Clinical Observership Program (COP) – 2017

In lieu of the Notice dispatched on 08/06/2017, we from the team of MED would like to intimate you about the updated list of available hospitals herewith with latest additions of hospitals for availing COP.
Addition of the new hospitals has been volunteered from MED based on understanding the requirements of students of various batches across different universities.
We do hope that the new additions to the hospital list will inculcate into a more feasible and comfortable option for the enrolled students of 2014 & 2015 batches in “Clinical Observership Program” from the area in which the additions have been made.

The new hospital list for COP is as follows:

*Please note that the availability of the abovementioned hospitals is subjected to change as per the decision of the management of the hospitals from time to time, however we are making our best possible efforts in adhering to the list mentioned above and trying to partner with few more hospitals from other places continuously.
*Also note that we are trying to open up options in Gujarat and shall intimate you soon in case of positive response if there is any.

INCLUSION – EXCLUSION clause for Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh & Odisha:

MED will be accepting names for 3 states i.e. Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh & Odisha as we are still in process of enrolling students for these 3 states till 30th June. So if students want to enroll their name in these 3 states then we will accept the same. Please note that if any such student who is now giving name for Gujarat or Madhya Pradesh or Odisha and has already given his/her name under any other state as of now for COP, then automatically his/her name will be deleted from the hospital in which he/she has given name and further be included under Gujarat or Madhya Pradesh or Odisha.


It has come to the notice of MED, that few students from various universities have given their names casually and in reality they are actually NOT planning to attend the COP.

If any such student is identified as soon as the COP starts on 31st July, i.e. although he/she has given name to join COP but did not show up on the reporting date to that designated hospital, then such candidate will be DEBARRED from participating in future COP that shall be organized by MED, Saraswati Online.Com

MED wishes that the students take this COP seriously and join in letter and spirit and go well prepared.

Rules & Regulations:

  1. Interested candidates are instructed to submit their name to their respective Overseas Resident Student Coordinator (ORSC) on or before 15th JUNE 2017 with any changes they wish to make what so ever.
  2. Any student who fails to intimate us within the time stipulated above will NOT be able to participate under any circumstances.
  3. Students are instructed to select one centre ONLY for availing the COP from available options mentioned above. Once selected the change of centre will NOT be entertained later on. However ONLY if any new additions or deletions happen in the list of available hospital, the management shall entertain such requests of changes.
  4. Students are also instructed to choose and decide the hospital they wish to join for COP WISELY. We appreciate
    region specificity i.e. if a hospital is available in the close vicinity of the student’s residing area, district or state we will allow him/her to join ONLY in that hospital which is closest.
    (Example: Students from Odisha ideally should go to attend COP at Kolkata, not at Bangalore).
  5. Any unprofessional invocation viz. change of date, preference of time and demand for arranging new centres will NOT be entertained at all. [*However management shall discuss and decide whether new centres may be opened or not in future after proper scrutiny by looking at participation from a particular place or region]

General guidelines for a SERIOUS student:
We at MED strongly recommend that in order to make a judicious utilization of this upcoming vacation period and to have a optimum benefit from this upcoming COP a student must follow the below mentioned guidelines

  1. Must know “How to take HISTORY”.
  2. Must know “How to measure pulse, BP”.
  3. Must have an idea about general & systemic examinations – Inspection, Palpation, Percussion & Auscultation.
  4. Must wear white apron/lab coat and carry Stethoscope, hammer etc.
  5. Must possess ADMIT CARD issued from SOLC and carry the same at all times while within hospital premises.

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