a group photograph was taken with all the Leaders, guests and students.

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