Summer Series: Cricket Tournament 2016

The Sumer Series’ 2016 was organised by MBBS – 2014 Batch in the Jinan University from 1st October’ 2016 to 4th October’ 2016 during the China’s National Holiday, involving participation from the entire MBBS. The entire tournament was sponsored by The Guangzhou Tamil Community (GTC).


On 1st October’ 2016, was the inaugural day for calling the summer series “ON”. The event took place at the football ground, Jinan campus. The entire series was divided into 6 Championship Leagues + Grand Finale. On Day 1, the 1st league was between batches 2013, connoted as “18+” and 2015 as “The Free Hitters”. The match begun right after the Toss. The match turned out to be a thriller, landing the winning championship in the hands of The Free Hitters. Mohan Kumar was announced to be the Man of the Match because of his outstanding performance on the field.
In the later half, the 2nd league was The 18+ (Batch 2013) Vs The Lollipop (Batch 2014). This match turned out to be a Battle, in which The Lollipops’ strived hard to win the challenge. Not having the luck on their side, they lost the Winning against The 18+. Aswin Kumar was adjudged the Man of the Match.


On Day 2, started the 3rd League. Both the team players were ready to hit the field with applauding audiences. This match was played between The Free Hitters and The Lollipop. After the running and rolling out battle, Free Hitters won the match defeating Lollipop as “All Out”. Sonu was announced as the Man of the Match, for turning the game into his team’s favour. League 4th, The 18+ Vs The Free Hitters, resulting into 74 Runs by the 18+ and 73 Runs by the latter. Declaring Prem Kumar as the Outstanding Performer.



On Day 3, it was a real battle between the champions to enter the Finale. The 5th League started with The 18+ Vs The Lollipop. With a mere difference of 1 run, The 18+ won the match and entered the Finals. Crediting Rajkumar, being the Man behind the winning. The later half witnessed a cut-throat competition between The Lollipop and The Free Hitters for 6th League, striking hard to enter the finals. The Lollipop lost against the Free Hitters due to continuous wicket falls. Gowtham was honoured to be the Man of the Match taking back to back 6 Wickets, turning the flow of the Game and taking the team to the Finale.



The Grand Finale, here comes the day, all set, targeting the Winning trophies, boost up players and the motivated team spirit. The supporting roar of the audiences turned the excitement on. The players gathered in the ground, devising the game-winning strategy. The match was a real nail biter, the Super Seniors Vs the Super Juniors. After a 3 hours struggling encounter, “The 18+” emerged out as the Champions for the Summer Series 2016.

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