NMC eases internship concerns for MBBS students amidst Covid restrictions

In an advisory issued recently, the National Medical Commission (NMC) has decided that Internship should be completed in the Teaching hospital affiliated to Medical institutions where the student is enrolled for his/her MBBS training.

“In the event of any difficulty due to the current pandemic, it can be completed at another NMC-approved medical college hospital subject to the satisfaction of the college authorities and the University concerned where the student is enrolled for the MBBS training. Further, if allowed to complete the internship in another approved medical institution, there should be no charges levied on the student for completing the internship as it is a part of the MBBS training,” the advisory said.

The decision followed several queries the NMC had received related to completion of internship in institutions other than where the students have been enrolled for their MBBS training especially due to the Covid pandemic.

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