Quiz Competition 2016

As a part of the on-going 1st Southern  Medical University International Culture Festival, quiz competition was successfully held on November 18, 2016 in the  Qiushui tang building.

quiz_competition_003With the tag line knowledge, team spirit and mind sport, School of International Education strives to bring an environment of knowledge and fun with medicine for all students. And the quiz competition provided students an incredible opportunity and platform to show themselves

Teams were selected from preliminary round conducted on November 15. In the Final Competition, there were totally 4 rounds with each round testing different kinds of skills and knowledge. All the questions were from the subjects including anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and cell biology, which required the participants have an in-depth understanding about what they had learned.

In the four rounds of this competition,  each team needed to press the buzzer quickly if they knew the answer. In this case, a quiz_competition_002quick thinking and response were necessary for every team member. As what Pasha have told us when he was preparing for the competition, through this kind of academic activity, students can consciously train themselves and improve their  disciplinary knowledge in daily studying life.

quiz_competition_004The quiz competition saw brilliant students trying to make full use of what they knew.  After 4 rounds fierce battle,  team 2 representing 2014 Batch won with 160 points and team 4 from 2012 batch came 2nd scored 150 points.

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