Notice on the Preparation for the Opening of 2020 Spring Semester- Southern Medical University

Dear SMU International Students,
According to the University meeting held on Feb. 6, 2020 and in order to effectively control the spread of the news coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, we offer the following warm tips and suggestions for your better preparation for the opening of the new semester

  1. Prepare masks It is recommended that a mask shall be worn when going out Every student is suggested to prepare 1 least 30 marks when you returning to school. If you can purchase more (such as 100, 500), we will buy them from you for the common use of the other students and staff of the university as the masks are out of stock in China now.
  2. Prepare personal cutlery. All students are required to buy the food in the canteen and eat in your rooms for meals, so cutlery such as a lunchbox, a spoon and so on is necessary.
  3. Monitor and register your health conditions. Students staying on the campus during the vacation are required to log in SMU News Coronavirus Pneumonia Prevention and Control Information Platform (the Website and QR code is attached) and register your personal health information by day before 18:00. Students out of the campus should
    measure your temperature 14 days continuously before you return to the University. Any one with illness is not allowed to return to University. Any student who has symptoms of respiratory infection such as coughing, chest congestion fever, etc. please report to School of International Education in time. And students should go to the nearest hospital to do examination. Only after students getting cured or being diagnosed without infection of the novel coronavirus can they return to University, with the approval of School of International Education.
  4. Prepare for your study. Please make use of your time for preview and review in the winter vacation. Online and self-study schedule of the subjects of the spring semester will be released very soon.
  5. Pay attention to the School notice. The date of the opening of the Spring Semester will be notified when it is decided. Please wait for official notice patiently and we will try to inform you at least one week in advance.

We’re here to restate that DO NOT go on my trips during the winter vacation DO NOT come back during the winter vacation. Please take your student ID card, dorm room card,wear mask and cooperate with temperature checking when entering the campus. And during the control period of the spread of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, no private car, taxi, online car-hailng car can be allowed to enter the campus

SMU New Corsair Pneumonia Prevention and Control Information Platform

School of International Education
Feb 7,2020

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