Sino-Indian Friendship Meet at Calcutta Rowing Club


A Sino-Indian Friendship Meet and dinner was organized at The Calcutta Rowing Club by Saraswati Online.Com on 21.07.2018. The dinner was attended by 20 students and 1 teacher from Southwest Medical University, Sichuan, PR China. Dr. Partha Sarathi Ganguli – Chief Mentor, SaraswatiOnline.Com along with Dr. Pradeep Mitra – Officer of Special Duty Multispecialty Hospital, Govt. of West Bengal and Dr. Munshi – Head of Pharma Divisions, National Medical College were present among the dignitaries. The alumni of SaraswatiOnline.Com were specially invited to join the dinner. The evening started with introduction with the alumni and was followed by a Video which showed the Activities of SaraswatiOnline.Com and ended with a sumptuous dinner.

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