China wants foreign students to wait in homeland until further notice

A communique released on September 1, 2020, by the Embassy of India in Beijing, quoted the Ministry of Education of China as saying, “all overseas students who have not received notice from their respective educational institutions will not return to their colleges/universities until further instructions.” This message has been published on the website of the ministry.

The Indian Embassy said it has been “taking up Indian students’ concern with Chinese authorities, including the Ministry of Education.

Consequently, the Embassy is advising Indian students to monitor the website of the Indian Embassy/Consulates in China and “our social media channels” to stay updated about the evolving situation in respect of the return of foreign students to China.

“Indian students are also advised to remain in touch with their respective universities/colleges in this regard,” the Embassy added.

Summer Vacation details of Southwest Medical University

Dear Students, Southwest Medical University has published a notice with the details of their Summer Vacation dates. The vacation will start from 30th July, 2020 and will end on 11th September, 2020. The first day of class will be held on 14th September, 2020. The notice also includes information related to the fees payment and the last date of payment of fees which is 4th September, 2020. The bank details are mentioned in the notice. We request you to go through the full notice to know the complete details.

To read the full notice regarding the Summer Vacation details of Southwest Medical University click below-

Summer Vacation details of Nanjing Medical University

Students are requested to read this full notice regarding the Summer Vacation details of Nanjing Medical University. Vacation will start from 17th July 2020 and end on 4th September2020 . The notice also constitutes instructions for students who are staying in campus which they need to follow. The notice also mentions the university registration date ( 5th September 2020 ) and general safety instructions. Deadline of fees payment date is 10th September 2020. In the Fees notice they have also shared the Bank details. We request you to go through the full notice to know complete details.

To read the full notice regarding the Summer Vacation details of Nanjing Medical University click below-

To read the full notice regarding the Fees details of Nanjing Medical University click below-

Dali University Internship Notice

Dear Students, We request you to kindly go through this entire Notice from Dali University regarding internship for 2014 & 2015 batch along with previous batch of 2012 & 2013 students. Read full notice for complete details.

Dali University Resit exam schedule

Dear Students, Dali University has published a notice regarding the schedule of the Resit Exam schedule for 2014 & 2015 batch.

Please note that you need to comply with the following points to join the exam :

1 – Scan QR code (shared in official WeChat batch group)

2- Fill in the personal information (Name, Roll number and Nationality )

Read the full notice to know complete details.

The final exam schedule of Southern Medical University for 2015 batch

Southern Medical University has published a notice regarding the Final Exam of students of 2015 batch. Please read the full notice to know the detailed dates of the exam.

Group A: 2014-67/93, 2015-001~~2015-076
Group B: 2015-077~~2015-136
2014-120, 2015-039/075/082/114 will not attend the online exam due to personal reasons
Course Exam Date&Time Group A Meeting ID Group B Meeting ID
Dermatology 6/1/2020 15:00 A-会议ID:586 775 722 B-会议ID:289 327 253
Clinical Procedures Ⅳ 6/4/2020 15:00 A-会议ID:471 423 228 B-会议ID:580 716 137
Rehibilitation 6/8/2020 15:00 A-会议ID:689 558 761 B-会议ID:570 299 098
ENT 6/11/2020 15:00 A-会议ID:670 809 439 B-会议ID:683 825 050
Ophthalmology 6/15/2020 15:00 A-会议ID:317 651 794 B-会议ID:361 361 178
Obstetrics & GynecologyⅡ 6/18/2020 15:00 A-会议ID:541 374 618 B-会议ID:764 760 147
Neurology 6/22/2020 15:00 A-会议ID:428 103 571 B-会议ID:169 543 895
Pediatrics 6/24/2020 15:00 A-会议ID:148 517 343 B-会议ID:919 385 854

To make sure the online examinations go smoothly, please make sure that the followings are ready:

1.Mobile phone
2.Computer/Laptop/ the other mobile phone
3.Tencent Meeting(腾讯会议)
4.Stable and smooth Internet

The online examination page can be opened in both mobile phone and laptop, one of them will be used for answering paper, the other one should have installed Tencent Meeting, it will be used for invigilation which must be equipped with a well-working camera, and in full view of yourself during examination, adjust your camera angle correctly, EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE SAMPLES SHOWED standard samples OF ANSWERING ON PHONE:


1.The meeting code will be shared in Wechat group before the exam, please do a test in advance to make sure that your application works well.

2.Change your name to your roll no. such as“2015-001” when entering Tencent meeting room. The examination order will be released in the Tencent meeting room.

3.Access to the Tencent meeting room 30 minutes before the examination starts, turn on the video and microphone, and adjust the angle of your camera. Chargers are needed for your devices in case that the battery runs out.

4.Any kinds of learning resources(textbooks/reference book/ppt) cannot show up in your exam room, keep the desk clean.

5.Totally you will have TWO chances to enter one exam, if the system/Internet still out of service after using up these two chances, then you may have to leave the exam, the paper/result will be invalid and you will have to join in the rest students to do offline exam. Your exam paper will be seen as valid on condition that the question paper is successfully submitted.

6.Any misbehavior during exam will be given a warning, and 5 points will be deducted from the result. When it comes to the third warning in one exam, your exam will be aborted and your paper will be invalid.

7.Exam pattern: MCQ/True or False/fill in the blank/terminology explanation/case analysis, course evaluation. The proportion of exam will be 30% performance+70% final exam+course evaluation, the percentage will be adjusted according to the actual situations. All answers need to type word by word. Copy and paste wors/sentence will lead to quit exam system automatically, please don’t use this function.