Dali University Graduation Ceremony, 2019

Dali University organized the Graduation Ceremony of 2019 Clinical Medicine students.

On the morning of June 20th, the graduation ceremony of the 2019 Clinical Medicine (English-speaking) International Students of Dali University was held. 144 undergraduate students and some relatives from India, Nepal, Pakistan and Côte d’Ivoire gathered together to celebrate graduation.

Party Secretary Duan Lin, Party Secretary Yang Xiaochun, Vice President Li Xiaobing, Duan Lihua, Li Yanping attended the ceremony. Li Xiaobing presided over the ceremony.

Duan Lin congratulated the students who successfully graduated from the six-year program. Duan Lin said“As a future doctor, you will shoulder the sacred duty of hanging the pot to help the world and save the wounded and dying. Choosing medicine means that you will contribute to the health and happiness of human beings.” He said that China and South Asian countries are friendly neighbors, and Dali and South Asian countries have a history of exchanges for thousands of years. The country respects each other and seeks common development, and has a profound traditional friendship.

Li Yan, a teacher representative of the School of Basic Medical Sciences, said in her speech that the growth of international students through learning in recent years is obvious to all. She said “In the attitude of being responsible for the patients, never let yourself stay stagnant and learn the latest and most cutting-edge science.”

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