Business Associates

Saraswati Online functions uses a network of associates who function as local representatives of the organisation. Owing to their familiarity with their respective geographic areas, students desirous of going abroad feel comfortable in discussing their problems with someone who is a local. At the same time, the associate also finds it advantageous in working with Saraswati Online due to the logistic and infrastructural support it offers, and the credibility it commands world-wide.

The company ensures that all students are cared for individually whether it is prior to leaving for their respective destinations, during their stay there, or on their return. Here are some of our associates who are making a telling difference in the career aspirations of MBBS students from across the globe:

Mr.Annadurai V.png
Mr. Annadurai V,
Mr.Himanshu Singh
Mr. Himanshu Singh,
Uttar Pradesh
Mr.Manoj Soorya.png
Mr. Manoj Soorya
Mr. Joydeep Dutta,
Northeast India
Mr. Saroj Mohanty,
Mr.Monirul Hoque.png
Mr. Monirul Hoque,
Mr.Vinodh Reddy.png
Mr. Vinodh Reddy,
Mr. Soni Raveendran,