VACATION THEORY Coaching Program – 2017

This is to intimate you about our upcoming endeavor to enlighten your theory knowledge in tune with the academic standards followed in Indian Medical colleges that shall help you to understand the core concept in your subject preparation with a long term view in making you pass the FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination) in the VERY FIRST ATTEMPT itself.

As a part of our “Medical Learning Enhancement Program” we are organizing this coaching program completely FREE for our 2013, 2014 & 2015 batch students across all colleges.

Date – 16th -28th July 2017

VENUE : Jyotirmoy Knowledge Park, Sonarpur, Kolkata

Click here for Vacation Theory Program – 2017 Schedule

KEY ASPECTS of the VACATION THEORY Coaching Program:

13 days Intensive & Exhaustive Program assuring concept development

  • Smart selection of subjects considering the lacunas in teaching at China
  • Dedicated MBBS Academic Coordinator in campus for round the clock doubt clearing sessions
  • Classroom teaching + Hostel accommodation in the same campus for the 1st time in India
  • Ideal ambience for best teaching learning experience
  • Classes by highly experienced expert faculties


  • It has come to the notice of the MED that the knowledge of our students in few Basic Medicine subjects mentioned above is abysmal.
  • The students do not possess optimum theory knowledge that they can correlate clinically which may prove detrimental in near future. Hence we are arranging the same.
  • It is high time that the students become serious and put their extra efforts meaningfully in order to plug the gaps in their theory knowledge.

Food & Accommodation charges:

To be incurred by the student participating. Rs.5000 for non A/C accommodation OR Rs.6000 for A/C accommodation.

Rules & Regulations:

  1. Interested Students of all batches mentioned herewith must confirm their participation by sending email to ; with their Name, Batch, University, Mobile number, WhatsApp number on or before 30th JUNE 2017 without fail.
  2. Interested students are also instructed to submit their names to their respective Overseas Resident Student Coordinator (ORSC) as per the deadline mentioned above.
  3. Any student who fails to intimate us within the time stipulated above will NOT be able to participate in the vacation theory coaching at JKP.
  4. Students participating in this program must understand that they will not be allowed to leave the campus in between during the execution of the program. An undertaking regarding same from the candidate will be taken at the time of joining the program in person.
  5. The management will NOT entertain any unprofessional invocation viz. possibility of joining as a Day Scholar (Even for a student from Kolkata), permission to attend only selected classes, permission to attend only theory lectures and miss test & discussions. [*However if the management feels that a particular student is good enough as per his/her knowledge in some subjects and doesn’t need further guidance from us in the said subjects, then he/she may be allowed to utilize the theory class timings in the Student Library for self-studies.]
  6. Students participating in this rigorous program must have a minimum of 90% attendance for all classes conducted during the tenure without fail however ideally the students should NOT miss even one class.
  7. Students participating in must follow all directions and participate in all programs in letter and spirit.
  8. Students participating in must abide by all other rules and regulations of the campus that are in place and those which may be in effect from time to time.

Our objective is to ensure that each and every student of ours pass FMGE in the very first attempt itself.
However that can happen only when the students have their concepts cleared in all subjects undertaken in MBBS curriculum.

Chinese Medical Universities are far more generous in granting vacations in contrast to their Indian counterparts. Such long vacations in a vast curriculum of Medicine prove detrimental ultimately. Vacation is the only time when you all are not occupied with your semester classes and comparatively free. Hence please utilize it meaningfully.
We believe that attending this program will surely enable you to take one step closer to achieve your goal of passing FMGE in 1st Attempt and will extract an improved academic version of You out of Yourself.
At the end of the day our success lies in the success of our own students!!

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