4th International Culture Festival and International Education 20th Anniversary Gala

On the evening of November 28, 2019, foreign students presented a feast of international cultural exchange with their unique performances in the 4th international cultural festival and the 20th year of education and art show in China.

The wonderful international traditional costume fashion show opened the show, and quickly lit up the audience. Dance performance “Enjoy the tea”, African dance “Afro Beats”, Indian dance “Indian Folk Dance” and other different types of dance on the stage one after another, cultural exchanges and integration of countries like a hundred flowers bloom. The romantic chorus “An ode to love”, the musical “A student’s learning journey”, which tells the story of the medical students’ learning process, and the chorus “Broadway Theatrical Play”, which reflects the hardships and happiness of pursuing dreams, are melodious and catchy, arousing the memory and resonance of the audience.

In addition to the student performance, the teachers also dressed up and gave us a wonderful song. Dean Chen Jun of the school of international education, director Wu Peixian of the international student affairs management center and teacher Wang Rui sang “we are all dreamers” together with the international students to make the atmosphere of the audience more enthusiastic. The bel canto singing “Midsummer Prairie” by teacher Ou wei of the general education department made the audience fuller of praise and applause.

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