International Volunteer Day – “A day well spent with Kindergarten kids”

In order to promote the “Lei Feng month”, the International School Volunteers of Jinan University visited Jinan University KINDERGARTEN on 15th March 2017 to conduct some activities.

Children are the leaders of tomorrow. They have the capability to change the nation positively. The development of the country lies in their hands.

Jinan University Kindergarten is one of the renowned schools which focus on the strength of the child and bring out the international perspective and rich international cultural experience. International School volunteer leaders Vaishnavi, Andrew, Jayakrishnan, Vishwa, along with the members Simran, Uma, Achala, Nidhi, Ashutosh, Ashish, Russi, Abhimanyu, Gopika, Arpita, Priyanka, Bezaleel with the assistance of International School staff Mr.Andy, Ms.Eva and Ms.Neha had one such lifetime experience of sharing their culture with the children.


The memorable day started with introduction of International School Bear and self- introduction by volunteers in Chinese. The excitement of the kids was priceless when dance performances started. It was followed by a Chinese music from Russi which was open heartedly welcomed by the children. There was a small quiz held for the students by the end of which the children were given chocolates and surprise gifts. The games were conducted which the kid enjoyed most. Children were even taught dancing which actually helped them to enhance their mind. The kids were given sweets which they shared among themselves. The innocence of the kids knows no boundary. Everyone actively involved themselves in all the activities and kids as well as volunteers had a great time. The day ended with a photo session with the kids. A very humble thanks to the Kindergarten teachers who helped us through out. It is always amazing how the day turns out to  be wonderful when kids are around.

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