Sino-Indian Friendship Meet 2017


A high level delegation from Southern Medical University, Guangdong province, PR China visited India during 12th to 17th November, 2017. The delegates are Prof. Minsheng Chen, Chairman University Council; Prof. Zhirong Zeng, Director of President Office; Ms. Ning Zhang, Director of International Affairs Office; Prof. Jun Chen, Dean of School of International Education; Prof. Dong Wang, Dean of School of Health Services Management; Ms. Peixian Wu, Section Chief of School of International Education.

The delegation visited Kolkata on 12th & 13th November, 2017. SaraswatiOnline.Com hosted the six guests at Hyatt Regency, Kolkata as a part of the Sino-Indian Friendship Meet on 12th November, 2017. The meet was meant to strengthen the ties between both the organizations and establish a valuable cooperation in the days to come.

To begin the programme, Dr. Partha Sarathi Ganguli, Chief Mentor of SaraswatiOnline.Com delivered a welcome address, which was followed by a presentation which showed the journey of Saraswati Online.Com through the years from its very inception. The Chief mentor then talked about the association of Saraswati with Southern Medical University through the years.

It was followed by a speech from the Chairman of SMU, Prof. Min Sheng Chen who highlighted the journey of SMU as a premier institution in Medical Education. He also talked about the ties between both the organizations and that he hoped for more fruitful associations in the days to come.

Mr. Ma Zhanwu, The Consulate General from PR China followed and talked about how India and China can shake hands and lead the two countries in the path of development as the prospect of the countries together can be very useful. He also proposed for a reunion of the alumni students, for them to revisit China and relive their old days once again. The proposal of the reunion was largely appreciated and taken into consideration by the Chairman of SMU.

Dr. Aditi Kishore Sarkar, Additional DHS, talked about the health education and health scenarios of West Bengal. He put forward some important statistics to justify the points he put forward.

Mr. Chandan Roychowdhury, Secretary of the Calcutta Rowing Club, talked briefly about the importance of physical fitness and well-being. He shed some light on the difference between Sports medicine and general Medical practice and talked about the necessity to consider the importance of Sports Medicine practitioners in India.

Prof. Dr. Mita Banerjee, Vice Chancellor of WBUTEPA proposed for a student exchange programme with SMU and showed her interest towards the same through her speech.

She was followed by Dr. Simantini Ghosh, former student of SMU sent by SaraswatiOnline.Com, 2011 batch talked about how the days she spent in China were the best days in her life and what she has learnt in SMU has helped her manifolds in her career and life. She showed interest and excitement towards the reunion programme and said that she wanted to revisit her memories there.

Dr. Arup Kumar Chakraborty ended with a Vote of Thanks.

The programme was followed by exchange of gifts, group photo session and a sumptuous dinner.



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