Sarawaswati School of Nursing – Malda launches 3-year GNM course

Malda, West Bengal, 29th January, 2021: In a groundbreaking development in the health care sector, the Saraswati School of Nursing – Malda was launched here today with the hope to lend care-giving a turnaround. This launch brings to the region its first nursing school.
Approved by the Government of West Bengal and recognized by the West Bengal State Nursing Council, the Saraswati School of Nursing – Malda, hopes to produce highly trained nurses by equipping aspiring students with cutting-edge nursing knowledge and skills through an affordable three-year GNM course so that they can build rewarding and respectable careers.
Among those present on the occasion were: Mr. Al Biruni, MLA, Congress, Malatipur, Mr. Arjun Halder, MLA, Congress, Old Malda, Mr. Krishnendu Narayan Chowdhury, Former Minister, Government of West Bengal, and Dr. Partha Sarathi Ganguli, President, Saraswati School of Nursing. Speaking at the launch event, Mr. Chowdhury felt a nursing school like this was long overdue in Malda and hoped it would make fruitful progress in the future. Falling in line with him was Mr. Halder in his speech.
Sharing his views, Dr. Ganguli said, “There is a great need for nurses in India. Nearly six thousand nursing vacancies now exist in the government sector. Besides, India already has a huge shortfall of nurses. Our aim is not just to help fill up those vacancies but help students, particularly from disadvantaged families, build bright and respectable careers in nursing.”
“A lot of students go out of West Bengal to pursue nursing courses. With the launch of our institution, there will be no need for them to travel afar for the purpose. Right here in Malda, in West Bengal, these career-aspirants will have a modern and state-of-art nursing college that offers academic excellence, advanced teaching methodologies, a safe campus with hostel facilities and hands-on training at our own well-equipped multi-specialty hospital,” Dr. Ganguli added.
Care-giving assumes as much importance as cure. In keeping with this ethos, Saraswati School of Nursing – Malda wishes to prepare compassionate, competent and top professional nurses capable of providing the highest level of care. “We are hoping that our nursing programme shall lead to outstanding outcomes showcased by our graduates,” Dr. Ganguli said.

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