Jinan Gala Dinner – Jinan University

The year 2019 is a very special year for the long relation of Jinan University and Saraswati Online.com. The close friendship of Jinan University and Saraswati Online.com has reached a milestone of 15 years. To celebrate this milestone, Saraswati Online.com hosted a Gala dinner in the Chinese canteen of Jinan University on 28th November, 2019.

All the leaders of the University, the faculties and the MBBS students from all batches currently in China were invited to celebrate this auspicious event.

The specialty of the event was that Indian Delicacies were served along with Chinese food.

This event was attended by International School leaders including Professor Ethan Deng, the Party secretary and Vice dean, Professor Wu, the Executive Vice of International School, Ms Yu Pei, the Executive Vice Dean of International School, Dr Partha Sarathi Ganguli, the chief mentor of Saraswati Online.com and all the students of MBBS.

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