Memorandum of Understanding between Guangdong Association of Vocational Education Informatization and SaraswatiOnline.Com


On 24th December,2017, Dr. Partha Sarathi Ganguli, Chief Mentor Saraswati Online.Com from India and Prof. Xu Xiaoyi, President, Guangdong Association of Vocational Education Informatization from P.R. China signed a Memorandum of Understanding based on mutual trust, benefit and development between two parties and the promotion of International exchanges and cooperation. The two organizations will engage in faculty and students exchange in the areas of Engineering and Management etc. They will look for enrollments of students from South Asia and will introduce high level talent in the respected fields. They will be working towards enhancing inter-collegiate cooperation and exchange of teachers to make exchange of knowledge possible which will be beneficial for the students in the long run.


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