Chinese Corner 2016 International school Jinan University


Chinese_corner_2016_International_school_Jinan_University_004On November 20th 2016, the International School of Jinan University had conducted Chinese Corner in the South Campus, during which the culture and tradition of China was highlighted. The theme of this program was different dynasties. There were a number of stalls arranged with different Chinese games as.

MBBS students had also actively participated in this program and one of the host for the event was from MBBS 2015 Batch. There were two beautifully decorated stalls arranged for the Chinese culture-related games. They also had two performances at this program and both related to traditional Chinese dance forms, the lion dance and the other one is cultural dance. MBBS 2015 batch won the second prize for their Decorative Stalls and Dance performance in Chinese Corner. It was indeed a moment of great pride for all the MBBS students and faculty, as it showed their dedication and also involvement in the Chinese culture and tradition.

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