Relearning Exam application procedure

Dali University has published a notice regarding the procedure of Application for the Relearning Exam for 2013-2017 batches.

Notice for each batch has been shared along with an overall notice. It must be noted that the last date for submitting the application as notified by the University is 18th May 2020. We request all students to read the full notice and complete the application by the deadline.

2013 Batch relearning application Notice

2014 Batch relearning application notice

2015 Batch relearning application notice

2016 Batch relearning application notice

2017 Batch relearning application notice

Procedure for applying relearning for 2013-2017 batch students

Agreement signing with Dali University

Dr. Partha Sarathi Ganguli attended the Agreement Signing Ceremony between Saraswati and Dali University for Chinese Medium MBBS course on 21st October, 2019 at P. R. China. The event was also attended by Dr. Sayantann Saha, Vice Dean- Medical Education Department of Saraswati and officials and representatives of Dali University.

Durga puja Celebration at Dali University campus

The of students International MBBS Programme at Dali University from India celebrated Durga Puja, the biggest festival of West Bengal at Dali University campus. The whole process of organizing and celebrating Durga Puja at University campus was done by the students themselves. From collection of funds to arrangement of venue and getting permission, the students did an excellent job with the help of student’s co-ordinator Mr. Maxson Dpenha. The puja started from Mahalaya and everyday a lot of students visited and offered pushpanjali.

The students also organised a get together, ‘Milan Utsav’ in the evening of 13th October, 2019 and invited all the international delegates and students of the University. Students themselves cooked and arranged dinner for 200 people and made this event a great success.

Sino-Indian Friendship Meet at Kolkata


Saraswati Online.Com organized a Sino-Indian Friendship Meet on 25th June, 2019 at JW Marriott, Kolkata. The meet was attended by the delegation from Dali University led by Prof. Li Xiaobing, Vice President, Dali University, The alumni doctors who graduated the International MBBS programme, a joint initiative by Saraswati Online.Com and Dali University. The meet was also graced by the presence of Mr. Zha Liyou, Consul General, P.R. China and renowned personnel from healthcare and academia. Dr. Partha Sarathi Ganguli presided the meet.

4th Sino foreign friendly Volley ball tournament


The 4th Sino foreign friendly Volley ball tournament was organized at Dali University.

The tournament came to an end on 29th April, 2019.

The finals witnessed nail biting competitions among  the participating teams.

The winners of the Boys’ team were:

  • A3 (Cambodia TOP TEAM)
  • B5 (Cambodia All Star)
  • C2 (Sports and Science) and
  • D2 (Vibraniums)

The winners of the Girls’ team included:

  • A4 (Sports Science Institute)
  • B2 (School of Education and Science) and
  • C4 (Bumblebees)