SaraswatiOnline.Com Parents’ Meet


SaraswatiOnline.Com organized a Parents’ Meet at Rotary Sadan on 22.07.2018. The meeting was attended by more than 100 Parents and students of colleges associated with SaraswatiOnline.Com  from China, Bangladesh and Philippines. Dr. Partha Sarathi Ganguli started the meeting as he addressed the gathering about the importance of FMGE exams and cracking it. Ms. Reeva Gujaral was also present at the meeting and addressed the gathering as she talked about her acquaintance with the organization and her experiences there. Dr. Somnath Saha talked about the importance of clearing FMGE exams in the 1st attempt. His son, Sayantan Saha, was successful in clearing the FMGE exams in 1st attempt.  Ms. Anisha Kundu, was facilitated with a certificate for clearing the exam in first attempt. It was followed by an Open House where students could ask questions to the dignitaries and lunch.

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