Notice on Online Classes- Southern Medical University

Dear students,
The pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus is a newly-found disease from which the public should strengthen prevention. Considering the safety of all teachers and students, our university prepare to conduct the On-line teaching of all course. All students please prepare the proper online study equipment, for example, the PC, the laptop, iPad and so on as well as please make sure your internet environment works well.

Study Time: Start from 17, Feb,2020 (according to the schedule you can check on WeChat “南医大教学”)
Study Method: Online study
Every batch will have an online classroom (WeChat group) which will get all students and teachers in. Teachers will communicate with students or answer the questions in the online classroom .
Students should study following the requirements of teachers. For most subjects, you should download the teaching resources from network disk 2 days earlier. Then study by yourselves and finish the homework or exams. If you have any questions, you can ask teachers in the online classroom. For some subjects, you need to login some system to study. Following the guidelines will be easy.

Study result: You will have an examination after you coming back to the university and the result as while as the result of your online homework and exams will be a part of the final result together. Please study hard and wait for the notice of coming back.
If there are any problems with your online study, please contact with your supervisor immediately.

School of International Education

Southern Medical University