One day tour to Chishui 2017


On 28th April 2017 the Southwest Medical University has organised so many international students along with four monitors a one day tour to Chishui. which is the most beautiful tourist spot of Sichuan province.

Students started from the university at early morning 7 pm to have some really new Chinese experience.

Events conducted at Chishui : The first performance in tour was all the students wore those white peaceful dresses to witness some amazing techniques of Taiji and the best part is even we were taught some good kunfu tricks. Then students went to see some waterfalls, bamboo forest and Jurassic plants. After the safari we had a delicious lunch. After the lunch students were taken to another landscape where we participated in a mountain claiming contest. That was a totally a new experience.


Next the students were taken to Vinegar factory where they were served some good quality vinegar and also they saw the producer of the vinegar factory. Overall the tour was highly satisfied and will be the good lifetime memory of all students.

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