The first Chinese and foreign teacher seminar was successfully held in International School of Jinan University


On 5th April 2019, The first Chinese and foreign teacher seminar was successfully held in International School of Jinan University. Wu Xiyang, Associate Dean of the International School, Yu Pei, Executive Vice Dean of the International School, Song Jingsong, Director teaching affairs office of the International School, Dr. Partha Sarathi Ganguli, Head of Saraswati Online. Com. Teachers from basic medical school, clinical medical school, Chinese medicine school. Yu Jiajia, Counselor of MBBS, Chen Yanyu, Academic secretary of MBBS had joined the meeting.

The seminar was hosted by Song Jingson. First of all, teachers gave a brief introduction about the teaching situation of their respective MBBS courses. Then Song Jingsong reported on the development of MBBS since its establishment in 2005, and the enrollment scale has been continuously expanded. It has grown from 6 in the first session to more than 80 in each session. Then Dr. Ganguli, the head of the Saraswati Online. Com spoke. First, he thanked the cooperation unit and all the teachers for their hard work and teaching. He hopes that the two sides can further enhance communication and improve the effectiveness of jointly solving various problems faced in the further development of MBBS.

Then under the auspices of Wu Xiyang, the teachers and Dr. Ganguli discussed the wide range of topics in the school. The teachers pointed out that there are serious polarizations among students and the lack of motivation for learning. Dr. Ganguli and teachers work together to explore effective responses, such as whether to introduce interviews in the admissions process. Whether to introduce a medical student elimination mechanism to improve the motivation of lower grade students. Whether they can further increase the strength of students to learn Chinese and lay a solid foundation for their internship in China. How to broaden the Chinese teacher’s understanding of the channels for obtaining information for Indian students license exam in India to improve the pertinence of daily teaching etc.

Finally, Yu Pei said they hope that the Chinese team will maintain communication with SaraswatiOnline.Com, continuously deepen the cooperation between the two sides in the direction of international standardization teaching and management, and jointly set up the MBBS professional.

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