5th Anniversary and Academic Forum of Guangdong Association of Vocational Education Informatization


The 5th Anniversary and Academic Forum of Guangdong Association of Vocational Education Informatization took place on 24th December, 2017 at South China Normal University. Dr. Partha Sarathi Ganguli, the Chief Mentor of Saraswati Online.Com was present at the gathering. He started his speech by thanking South China Normal University for inviting him to the program. He continued to say that both China and India has a very long history, the two countries are the first and second when it comes to population and are two friendly neighbours. He highlighted how many students from India and China are already going to each other’s country to pursue higher education as China is very famous for imparting medical education to Indian students and India is very famous for imparting education in English, Information Technology and Yoga to the Chinese students. He said that he has been working with Chinese Universities since 2004 and has been conducting education programs which so far have placed more than 4000 students in China from India and more than 2000 students from other South Asian/African countries in the field of Medicine apart from Engineering and Management subjects. It was very evident from his speech that he feels that in this period of globalisation and internationalisation it is very important to provide for exchange between countries at the school or university level as it will inculcate among the students a global understanding and brotherhood feeling which will help them to perform better in the global arena in future. He clearly stated that in today’s world, no country or for that matter no one be it a person, an institution, an university, a city or any group can progress alone and since we need to syndicate, it is better that we prepare our future generation with a deep understanding of the global issues and better understanding of planetary situation by offering them opportunity early in life. He appreciated the endeavour of SCNU to globalise the vocational education of Guangdong province and said that it is particularly commendable and is the need of the hour.

He took the opportunity to congratulate them on this path breaking initiative and pledged his sincere and best support whenever sought for.


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