Popular Medical College

Campus: House No. 25, Road No. 2, Dhanmondi, Dhaka – 1205, Bangladesh.


About Popular Medical College

Popular Group is the only State of the Art total health care provider of the country in private sector. Popular Medical College is a prestigious concern of Popular Group. The college was established in 2010. Though fairly new among the medical colleges of the country Popular Medical College has already, attained an enviable status for its outstanding care in preparing the students for their MBBS course. Popular Medical College is placed in a prime location of Dhaka City. Most of the civic facilities are situated within 5 km. radius of the college. The college campus is easily connected by all types of transport and is within a very short distance from good dinning and shopping centres. The college has well-furnished residential hostel for the students situated near the college with dining hall and provisions for dining in groups. The academic building has adequate number of well-equipped air conditioned lecture halls for large group teaching, conduction of examinations and social events. Every department has well equipped laboratory and or museum and adequate number of tutorial class rooms. All the class rooms are air conditioned and well furnished. The college has an air-conditioned library which is rich in the quality of books and supported by qualified & efficient staff to help the students. Designated teachers remain present in the library by rotation after college hours to help the students as and when required. The IT centre is placed in the library to enable easy access to all.

The college has a spacious students common room for brief relaxation through indoor games within the compact and structured educational program. The college operates a modern cafeteria where the students can enjoy light and regular meals in between & after the classes with a range of food items, which is essentially balanced, nutritious, healthy and subsidized.

The Popular Medical College endeavours to ensure a state of the art academic infrastructure providing ample learning facilities and boasts of a faculty who are highly reputed both nationally and internationally. The college boasts of a conglomeration of the finest academic staff. The departments are run by full time highly qualified, well experienced, dedicated and extremely efficient and skilled teachers. The college encourages friendly tutorship exhibiting professionalism in medical education and maintains the highest respect to discipline and rules. The program emphasises on small group teaching, integrated teaching and problem based learning in addition to the traditional lecture classes. Community based learning is an integral part of the academic program.

The Popular Medical College thinks beyond the words that the curriculum dictates.
The college not only undertakes to impart knowledge to its students but also stresses on character development and building moral values like human responsibilities, respect, care and appreciation to others to produce socially responsible persons of the community. The college encourages personal values to enable every student to develop confidence and self-awareness and the grit of determination to succeed. Medical professionals of today are facing many challenges. In an effort to inspire the young stars and also to try to develop professionalism amongst them the college organizes a program in the name of “Meet the Legend”. Here the students have an opportunity to meet and interact with senior highly distinguished personalities of the medical profession and hear their noble words of wisdom.

Academic Awards of PMC

To encourage and recognize the academic achievements of its students and also to develop be harmonious & competitive academic environment Popular Medical College has introduced different academic awards for its students.

The college acknowledges and stresses the need of regularity and punctuality in addition to discipline. The introduction of the “Attendance Award” for all students attaining 100% class attendance is an example of this. “Principal’s Honor Roll” – is awarded to a student who achieves an aggregate of 75% or more marks over the whole calendar year including professional examination.
“PMC Achievement Award” – is awarded to a student who obtains “Honors marks” in a professional examination held during a calendar year.

“PMC Gold Student Award” – is awarded to a student who attains a position among the first 10 places in a professional examination during a calendar year.
A student can be the recipient of any one or more award within that calendar year.

Course Structure, Duration and Assessment in detail
Five academic years are divided in four definite phases:

Graduation comprises of five academic years & requires one year compulsory rotatory internship programme in a recognized hospital in order to be registered under Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council.

PHASE-I Duration : 1½ years.

Subjects : Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry & Community Medicine.

Assessment : First Professional MBBS examination to be held and results to be published within the time period of the academic years.
Students are examined for Anatomy, Physiology & Biochemistry.

PHASE-II Duration : 1 years.

Subjects : Community Medicine, Forensic Medicine plus Medicine with Paediatrics, Surgery with Orthopaedics and Trauma.

Assessment :Second Professional MBBS examination to be held and results to be published within the academic year. Students are examined for Community Medicine & Forensic Medicine.

PHASE-III Duration : 1 years.

Subjects : Pathology, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Medicine including allied disciplines. Surgery including allied disciplines. Obstetrics & Gynaecology.

Assessment :Third Professional MBBS examination to be held and results to be published within the academic year. Students are examined for Pathology, Microbiology and Pharmacology.

PHASE-IV Duration : 1½ years.

Subjects : Medicine including allied disciplines (Dermatology, Psychiatry, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Neuromedicine etc.) plus Paediatrics. Surgery including allied disciplines (Paediatric Surgery, Urology, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Neurosurgery etc.) plus
Orthopaedics & Traumatology, Ophthalmology (Eye), Otolaryngorhinology (ENT). Obstetrics & Gynaecology including Family Planning.

Assessment :Final Professional MBBS examination to be held and results to be published within the academic years. Students will be examined for Medicine including allied disciplines & Paediatrics. Surgery including allied disciplines Ophthalmology (Eye), Otolaryngology (ENT). Obstetrics &
Gynaecology including Family Planning.

Five Academic years have been structured for teaching learning and assessment programs. Teaching learning programs are conducted through lecture, tutorial, demonstration and performing the task.
Assessment program is conducted through both formative and summative procedures.
Formative or continuous in-course assessment is conducted by the institute through item, card & term examinations in each phase. Summative or end course assessment is conducted by the University through professional examinations twice in a year in the month of May & November. These end course (summative) examinations are conducted and results published within the specified time of the academic calendar.

Admissions & Eligibility

The learning experience

Popular Medical College believes in positive attitude, self confidence, knowledge, skill, professionalism and human values.

The objective is to produce medical graduates with a difference capable of taking charge of the future.

Popular Medical College is continuing its academic activities in a multi-storied academic building at its own premises at Dhanmondi, a prime location in Dhaka City. The building provides ample space for every basic medical science departments. The authorities envisages further expansion and moving to a large campus within Dhaka City in the near future.

The college is provided with very spacious, air-conditioned, sound proof lecture galleries to comfortably accommodate 150 students in each with all latest audiovisual aids and address system for teaching. Another larger multipurpose hall specially designed to conduct examinations have been incorporated.

Along with the century old traditional lecture system to introduce a subject and discuss the broad concepts in that specific field of study, interactive lectures, small group discussions and integrated teaching has been introduced from the beginning

Integrated Teaching

Integrated teaching incorporating Pre-clinical, Para-clinical and Clinical disciplines have been organised, so that students can get ideas about basis of human body & its functions, the disease processes & its manifestations & management from the beginning & thereby expose them to the patient at an earlier date.

Learning in Tutorials

Tutorial is the most distinctive way of learning in our institution. We have introduced true tutorship to augment learning apart from lecture & practical classes. This model has proved to find out real weakness in student & ensure appropriate remedy. Teacher student ratio has been adjusted in such a way that it will form the focus of independent learning & will give the student ample space to discuss ideas & be challenged to think clearly about what a student have been studying.

Learning in Groups

Outside the designated class group discussion in small groups is encouraged. Participating in these group discussions students have the opportunity to interact and learn from each other. Guide teacher used to help them as and when required.

Self Learning

In addition to practical classes, tutorials, & other attachments a student will be expected to direct his own learning, identifying his/her weakness & actively perusing areas of interest. To support this, institution has provided network facilities, laboratories, virtual library with huge titles & all possible access.

Community based learning

We are committed to provide training environment at the community to train the students and interns to enable them to participate in the preventive and curative care of the patients and their families in primary health care at field setting successfully and to contribute to improve the health of low income group of people under the community oriented medical education programme.

Remedial learning

We are providing special attention for students who face difficulties in learning or show deficiencies in their academic performance through extra course after office and during holidays.

Problem based learning

We are planning to exercise the ideas of Problem Based Learning (PBL) to enrich the capability of self-judgment & decision making.

Finally we pride ourselves on being committed to prevailing excellent student teacher relationships. We want our students to become very sociable & committed to our mass community through voluntary works.

Clinical Teaching Facilities

The Popular Medical College Hospital with its emergency, outpatient & 500 beds for inpatient including ICU and dialysis facilities is already in function for clinical teaching for the students. Along with the bed side teaching designated class rooms have also been provided for tutorial classes in the hospital.

College Library

The Medical College library is spacious enough to accommodate ample reading space for present and future students and holds essential latest edition text books including reference titles and others. It remains open even for evening studies under the guidance of a teacher.

IT corner

The College also provides ample facilities for the students to refresh their knowledge through modern technology along with internet facilities.

The college has its own website with a built in link with essential domains and sites. The page provides all required information about the college, its objective and specialty with regular updates. Faculty details, admission policies and essential notices will also be available. Interactive pages will be dedicated for students, teachers and parents for suggesting improvements in required fields.

Professionalism development

Medical professionals of today are facing many challenges. In order to groom our students to face such challenges with courage we have introduced an exclusive programme for our students ‘to meet the legend’. In these programmes highly distinguished personalities of the profession are invited to address and the students get free access to talk with them.

Student assistance centre

The college has established a student assistance centre designed to help students in relation to their study, accommodation and skill development. The centre provides special assistance to those who feel they are unable to keep pace with the academic course.

The centre also aims at developing individual student confidence to excel in every sphere and emerge as a productive citizen ready to deliver their best academically, skillfully, spiritually and emotionally. No doubt this is a small step but a step nevertheless towards a brighter future for each and everyone of our student.

Student resource centre

The college is planning to establish students resource centre which will facilitate the students and provide them the opportunity to develop management, communication, team building, social and leadership skills. In this global competitive age it is imperative to provide the students with opportunities to develop the above mentioned skills.

Liaison with the parents / guardians

College office serves as a bridge between the college administration & the parents/guardians. Parents / guardians meeting with the teachers and college administration is arranged regularly. Student progress reports are communicated to the parents / guardians at the end of the term. Matters relating to discipline & violation of college rules & regulations along with the decision of academic council are also communicated to the parents/guardians as and when necessary.

Medical Centre

Physical fitness is an essential requisite for a professional education like medical science. In order to ensure optimum health this institution has a medical centre for regular health check-up of the students. It provides all medical students and staffs with a state of the art medical centre dedicated for the college. This medical centre provide regular medical check-up, emergency and on demand medical facilities upto specialist service and hospital admissions if required.

The services of the medical centre is open from 8.00 am to 2.00 pm and is available to all students free of charge. Emergency medical services are provided by the Popular Medical College Hospital round the clock.

College Conference Room and Teacher’s Lounge

The college provided a well equipped conference room with all modern facilities to conduct meetings.

The college also provided two specious teacher’s lounge for relaxation and interaction amongst the teachers.

College Cafeteria

The college has a spacious cafeteria at the 4th floor of the academic building with a range of food items, which are essentially balanced, nutritious, healthy and subsidized. Every effort has been made to ensure availability of the services up to the late hours.

College Common Room

The College has provided a spacious common room at the 4th floor of the academic building for indoor games for brief relaxation within the compact & structured teaching learning schedule.

College Hostel

The College has a well-furnished and secured hostel for accommodation of students under the supervision of hostel superintendent. It is near to the college campus.

Admissions & Eligibility

Program International MBBS Program Issued by Dhaka, English Medium.
Medium The medium of instruction is English.
Duration 5 years Studies and 1 year Internship. Internship may be done either in the university or in the home country.
Eligibility 1. Minimum aggregate GPA in SSC or equivalent and HSC or equivalent : 7.00
2. Minimum GPA in biology: 3.5
MCI Eligibility Eligibility Certificate to pursue Primary Medical Qualification (MBBS or its equivalent) by an Indian Citizen/Overseas Citizen of India is mandatory in terms of section 13(4B) of the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956. Click Here to Download application form.
OMAT The Overseas Medical Admission Test is aimed at providing a uniform testing and marking system which will enable the universities to make the most informed choice about the quality of the students they would like to enrol.

Estimate of Expenses for 2018 Batch International

MBBS Program Popular Medical College, Bangladesh

1st Year TOTAL INR
1.Documents attestation & processing
[Attestation from Embassy of Bangladesh – academic credentials of class 10 &
class 12 marks sheet + pass certificate + admit card = 6 documents]
2.Application for DGHS Approval – Payable to Director, Medical Education & 4,000
HMPD, DGHS, Bangladesh
3.Air Fare & Visa
Total Payable to SOLC
* Counselling fee as applicable may be charged locally
1st Year   Payment in Bangladesh USD $
Total Payable at Bangladesh 1st year 20,000
2nd Year   Payment in Bangladesh USD $
Total Payable at Bangladesh 2nd year 7,000
3rd Year   Payment in Bangladesh USD $
Total Payable at Bangladesh 3rd year 6,000
4th Year   Payment in Bangladesh USD $
Total Payable at Bangladesh 4th year 6,000
5th Year   Payment in Bangladesh USD $
Total Payable at Bangladesh 5th year 6,000
6th Year    Internship Year
Students shall get a stiphend of 10,000 Bangladeshi Taka during Internship at Bangladesh per month

1]This fee structure is provisional. Fee structure applicable at the time of admission shall apply.
2] Departure will be eigther Ex Delhi or Kolkata only. Students are required to reach the port of departure on their own.

All payments in Bangladesh are payable to Popular Medical College directly in USD by Swift Transfer.

               Other Payments – to be incurred by the students directly
1. University Examination fee at Actuals
2. Insurance – yearly (Approx) payable at Bangladesh
3. Food as per city, individual consumption & choice – yearly (Approx)
4. Medical Check-up at Bangladesh(Approx)
5. Mattress, quilts, Bedsheet (Approx)
6. Air Fare: Up & Down for 6 Years (4.5 Times)15,000 x 4.5 (Approx)
* 1 Payable as per government rules.
* 3 Food payable in cash to be carried by the student.
* 6 Airfare is liable to change as per Airline tariffs.
100 USD
500 USD
100 USD
50 USD
68000 INR
*Electricity & water charges are as per norms of university. Cost of additional or extra consumption to be borne by the student as per actual.
*Fee applicable for Indian students [appropriately]

Interested in applying for this University?

The admission procedure starts in the month of March for that years intake.

  1. Transcript of marks for Higher Secondary level exams.
  2. Police Clearance Certificate.