Jinan University Graduation Ceremony 2019

The Graduation Ceremony for the batch Graduating in 2019 was organized by @jinan_university on 25th June, 2019.

The Ceremony was divided into 2 parts-
1. Red Carpet Procession
2. Graduation Night Gala
Students from 2014 MBBS participated in the Red-Carpet Procession along with Dr. Pallavi (Professor for MBBS and CM) and Mr. Bernard Jackson, Saraswati Online.Com coordinator placed at China.

The Red-Carpet Procession was led by Professor Ethan Deng, the Party Secretary, followed by the Students of International School along with the Teachers.

The Graduation Night Gala comprised of a number of performances including dance, choir singing by teachers and students and other performances.

World Blood Donor Day 2019

June 14th is observed as World Blood Donor Day. In order to celebrate the 16th World Blood Donor Day a blood donation camp was held by Guangzhou Health Commission and Office of Blood Donation Committee on June 15th, 2019.

The MBBS Students from @jinan_university participated in the blood donation camp and donated blood. They were led by lead by their Saraswati Online.Com Coordinator Mr. Bernard Jackson.

The students from 2018 batch presented a dance performance on the stage and they were appreciated by the crowd.

Mr. Bernard, resident student coordinator of Saraswati Online.Com was interviewed on the stage with several representatives of blood donor. He stated that he considered Blood Donation as a good thing and he was willing to donate blood to help his Chinese brothers and sisters.

ENGLISH EVENING celebration in Jinan University


The most awaited event of Jinan University ‘ENGLISH EVENING’ took place on 26th May, 2019. With all the Majors in the fray battling to showcase their skills in Acting; it is the biggest event of the University. MBBS has been an Ardent participant of English Evening. Every team presents a skit based on a story from a movie with a ‘twist in the tale’

This year MBBS students from 2018 batch presented a skit on the movie ‘Dangal’ with the twist being ‘A superpower’.

The event was organized in South Campus of Jinan University in Panyu Square. A number of majors from International School participated.

MBBS won the best ‘The best visual effect’ award.

4th International conference on Evolving Trends in Medical Education 2019


The Evolving Trends in Medical Education (ETME)-2019, the 4th International conference, held in LuZhou, co-hosted by Southwest Medical Univeristy, has been a successful in not just understanding but also implementing those discussed in ETME-2016, for medical education, International MBBS Program in China. The conference was attended by various Medical Universities in South Asia. The guest of honour was Ms. Ma Zhonghui, the Deputy Mayor of Luzhou city.


ETME-2019, like it’s predecessor emphasised on bridging the gap between International MBBS program and standard undergraduate medical program. As more and more foreign students are being enrolled for International MBBS program, the need for standardisation of curriculum has always been the main agenda of ETME. It’s has been an uphill task to meet the challenges faced and various issues related to standardisation, including managing students of different countries, were discussed in this edition of ETME.


The distinguished guest speakers from India & Nepal gave insight on Medical Education & Medical Licensing exams in their respective countries, thereby comparing with international MBBS program and identifying the areas that needs a significant attention in International MBBS program.


ETME – 2019 had many original articles presented in technical sessions and deservingly, a paper from each session was awarded with Best Paper award.  The technical sessions included papers on Pedagogy; Content & Syllabus; Innovations in teaching & use of technology; Licensing examination: Teaching, Learning approaches & differences and Student Management. The paper presentations and discussions were overwhelming and the newer methods discussed can be put into practice.


The panel discussion on campus discipline and academic discipline was attended by Directors, Deans, Academicians & personnel from administration addressed some common issues faced by every university. It was intriguing and informative.


This edition of ETME, for the first time, had participation and paper presentation by alumni of Southwest Medical University, LuZhou; Dali Univeristy, Dali; Jinan University, Guangzhou & Southern Medical University, Guangzhou.


For guiding the foreign students from India & Nepal about the licensing exams in their respective countries, A Handbook on Indian Medical Licensing Examination – FMGE was released & the same was shared with all the universities participating in ETME-2019; and Dr. Ankur Shah, Executive Member of Nepal Medical Council addressed about Nepal Licensing Examination to all the universities participated in ETME-2019.

English Evening Competition- JINAN UNIVERSITY


On 13 May 2018, International School English Evening Competition was held at Panyu Campus of Jinan University. This event is organized by the Academics Affairs Department of the International School Student Union. The competition’s theme was “People Behind” and 2017-MBBS students got the theme 3 idiots through which they had to depict the prime theme *People Behind*.

There was altogether 12 Teams from all the majors, one team from 2017-MBBS also participant in the competition. Total 24 judges were there including foreign nationalities also been invited to judge the show.

All the participants were well-prepared and confident in their performances; Our MBBS-2017batch students won 2nd Prize –Runner up Trophy in one of the biggest event of International School, JINAN UNIVERSITY.

Jinan Stars – 2018


This indeed is a moment of pride and happiness for us that 2 students from Jinan MBBS 2013 and 2015 batch won two different category of Jinan Star Award – 2018.  We hope and blessed them that these stars keep shining bright all through their career and be inspiration to other also.

Jinan Sports Star – 2018

Vatsal Vipul Shah

Vatsal Vipul Shah

Vatsal Vipul Shah, final year MBBS student from Jinan 2013 batch won this title of honor for the year 2018.

This title of honor is given to the most outstanding student in academic performance out of 35000 + students from undergraduate level.

Vatsal is very multitalented students, very enthusiastic & always self-interested in spreading wings in multiple platforms (sports, studies, cultural activities)  to keep himself towards dynamic progress and a brilliant student. He has maintained a GPA of  3.5+ which is  < 85++ % and has taken various initiatives related to sports activity . vatsal is too much focused about his goal of becoming a successful doctor in future. He gave service to batch 2013 as a class representative and won many sports related competition specially in Football and extracurricular activities as well. He is an inspiration to many other students also.

Jinan Art Star – 2018

Oinam Russi Singh

Oinam Russi Singh

Oinam Russi Singh , 3rd year MBBS student from Jinan 2015 batch won this title of honor for the year 2018.

This title of honor is given to the most outstanding student in academic performance out of 35000 + students from undergraduate level.

Russi is a very innovative, self-motivated and a bright student. He has maintained a GPA of 3.01  which is  < 85 % and has taken various initiatives related to art and creative activity. Russi is too much focused about his goal of becoming a very good doctor. He gave service as a class monitor for his batch for 2 years and has actively participated and won many English speaking related competition (debate, English speech, MC- Master of Ceremony) and extracurricular activities as well. He is an inspiration to many other students also.



Notice to all 2011 batch MBBS Program Students


This is to notify you that Jinan University will start the internship from December 2017 for 2011 batch students.

If you are interested to do the internship in Overseas Hospital of Jinan University, then you are required to register your name via email on or before 19th November 2017 to below mentioned emails.

  1. CYY1201@163.com
  2. infogz@saraswationline.com

Please note while sending the confirmation email send your full name along with the student ID.

Before start the internship in Overseas Hospital of Jinan University you require to pass qualifying Chinese Language examination which will be conducted in November 2017, exact date for the same will be intimated you shortly.

For more details about the internship fee, accommodation fee & other details, please go through the attached notice along with this letter issued from Jinan University.

If you need any more clarifications please feel free to contact Mr. Puneeth Rao @ +91 9900197500


International Volunteer Day – “A day well spent with Kindergarten kids”

In order to promote the “Lei Feng month”, the International School Volunteers of Jinan University visited Jinan University KINDERGARTEN on 15th March 2017 to conduct some activities.

Children are the leaders of tomorrow. They have the capability to change the nation positively. The development of the country lies in their hands.

Jinan University Kindergarten is one of the renowned schools which focus on the strength of the child and bring out the international perspective and rich international cultural experience. International School volunteer leaders Vaishnavi, Andrew, Jayakrishnan, Vishwa, along with the members Simran, Uma, Achala, Nidhi, Ashutosh, Ashish, Russi, Abhimanyu, Gopika, Arpita, Priyanka, Bezaleel with the assistance of International School staff Mr.Andy, Ms.Eva and Ms.Neha had one such lifetime experience of sharing their culture with the children.


The memorable day started with introduction of International School Bear and self- introduction by volunteers in Chinese. The excitement of the kids was priceless when dance performances started. It was followed by a Chinese music from Russi which was open heartedly welcomed by the children. There was a small quiz held for the students by the end of which the children were given chocolates and surprise gifts. The games were conducted which the kid enjoyed most. Children were even taught dancing which actually helped them to enhance their mind. The kids were given sweets which they shared among themselves. The innocence of the kids knows no boundary. Everyone actively involved themselves in all the activities and kids as well as volunteers had a great time. The day ended with a photo session with the kids. A very humble thanks to the Kindergarten teachers who helped us through out. It is always amazing how the day turns out to  be wonderful when kids are around.

Fresher-men Welcome Ceremony 2016 MBBS batch

A little lilting music and the chink in ice, new faces, smiles all along, resounding laughter- yes it is party time! Continuing with the proud tradition of INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, JINAN UNIVERSITY, senior students and the new comers of the 2016 MBBS batch mingled with each other at the fresher’s welcome party held on 2017/03/18 in the Management School of JNU, R101. The event was organized by the 2015 MBBS batch and coordinated by Miss. Neha Verma and Mr. Andy He. It was a fun filled event at which the fresher’s got an opportunity not only to showcase their talent and but also to express the feeling of fraternity among seniors and juniors.


The chief guests for the day was Prof. Wang, Dean of IS; Prof. Wu, vice dean of IS; Prof. Liu Ming, Director of IS; Ms. Partha Priya, Business Development Manager- China Operations Saraswati Online .Com.  The host of the introductory part of the ceremony was Prof. Deng Yong Zhong. He inaugurated the event with the welcome address to freshmen and also introduced the guests of the evening. After that all the guests and students stood up and showed their gratitude for the anthem of INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, JNU.

Then all the chief guests delivered their valuable speech one by one for the freshmen. A video of ‘JNU life’ of the senior students, played for the freshers. With pulsating ambience, flashing lights and a dance in classical beats of Indian music, the party began with a blast.

INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, JINAN UNIVERSITY_03All the freshmen went to the stage and took Hippocratic Oath for their upcoming profession. A professional photo shoot was done for all of the junior students with their respected teachers. There were some performances from junior students. Some of them sang with the melody of keyboard and some girls put the stage on fire with their dance skills.

Now coming to the seniors’ performance. The audience was kept enthralled as well as over whelmed for those several hours by mind blowing performances of hit dance numbers, heart touching songs, experience sharing speech. One of the most loved performances was the mime dance of senior students, which was a tribute to an army man’s life.

Not only this, as we are studying in JINAN UNIVERSITY, the seniors acted a lion dance which showed the respect to the Chinese culture and heritage.

At the end of the party there was a DJ performance and dance for all the students for several minutes to end the gala event with cracking memories.


The fresher’s party was the day that was filled with excitement, joy, music, enthusiasm, laughter and happiness. All the events were artistically and beautifully presented in colors as well as style. It is said that a good start signifies a great end, and the fresher’s could not have asked for a better kick off. The magic in the air tuned into the chords of pulsating rhythmic hearts and bonds for the freshmen’s life in JINAN UNIVERSITY that lay ahead.