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Affiliation Medium of Instruction Eligibility Courses Offered
Approved by WHO and IMED.
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English. Study of Chinese language compulsory in the 1st year which can be extended. Passing of the HSK (Chinese) is mandatory. 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Admission will be based on high school credentials and Admission Test (NEET) /Interview. Degree Conferred: MBBS
Duration : 5 years Studies and 1 year Internship. Internship may be done either in the university or in the home country.
Spacious and comfortable dormitories provided on a Twin Sharing basis, A/C, Internet & Attached Bath etc. Separate dormitory for boys and girls. Shops are located inside the campus. Nutritious and hygienically prepared food available in the college. All vegetables available in India are also available in China.
Guangzhou city has pleasant moderate climate which resembles with most of the cities in India.
Max: 34° C Min: 24° C
Max: 26° C Min: 17° C
Located in the Shipai district of Guangzhou.
Address: 601 Huangpu W Ave, TianHe GongYuan, Tianhe, Guangzhou, Guangdong, P R China, 510630


If you wish to study MBBS in China, Jinan University is one of your best choices. It is a comprehensive university with a rich heritage and is situated in Guangzhou city. The university was first established in 1906 and re-established in 1958. Today, Jinan University is considered to be one of the most preferred Universities by international students for pursuing MBBS in China.

Jinan University is the first university in China to recruit foreign students and is currently a Chinese university with the largest number of international students. So, while on your quest for a destination to study MBBS abroad, you may wish to discover the rich academic offerings of Jinan University.

Jinan University is listed in the ‘211 Project’ and jointly developed by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, and Guangdong Province. The University is listed with the World Health Organisation, the International Medical Education Directory (IMED) and the National Medical Commission, which is now India’s governing body in the domain of medicine.

The University offers a finely crafted MBBS in Jinan University course for international students who want to study medicine abroad at a low cost. The total course duration is 6 years including one year of compulsory internship, which can be completed at the university or in the students’ respective countries of origin.

Jinan University has 27 colleges with 59 departments and offers 89 undergraduate programs in major fields. Of the 59 departments, 43 offer Master’s degree programs and 19 offer PhD programs. There are 15 postdoctoral research stations, 182 research institutes and 77 labs in Jinan University.

There are over 50,535 students at the university, including 10,767 graduates and 22,527 undergraduates. The number of overseas students, including Indian students, overseas Chinese students, and students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, is 13,512, which reiterates its fame as one of the top universities in the whole of Asia.

Not just this, the campus has 22 dormitory buildings that are situated in Jianyang, Zhenru, Jingling and Zhouzhuan zones. Healthy and hygienically cooked foods are available at the Jinan University Campus.

There are over 50,535 students at the university, including 10,767 graduates and 22,527 undergraduates. The number of overseas students, including Indian students, overseas Chinese students, and students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, is 13,512, which reiterates its fame as one of the top universities in the whole of Asia.

Not just this, the campus has 22 dormitory buildings that are situated in Jianyang, Zhenru, Jingling and Zhouzhuan zones. Healthy and hygienically cooked foods are available at the Jinan University Campus..

There are over 50,535 students at the university, including 10,767 graduates and 22,527 undergraduates. The number of overseas students, including Indian students, overseas Chinese students, and students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, is 13,512, which reiterates its fame as one of the top universities in the whole of Asia.

Not just this, the campus has 22 dormitory buildings that are situated in Jianyang, Zhenru, Jingling and Zhouzhuan zones. Healthy and hygienically cooked food are available at the Jinan University Campus.



The Medical College of Jinan University was set up in 1978 along with a modern hospital called Guangzhou Chinese Overseas Hospital.

The college has set up 12 labs along with RMB 8.5 million in medical equipment.

Besides the affiliated hospital, the college has a number of fieldwork units that are actually hospitals meant for hands-on training. These are Shenzhen People’s Hospital, Zhuhai Hospital, and Macao Lake Hospital. Other fieldwork hospitals include Guangdong Province Hospital, Guangzhou Sixth Hospital, Zhongshan Xiaolan Hospital, Heyuan City Hospital and Duanzhou Hospital (in Zhaoqin).


The college’s teaching programs and curricula strive to meet the needs of foreign medical practices, which are comparatively similar to the teaching programs of medical colleges in England and the United States. Simultaneously, they embody the requirements of China’s college education, which lay stress on students’ holistic and comprehensive improvement.

For MBBS in Jinan University, the teaching programs provide more than 5,500 major hours in order to comply with international standards.

Currently, the college has over 100 postgraduate students among whom 15 are PhD and 88 masters’ degree candidates. The number of undergraduate students stands at 598. Since 1988, a 3-year program involving professional training classes has drawn 142 students. Also, the nursing school offers a 3-year training program and has 189 students.

Scientific Research

The college library contains numerous books & periodicals mounting to 53,000 periodicals and 430 magazines.

One of the best Universities in Asia, Jinan University has seen 2,117 scientific theses being published, with 118 of them in top international medical journals and 476 assigned as international conference theses. An astounding number of 127 medical textbooks has been compiled by the University’s teachers and research fellows

Jinan University has active good relations with many universities and colleges abroad like Medical College of Science and Engineering of Texas, the USA, Medical College of Alberta University, Canada, and the Seattle Washington Medical College, the USA.



International MBBS Program


The medium of instruction is English for MBBS in Jinan University


5 years of curriculum-based studies and 1 year of internship, which can be undertaken either at the university or in the respective home countries of students.


Students must pass 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Admission will be based on high school credentials. Also, the NEET scorecard is mandatory for Indian students. Apply Now

Fees Structure

Estimate of Expenses for 2021 Batch For International MBBS Program Jinan University, P R China

Successful Doctors

SL Name State Country Batch
1 Dondapati Bindu Sagar Andhra Pradesh India 2005
2 M.Pavan Kumar Andhra Pradesh India 2005
3 A.Manoj Kumar Andhra Pradesh India 2005
4 G.Harsha Vardhan Andhra Pradesh India 2005
5 Suchira Chillana Haryana India 2005
6 Ragula Naveen Karnataka India 2005
7 Adrin D Silva Maharashtra India 2005
8 Gargi Apte Maharashtra India 2005
9 Mira Kumari Bihar India 2005
10 Joshna Anuthya Eate Andhra Pradesh India 2005
11 M.Srinivasan Karnataka India 2005
12 Didakamiwan Khonglah Meghalaya India 2005
13 Pavan Kumar Naradasu Andhra Pradesh India 2005
14 Vivek Sahore Chandigarh India 2005
15 Shashi Bhushan Sah Janakpur Nepal 2005
16 Bhupendra Bista Kailali Nepal 2005
SL Name State Country Batch
1 Sayantaann Saha West Bengal India 2006
2 Raisa Banu Hoorunnisa Andhra Pradesh India 2006
3 Ravi Chandra Reddy Obili Andhra Pradesh India 2006
4 Shilpa Perumalla Andhra Pradesh India 2006
5 Vamshi Krishna Tirumala Grudanti Andhra Pradesh India 2006
6 Thrivikrama Sudhir Varma Kalidindi Andhra Pradesh India 2006
7 Sujitha Vinjamuri Andhra Pradesh India 2006
8 Ganesh Tupakula Andhra Pradesh India 2006
9 Cherylrr Catherine Haryana India 2006
10 Aanchal Rana Himachal Pradesh India 2006
11 Srikanth Poola Andhra Pradesh India 2006
12 Dinesh Kasturi Andhra Pradesh India 2006
13 Kapil Chilana Haryana India 2006
14 Sagar Puppala Neeli Andhra Pradesh India 2006
15 Shashank Shekhar Gautam Chandigarh India 2006
16 Atamjit Kaur Sahni Punjab India 2006
17 Vivek Medabalimi Andhra Pradesh India 2006
18 Murugesan Mohan Tamil Nadu India 2006
19 Rahul Dadhwal Maharashtra India 2006
20 Vanisha Peddi Andhra Pradesh India 2006
21 Paritosh Verma Uttar Pradesh India 2006
22 M.Niranjan Reddy Andhra Pradesh India 2006
SL Name State Country Batch
1 Siddhartha Saha West Bengal India 2011
2 Aarthi Mugundhu Gnanamoorthy Tamil Nadu India 2011
3 Ashutosh Kumar Tripathi Uttar Pradesh India 2011
4 Ishit Chauhan Uttar Pradesh India 2011
5 Fatima Nisa West Bengal India 2011
6 SurajKumar Buchi Jha Maharashtra India 2011
7 Vimala Thiyagarajan Tamil Nadu India 2011
8 Sathishkumar Annavi Sankar Tamil Nadu India 2011
9 Karthick Tamilselvan Tamil Nadu India 2011
10 Sukirty Garai West Bengal India 2011
11 Satyaprakash Singh Chhattisgarh India 2011
12 Fahim Khan Uttar Pradesh India 2011
13 Maria Evangeline Ebinesan Tamil Nadu India 2011
14 Yogesh Vinamra Sharma West Bengal India 2011
15 Siva Pandian Chidambaram Muthuramalingam Tamil Nadu India 2011
16 Shanmugasundaravadivel Seyaraman Tamil Nadu India 2011
17 Arun Sundaravadivel Tamil Nadu India 2011
18 Gopinath Jayakumar Tamil Nadu India 2011
19 Balamurugan Subbaiah Tamil Nadu India 2011
20 Premnath Saravanan Tamil Nadu India 2011
21 Annesha Sen West Bengal India 2011
22 Gaurav Kishore West Bengal India 2011
23 Ashish Bandil Uttar Pradesh India 2011
24 Andy Majaw Meghalaya India 2011
25 Arka Das West Bengal India 2011
26 Md Ibrahim Uttar Pradesh India 2011
27 Karan Kumar Seth Uttar Pradesh India 2011
28 Ananya Hazra West Bengal India 2011
29 Unity Shadap Meghalaya India 2011
30 Shaikh Amir Ali Meghalaya India 2011
31 Mownish Muthusamy Tamil Nadu India 2011
32 Ramya Srinivasan Tamil Nadu India 2011
33 Rethnabharathi Meenakshisundaram Tamil Nadu India 2011
34 Eliza Ahmed West Bengal India 2011
35 Shaik Hussain Sheiksaleem Tamil Nadu India 2011
36 Guruguhan Palaniswamy Tamil Nadu India 2011
37 Manoharan Murugesan Tamil Nadu India 2011
38 Samrat Dutta Purkayastha Meghalaya India 2011
39 Monalisa Das West Bengal India 2011
SL Name State Country Batch
1 Srinandhini Muruganantham Tamil Nadu India 2013
2 Mehedi Hasan West Bengal India 2013
3 Najmah Nazar Dubai India 2013
4 Swati Dubey West Bengal India 2013
5 Riswana Shahul Kerala India 2013
6 Abinaya Tamilarasan Tamil Nadu India 2013
7 Tapapriya Moitra West Bengal India 2013
8 Himanshu Patyal Himachal Pradesh India 2013
9 Alicia Phawa Meghalaya India 2013
10 Anant Kumar Uttar Pradesh India 2013
11 Soyeb Mondal West Bengal India 2013
12 Asha Kumari Yalal Andhra Pradesh India 2013
13 Aashik Ken Ray West Bengal India 2013
14 Premkumar Vadivelu Tamil Nadu India 2013
15 Nikhil Kumar Singh Uttar Pradesh India 2013
16 Anurag Dutta West Bengal India 2013
17 Kishore Subramanian Puducherry India 2013
18 Akshay Kumar Reddy Potli Andhra Pradesh India 2013
19 Alain Abraham Kerala India 2013
20 Malkka Aaliya Sheik Maideen Tamil Nadu India 2013
21 Rajabalaji Vasudevan Tamil Nadu India 2013
22 Ajai Kumaar Hari Haran Tamil Nadu India 2013
23 Chandni Kumari Bihar India 2013
24 Randhir Singh Uttar Pradesh India 2013
25 Justin Kadamala Samuel Karnataka India 2013
26 Surya Sathiyanarayanan Tamil Nadu India 2013
27 Mohamed Inamul Hasan M Tamil Nadu India 2013
28 Viswanathan Tharani Balan Tamil Nadu India 2013
29 Manibarathi Selvarasu Tamil Nadu India 2013
30 Pichaimuthu Karthika Singapore Singapore 2013
31 Vishva Vinothini Ganesan Tamil Nadu India 2013
32 Paushali Nag West Bengal India 2013
33 Vatsal Vipul Karnataka India 2013
34 Sree Sneha Vaishnavi Raju Kosuri Andhra Pradesh India 2013
35 Srihitha Kakumani Andhra Pradesh India 2013
36 Priyanka Sridhar Tamil Nadu India 2013
37 Tarun Sharma Himachal Pradesh India 2013
38 Anivartin Krishnan Ramaswamy Karnataka India 2013
39 Meyyappan Vairavasundaram Tamil Nadu India 2013
40 Vigneswar Gowthaman Tamil Nadu India 2013
41 Andrew Marcus Ebinesan Tamil Nadu India 2013
42 Priyanku Saikia Assam India 2013
43 Ashoksurya Subashchandrabose Tamil Nadu India 2013
44 Anis Ahmed Hashmi Himachal Pradesh India 2013
45 Shimlang Shylla Meghalaya India 2013
46 Madhav Rakeshkumar Soni Gujarat India 2013
47 Nabeel Ahmad Jharkhand India 2013
48 Ilaiya Bharathi Rajendran Bhuvaneswari Tamil Nadu India 2013
49 Vidushi Chopra Himachal Pradesh India 2013
50 Palanivel Saravanan Tamil Nadu India 2013
51 Darimaialang Lamare Meghalaya India 2013
SL Name State Country Batch
1 Rajkumar Palani Tamil Nadu India 2014
2 Sreelakshmi Nagaraj Karnataka India 2014
3 Nivetha Jerlin Durairaj Tamil Nadu India 2014
4 Atchaya Sivanandam Tamil Nadu India 2014
5 Mike Tyson Michael Tamil Nadu India 2014
6 Vengadesh Pounraj Tamil Nadu India 2014
7 Manikandan Selvaraj Tamil Nadu India 2014
8 Anagha Sreekumar Kerala India 2014
9 Venkata Naga Ranga Ravi Teja Paruchuri Andhra Pradesh India 2014
10 Kalaiyarasan Raja Tamil Nadu India 2014
11 Ayush Singh Chhattisgarh India 2014
12 Richa Patial Himachal Pradesh India 2014
13 Pankti Kamlesh Vora Maharashtra India 2014
14 Jyoti Yadav Haryana India 2014
15 Sefali Rameshkumar Bodar Gujarat India 2014
16 Aarya Shine Kumar Bini Kerala India 2014
17 Aswin Kumar Mathiazhagan Tamil Nadu India 2014
18 Keerthana Thanukkodi Tamil Nadu India 2014
19 Pon Buvaneshwaran Mathiyalagan Tamil Nadu India 2014
20 Khyati Vishal Dedhia Maharashtra India 2014
21 Narendran Natarajan Tamil Nadu India 2014
22 Subhashini Ponnusamy Tamil Nadu India 2014
23 Siddharth Gautam Chhattisgarh India 2014
24 Keerthana Rajasree Chandran Kerala India 2014
25 Kalaiyarasan Raja Tamil Nadu India 2014
26 Soham Pattanayak Tamil Nadu India 2014
27 Kankanika Podder West Bengal India 2014
28 Maliq Abdullah Abdul Wahith Tamil Nadu India 2014
29 Nandhini Manoharan Tamil Nadu India 2014
30 Indrajith Shanmugavel Tamil Nadu India 2014
31 Arvind Rajarathinam Vijayaragavan Tamil Nadu India 2014
SL Name State Country Batch
1 Ravinsha Gupta Delhi India 2015
2 Yashika Sharma Haryana India 2015
3 Supriya Singh Bihar India 2015
4 Gopika Jayaprasad Kerala India 2015
5 Abhimanyu Dehal Himachal Pradesh India 2015
6 Harshini Viswanathan Murali Kanthan Tamil Nadu India 2015
7 Parthasarathi Sugumar Tamil Nadu India 2015
8 Achalaben Patel Gujarat India 2015
9 Anbarasi Murugesan Tamil Nadu India 2015
10 Chhavi Sharma Rajasthan India 2015
11 Mannat Patial Himachal Pradesh India 2015
12 Meha Prethi Karunamoorthy Puducherry India 2015
13 Nandhini Sukumar Pandiammal Tamil Nadu India 2015
14 Prakash Muthusamy Tamil Nadu India 2015
15 Ribhashisha Kharsati Meghalaya India 2015
16 Oinam Russi Singh Uttar Pradesh India 2015
17 Umadevi Murugaiah Tamil Nadu India 2015
18 Vino Delphiya Savari Raj Tamil Nadu India 2015
19 Anushree Kabiraj West Bengal India 2015
20 Athena Sarah Kosh Kerala India 2015
21 Ketan Kishlay Jharkhand India 2015
22 Khushboo Kanda Punjab India 2015
23 Muhammed Aslam Kerala India 2015

Enrolled Students

SL Student Name City, State Nationality
1 Dondapati Bindu Sagar Visakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh India
2 M.Pavan Kumar Piler, Andhra Pradesh India
3 A.Manoj Kumar Chittoor Dist, Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh India
4 G.Harsha Vardhan Nizamabad, Andhra Pradesh India
5 Suchira Chillana Fatehbad, Haryana India
6 Ragula Naveen Bangalore, Karnataka India
7 Adrin D Silva Pune, Maharashtra India
8 Gargi Apte Panvel, Maharashtra India
9 Mira Kumari Bettiah, Bihar India
10 Joshna Anuthya Eate Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh India
11 M.Srinivasan Bangalore, Karnataka India
12 Didakamiwan Khonglah Shillong, Meghalaya India
13 Pavan Kumar Naradasu Karimnagar, Andhra Pradesh India
14 Vivek Sahore Chandigarh India
15 Bhupendra Bista Kailali Nepal
16 Shashi Bhushan Sah Janakpur Nepal
SL Student Name City, State Nationality
1 Sayantaann Saha Kolkata, West Bengal India
2 Raisa Banu Hoorunnisa Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh India
3 Ravi Chandra Reddy Obili Nalgonda, Andhra Pradesh India
4 Shilpa Perumalla Nalgonda, Andhra Pradesh India
5 Vamshi Krishna Tirumala Grudanti Mahaboob Nagar, Andhra Pradesh India
6 Thrivikrama Sudhir Varma Kalidindi West Godavari, Andhra Pradesh India
7 Sujitha Vinjamuri Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh India
8 Ganesh Tupakula Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh India
9 Cherylrr Catherine Panchkula, Haryana India
10 Aanchal Rana Palampur, Himachal Pradesh India
11 Srikanth Poola Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh India
12 Dinesh Kasturi Nizamabad, Andhra Pradesh India
13 Kapil Chilana Fatehabad, Haryana India
14 Sagar Puppala Neeli Karimnagar, Andhra Pradesh India
15 Shashank Shekhar Gautam Chandigarh, Chandigarh India
16 Atamjit Kaur Sahni S A S Nagar, Punjab India
17 Vivek Medabalimi Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh India
18 Murugesan Mohan Tirchy, Tamil Nadu India
19 Rahul Dadhwal Mumbai, Maharashtra India
20 Vanisha Peddi Guntur, Andhra Pradesh India
21 M.Niranjan Reddy Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh India
22 Paritosh Verma Noida, Uttar Pradesh India
SL Student Name City, State Nationality
1 Yogesh Vinamra Sharma Kolkata, West Bengal India
2 Guruguhan Palaniswamy Karur, Tamil Nadu India
3 Anu Priyadharshini Elangovan Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu India
4 Siva Pandian Chidambaram Muthuramalingam Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu India
5 Mohamed Asif Mohamed Buhari Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu India
6 Arka Das Shantipur, West Bengal India
7 Shanmugasundaravadivel Seyaraman Dharamapuri, Tamil Nadu India
8 Mownish Muthusamy Dharamapuri, Tamil Nadu India
9 Karthick Tamilselvan Dharamapuri, Tamil Nadu India
10 Arun Sundaravadivel Dindigul(DT), Tamil Nadu India
11 Maria Evangeline Ebinesan Trichy, Tamil Nadu India
12 Gopinath Jayakumar Thiruvarur DT, Tamil Nadu India
13 Vignesh Ramaraj Mannachanallur T.K, Tamil Nadu India
14 Sukirty Garai Hooghly, West Bengal India
15 Sathishkumar Annavi Sankar Salem, Tamil Nadu India
16 Ramya Srinivasan Trichy, Tamil Nadu India
17 Balamurugan Subbaiah Pudukkotai, Tamil Nadu India
18 Premnath Saravanan Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu India
19 Eliza Ahmed Kolkata, West Bengal India
20 Monalisa Das Kolkata, West Bengal India
21 Vimala Thiyagarajan Dindigul, Tamil Nadu India
22 Annesha Sen Kolkata, West Bengal India
23 Md Ibrahim Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
24 Sindhuja Balamuthu Trichy, Tamil Nadu India
25 Shankar Kannan Trichy, Tamil Nadu India
26 Rethnabharathi Meenakshisundaram Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu India
27 Shaik Hussain Sheiksaleem Trichy, Tamil Nadu India
28 SurajKumar Buchi Jha Chiplun, Dist Ratnagiri, Maharashtra India
29 Karan Kumar Seth Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh India
30 Fatima Nisa Kolkata, West Bengal India
31 Kavya Nair Kollam, Kerala United Kingdom
32 Parthasarathy Chandrasekar Perambalur(Dt), Tamil Nadu India
33 Ishit Chauhan Noida, Uttar Pradesh India
34 Ashutosh Kumar Tripathi Siddharth Nagar, Uttar Pradesh India
35 Satyaprakash Singh Korba, Chhattisgarh India
36 Arunadevi Mathiyazhagan Thiruvarur, Tamil Nadu India
37 Manoharan Murugesan Trichy, Tamil Nadu India
38 Fahim Khan Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh India
39 Samrat Dutta Purkayastha Shillong, Meghalaya India
40 Shaikh Amir Ali Shillong, Meghalaya India
41 Ananya Hazra Kolkata, West Bengal India
42 Tyngshain Star Rani Shillong, Meghalaya India
43 Unity Shadap Jowai, Meghalaya India
44 Aarthi Mugundhu Gnanamoorthy Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu India
45 Siddhartha Saha Kolkata, West Bengal India
46 Gaurav Kishore Khagaria, Bihar India
47 Ashish Bandil Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
48 Andy Majaw Jowai, Meghalaya India
SL Student Name City, State Nationality
Sl No Student Name City, State Nationality
1 Vidushi Chopra Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh India
2 Anivartin Krishnan Ramaswamy Bangalore, Karnataka India
3 Meyyappan Vairavasundaram Sivagangai(DT), Tamil Nadu India
4 Malkka Aaliya Sheik Maideen Pudukottai(DT), Tamil Nadu India
5 Rajabalaji Vasudevan Trichy(DT), Tamil Nadu India
6 Dhaksina Moorthy Srinivasan Dindigul, Tamil Nadu India
7 Vigneswar Gowthaman Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu India
8 Andrew Marcus Ebinesan Trichy, Tamil Nadu India
9 Nagarajan Murugesan Pudukottai, Tamil Nadu India
10 Ajai Kumaar Hari Haran Trichirapalli, Tamil Nadu India
11 Chandni Kumari Fatwah, Bihar India
12 Guru Jeevakaruna Murugesan Dindigul, Tamil Nadu India
13 Srinandhini Muruganantham Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu India
14 Mehedi Hasan Kolkata, West Bengal India
15 Rajesh Kannan Gnanasekar Perambalur, Tamil Nadu India
16 Pon Revanth Rajaretnam Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu India
17 Thamildasan Baskaran Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu India
18 Palanivel Saravanan Thiruvarur, Tamil Nadu India
19 Randhir Singh Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
20 Justin Kadamala Samuel Bangalore, Karnataka India
21 Surya Sathiyanarayanan Dharmapuri(DT), Tamil Nadu India
22 Najmah Nazar , Dubai Dubai
23 Swati Dubey Siliguri, West Bengal India
24 Priyanku Saikia Tezpur, Assam India
25 Riswana Shahul Trissur, Kerala India
26 Ashoksurya Subashchandrabose Thookudi , Tamil Nadu India
27 Mohamed Inamul Hasan Mohamed Yousuff Pudukkottai(DT), Tamil Nadu India
28 Viswanathan Tharani Balan Trichirapalli, Tamil Nadu India
29 Manibarathi Selvarasu Ariyalur(DT), Tamil Nadu India
30 Abinaya Tamilarasan Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu India
31 Anis Ahmed Hashmi Paonta Sahib, Himachal Pradesh India
32 Pichaimuthu Karthika , Singapore Singapore
33 Vishva Vinothini Ganesan Dindigul, Tamil Nadu India
34 Dibakar Mandal Berhampore, West Bengal India
35 Darimaialang Lamare Shillong, Meghalaya India
36 Shimlang Shylla Shillong, Meghalaya India
37 Tapapriya Moitra Kolkata, West Bengal India
38 Mohankumar Rajendran Salem, Tamil Nadu India
39 Parkavi Govindarajan Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu India
40 Madhav Rakeshkumar Soni Ahmedabad, Gujarat India
41 Paushali Nag Kolkata, West Bengal India
42 Vatsal Vipul Shah Bangalore, Karnataka India
43 Jayakrishnan Jayakumar Trivandrum, Kerala India
44 Himanshu Patyal Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh India
45 Alicia Phawa Shillong, Meghalaya India
46 Nabeel Ahmad Gomoh, Jharkhand India
47 Anant Kumar Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
48 Soyeb Mondal Plassey, West Bengal India
49 Asha Kumari Yalal Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh India
50 Sree Sneha Vaishnavi Raju Kosuri Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh India
51 Srihitha Kakumani Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh India
52 Aashik Ken Ray Kolkata, West Bengal India
53 Anjel Hanna Soman Pathanamthitta DT, Kerala India
54 Varsha Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh India
55 Sivaguhan Balaraj Salem, Tamil Nadu India
56 Premkumar Vadivelu Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu India
57 Ilaiya Bharathi Rajendran Bhuvaneswari Pudukkottai DT, Tamil Nadu India
58 Nikhil Kumar Singh Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
59 Kevin Johns Vadasseril Ernakulam, Kerala India
60 Arindam Saha Siliguri, West Bengal India
61 Anurag Dutta Kolkata, West Bengal India
62 Kishore Subramanian Puducherry, Puducherry India
63 Dawan Ohi Buam Jowai, Meghalaya India
64 Fardous Abdirahman Ali Hargeisa, Somali Republic Somali Republic
65 Varsha Sajan Thopramkudy, Kerala India
66 Mohammad Shoeb Udham Singh Nagar, Uttarakhand India
67 Ajay Saji Kollam, Kerala India
68 Adnan Moin Patna, Bihar India
69 Kamla Distt Jalore, Rajasthan India
70 Priyanka Sridhar Salem, Tamil Nadu India
71 Hamza Hirsi Ali Hargeisa, Somali Republic Somali Republic
72 Mujeer Ali Saad Al Hwaidi Amman, Jordan Jordan
73 Ibrahim Mohammad Al Telawi Amman, Jordan Jordan
74 Aaina Sharma Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh India
75 Akshay Kumar Reddy Potli Chittoor(Dist), Andhra Pradesh India
76 Arkendu Das Deoghar, Jharkhand India
77 Tarun Sharma Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh India
78 Sweta Sarkar Kolkata, West Bengal India
79 Alain Abraham Thrissur, Kerala India
80 Yoolangki Sutnga Shillong, Meghalaya India
SL Student Name City, State Nationality
1 Sira Traore Bangalore, Bamako Mali
2 Tanya Joseph Orlando, Florida USA
3 Kowsalya Chandramohan Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu India
4 Sathiyamoorthy Anbalagan Perambalur, Tamil Nadu India
5 Gokulakrishnan Muthu Thangappa Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu India
6 Maliq Abdullah Abdul Wahith Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu India
7 Rajkumar Palani Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu India
8 Nigar Mammadova Goychay City, Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
9 Vinoth Jeyam Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu India
10 Subhashini Ponnusamy Perambalur, Tamil Nadu India
11 Narendran Natarajan Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu India
12 Pon Buvaneshwaran Mathiyalagan Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu India
13 Gopi Balasubramanian Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu India
14 Saranya Mathiyarasan Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu India
15 Neelamegam Muthusamy Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu India
16 Sreelakshmi Nagaraj Bangalore, Karnataka India
17 Keerthana Thanukkodi Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu India
18 Nivetha Jerlin Durairaj Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu India
19 Nandhini Manoharan Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu India
20 Atchaya Sivanandam Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu India
21 Naima Raju Trivandrum, Kerala India
22 Swathi Sukumar Salem, Tamil Nadu India
23 Mike Tyson Michael Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu India
24 Vengadesh Pounraj Theni (DT), Tamil Nadu India
25 Shubham Verma Solan, Himachal Pradesh India
26 Jobin John Ernakulam, Kerala India
27 Manikandan Selvaraj Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu India
28 Bezalel Kizhakkevila Mamen Kollam, Kerala India
29 Aswin Kumar Mathiazhagan Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu India
30 Priyanka Thiagarajan Chennai, Tamil Nadu India
31 Aarya Shine Kumar Bini Kollam, Kerala India
32 Alfa John Kollam, Kerala India
33 Vijay Arun Rajamanickam Trichy, Tamil Nadu India
34 Anagha Sreekumar Kollam, Kerala India
35 Siddharth Gautam Chandigarh, Chhattisgarh India
36 Indrajith Shanmugavel Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu India
37 Kalkani Panneer Madurai, Tamil Nadu India
38 Keerthana Rajasree Chandran Kollam, Kerala India
39 Jayeshkrishnan Jayakumar Trivandrum, Kerala India
40 Arvind Rajarathinam Vijayaragavan Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu India
41 Venkata Naga Ranga Ravi Teja Paruchuri Giddalur, Andhra Pradesh India
42 Soundarya Panneer Selvam Karaikal, Puducherry India
43 Kalaiyarasan Raja Kallakurichi, Tamil Nadu India
44 Ayushi Devshi Helaiya Vadodara, Gujarat India
45 Jerold Vincent Vanathaiyan John Peter Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu India
46 Soham Pattanayak Kolkata, West Bengal India
47 Preety Babychen Mattamel Vancourer, British Columbia Columbia
48 Ayush Singh Ambikapur, Chhattisgarh India
49 Mohanram Udayakumar Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu India
50 Richa Patial Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh India
51 Khyati Vishal Dedhia Mumbai, Maharashtra India
52 Pankti Kamlesh Vora Mumbai, Maharashtra India
53 Jyoti Yadav Gurgaon, Haryana India
54 Bandana Yadav Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh India
55 Kankanika Podder Kolkata, West Bengal India
56 Sefali Rameshkumar Bodar Rajkot, Gujarat India
57 Sonali Mahendrabhai Dedaniya Navsari, Gujarat India
58 Abhisek Das Kolkata, West Bengal India
59 Dhaneesh Karuppusamy Karur, Tamil Nadu India
SL Student Name City, State Nationality
1 Tauseef Jawed Kolkata, West Bengal India
2 Akash Selvaraj Ariyalur, Tamil Nadu India
3 Mowruthi Muthusamy Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu India
4 Sushma Sree Kadathur Annamalai Dharmapuri, Tamil nadu India
5 Hari Priya Selvakumar Tirupur, Tamil Nadu India
6 Dhivetha Santhini Ramesh Kumar Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu India
7 Anandh Muthulingam Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu India
8 Praveena Panjavarnam Sivaganga, Tamil Nadu India
9 Logdeep Thirumozhi Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu India
10 Rohan Chaudhary Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
11 Hardik Singh Luknow, Uttar Pradesh India
12 Ashima Gupta Shimla, Himachal Pradesh India
13 Mahima Singh Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh India
14 Sheik Abdullah Syed Abudhahir Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu India
15 Smriti Mishra Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh India
16 Vishal Kumar Lakhimpur khiri, Uttar Pradesh India
17 Akriti Singh Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh India
18 Pushpanjali Yadav Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
19 Shamali Santosh Pai Pune, Maharashtra India
20 Farhan Khan Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh India
21 Farhan Khan Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh India
22 Vatsal Singh Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
23 Swapnil Singh Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
24 Ridhu Pranav Ganesan Udumalpet, Tamil Nadu India
25 Jaganath Viswanathan Karur, Tamil Nadu India
26 Sai Krishna Valluri Guntur, Andhra Pradesh India
27 Maharghya Niyogi Kolkata, West Bengal India
28 Poonam Sharma Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh India
29 Partha Manna Ghatal, West Bengal India
30 Sarthak Kumar Ranchi, Jharkhand India
31 Aayushy Sinha Patna, Bihar India
32 Vedika Bisht Mumbai, Maharashtra India
33 Mohammed Shahin Thrissur, Kerala India
34 Geethu Naduvil Giri Thrissur, Kerala India
35 Bhagyalekshmi Anitha Sasidharan Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala India
36 Shantanu Shukla Lakhimpur kheri, Uttar Pradesh India
37 Tamanna Parveen Kharagpur, West Bengal India
38 Subham Sarangi Angul, Odisha India
39 Sriram Prasad Rath Brahmapur, Odisha India
40 Siddhant Bhusan Dhal Bhubaneswar, Odisha India
41 Athulya Sadasivan K Kollam, Kerala India
42 Jayee Amod Kelkar Manama, Manama Bahrain
43 Akshay Saji Kollam, Kerala India
44 Koustav Chakraborty Kolkata, West Bengal India
45 Yaser Ahmed Awadh Al-Shaebi Aden, Yemen Yemen
46 Khurrumzah Monsur Pabna, Dhaka Bangladesh
47 Nahian Al Tashin Patuakhali, Dhaka Bangladesh
48 Taharatun Tabassum Tanima Pabna, Dhaka Bangladesh
49 Proshenjit Kundu Karmakar Moulavibazar, Dhaka Bangladesh
50 Mahamed Ameen Sacid Abib Ali Seattle, WA USA
51 Rana Mohamed Gaber Ahmed Hassan Ghallab Sharq, UAE Egypt
52 Naciima Saciid Abib Ali Seattle, Seattle USA
53 MD Farjidul Islam Brahmanbaria, Brahmanbaria Bangladesh
54 Fazna Nizamudeen Tsim Sha Tsui, Kouiloon Hong Kong
55 Saima Brahamanbaria, Dhaka Bangladesh
56 Marzia Afrin Ali Meem Narsingdi, Dhaka Bangladesh
57 Marzia Khan Chhoya Rupnagar, Dhaka Bangladesh
58 S M Kawsar Ahmed Sayem Natore, Dhaka Bangladesh
59 Fahmida Faiza Prapti Moulvibazar, Dhaka Bangladesh
60 Tanzila Islam Uttarkhan, Dhaka Bangladesh
61 Nusrat Jahan Noakhali Sadar, Noakhali Bangladesh
62 Hasanul Banna Mirpur, Dhaka Bangladesh
63 Golamieasin Arif Kadomtali, Dhaka Bangladesh
64 Fahad Hossain Gazipur, Dhaka Bangladesh
65 Sanjida Parvin Bithi Madaripur, Dhaka Bangladesh
66 Md Mehedi Hasan Naeem Chuadanga, Dhaka Bangladesh
67 Shamsun Naher Suchana Rajbari, Dhaka Bangladesh
68 Abdullah Yousuf Mohammad Bagerhat, Dhaka Bangladesh
69 Shahrukh Al Tamzid Sakib Jamalpur, Dhaka Bangladesh
70 Tania Akkas Dhanmondi, Dhaka Bangladesh
71 MD Al-Kabir Naogaon, Dhaka Bangladesh
72 Imran Khan Pabna, Dhaka Bangladesh
73 Anik Modak Tangail, Dhaka Bangladesh
SL Student Name City, State Nationality
1 Pooja Yadav Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh India
2 Komal Mukhia Darjeeling, West Bengal India
3 Charity Lapasam Khliehriat, Meghalaya India
4 Givingme Rymbai Rymbai, Meghalaya India
5 Mohammad Zain Kamdar Durg, Chhattisgarh India
6 Atul Mishra Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
7 Saurav Kumar Muzaffarpur, Bihar India
8 Prince Kailashbhai Kalaria Upleta, Gujarat India
9 Arindam Sahoo Haldia, West Bengal India
10 Adrija Mukherjee Kolkata, West Bengal India
11 Isack Sebastian Victor Joseph Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu India
12 Rukumani Johnson Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu India
13 Archana Vijay Kollam, Kerala India
14 Aditya Joshi Jodhpur, Rajasthan India
15 Chirag Babulal Jain Palghar, Maharashtra India
16 Senju Girija Dev Soman Kollam, Kerala India
17 Shashank Singh Gonda, Uttar Pradesh India
18 Indulekha Jayananth Palakkad, Kerala India
19 Kavitha Dharmaraj Chennai, Tamil Nadu India
20 Rubal Bajaj Badaun, Uttar Pradesh India
21 Ruchi Yadav Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh India
22 Nevil Kumar Rasikbhai Sangani Surat, Gujarat India
23 Aishwary Chandra Prasad Singh Samastipur, Bihar India
24 Jegan Ignacious Irudayasamy Karur, Tamil Nadu India
25 Vanshikha Bhardwaj Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh India
26 Mushad Khan Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh India
27 Meenu Shivakumar Trivandrum, Kerala India
28 Mohammad Ahmad Khan Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh India
29 Amrita Guha Hooghly, West Bengal India
30 Amitesh Kumar Gupta Sant Kabir Nagar, Uttar Pradesh India
31 Sonali Singh Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
32 Muskaan Ram Rajani Pune, Maharashtra India
33 Freny Ghanshyambhai Nasit Surat, Gujarat India
34 Olivia Carlin Patrick Chennai, Tamil Nadu India
35 Kabir Anish khimani Ahmedabad, Gujarat India
36 Samujjwal Banik Agartala, Tripura India
37 Vishwa Dhaval Popawala Surat, Gujarat India
38 Kaviya Suresh Ernakulam, Kerala India
39 Pragya Anirudh Tripathi Mumbai, Maharashtra India
40 Muskan Parveen Delhi, Delhi India
41 Khushi Sinha Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
42 Khushi Amish Jariwala Surat, Gujarat India
43 Abhirami Shibu Kollam, Kerala India
44 Seema Kumari Delhi, Delhi India
45 Jadadharan Anbu Vadivelan Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu India
46 Abishek Saravanan Trichy, Tamil Nadu India
47 Bharvi Pankaj Patel Vadodara, Gujarat India
48 Aayushi Shaileshbhai Patel Surat Rural, Gujarat India
49 Krishna Vipulbhai Patidar Surat, Gujarat India
50 Vyoma Falgun Modi Surat, Gujarat India
51 Hari Haran Pounraj Theni, Tamil Nadu India
52 Keerthika Subramani Port Blair, Andaman India
53 Arkajyoti Raptan Kolkata, West Bengal India
54 Neha Singh Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh India
55 Prabhupad Das Brahmapur, Odisha India
56 Pragya Rohtak, Haryana India
57 Shreya Sharma Faridabad, Haryana India
58 Harsha Devadoss Gunalan Vellore, Tamil Nadu India
59 Himangi Atri Faridabad, Haryana India
60 Surbhi Tyagi New Delhi, New Delhi India
61 Sumit Jaiswal Badaun, Uttar Pradesh India
62 Manish Daksh Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh India
63 Shorya Raghav Delhi, Delhi India
64 Bhavya Chopra Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh India
65 Sandra Jayaprakash Trivandrum, Kerala India
66 Megha Jayan kollam, Kerala India
67 Devanand Manu Kollam, Kerala India
68 Emitta Johnson Kochi, Kerala India
69 Ayush Anand Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh India
70 Angel Shimla, Himachal Pradesh India
71 Nagmani Patna, Bihar India
72 Divya Singh Hooghly, West Bengal India
73 Abishek Jagadesan Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu India
74 Ashar Akhter Patna, Bihar India
SL Student Name City, State Nationality
1 Parth Singh Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
2 Zuhaib Ahmad Dhanbad, Jharkhand India
3 Vaishnavi Manoharan Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu India
4 Fahad Anowar Comilla, Dhaka Bangladesh
5 Md Abir Hasan Fazle Rabby Natore, Dhaka Bangladesh
6 Maliha Zaman Khan Dhamrai, Dhaka Bangladesh
7 Readay Ahashan Madaripur, Dhaka Bangladesh
8 Mahamudul Hasan Patuakhali, Dhaka Bangladesh
9 Irin Akter Mim Dhaka, Dhaka Bangladesh
10 Afrida Awlad Munshiganj, Dhaka Bangladesh
11 Mahabuba Shazeda Banna Thakurgaon, Dhaka Bangladesh
12 Sumaiya Amin savar, Dhaka Bangladesh
13 Sabrina Nusrat Bijeta Chandpur, Dhaka Bangladesh
14 Alif Ul Islam Gazipur, Dhaka Bangladesh
15 Md Tanvir Hasan Rabbi Mymensingh, Dhaka Bangladesh
16 Anik Chowdhury Noyon Sylhet, Dhaka Bangladesh
17 Saravana Venkatesh Suriyanarayanan Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu India
18 Vaishnavi Pradhan Meerut, Uttar Pradesh India
19 Muhilan Arivazhagan Trichy, Tamil Nadu India
20 Supriya Anbarasan Chennai, Tamil Nadu India
21 Cinta Basil Kollam, Kerala India
22 Jeni Joy Kollam, Kerala India
23 Shaina Akhter Priya Kotwali, Dhaka Bangladesh
24 Nasser Quid Nasser Al-Sharif Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia Yemeni
25 Kamrunnahar Sumi Dhaka, Dhaka Bangladesh
26 Harikrishnan Raghavarajan Kollam, Kerala India
27 Shovan Kundu Ichapur, West Bengal India
28 Naimur Rahman Ridoy Dhaka, Dhaka Bangladesh
29 Nivethitha Shanmuganathan Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu India
30 Mohtasim Shahriar Anik Tangail, Dhaka Bangladesh
31 Shasmitaa Arutselvan Chennai, Tamil Nadu India
32 Felix Milka Bilavendran Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu India
33 Nancyaiswariyamary Anandhan Salem, Tamil Nadu India
34 Beniya Wilson Trichy, Tamil Nadu India
35 Naman Faridabad, Haryana India
36 Deepshika Murugavel Dindigul, Tamil Nadu India
37 Srishti Khatana North East Delhi, Delhi India
38 Bhuvaneswari Selvaraja Cholan Chennai, Tamil Nadu India
39 Rimzhim Pandey Alwar, Rajasthan India
40 Aaliya Naz Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh India
41 Ananthakrishnan Radhakrishna Oachira, Kerala India
42 David Sebastian Joseph Ernakulam, Kerala India
43 Kawin Paandi Manoharan Dindigul, Tamil Nadu India
44 Sanjai Ramasamy Dindigul, Tamil Nadu India
45 Arruthranivasini Karur Rajendran Karur, Tamil Nadu India
46 Rohit Muraleedharan Pillai Thara Kollam, Kerala India
47 Sagor Sutradhar Cumilla, Dhaka Bangladesh
48 Ohipaya Pasi West jaintia Hills, Meghalaya India
49 Shruti Singhal Faridabad, Haryana India
50 Mohini Faridabad, Haryana India
51 Priyadharshini Karunanidhi Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu India
52 Haripriya Viswanathan Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu India
53 Preethi Sekar Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu India
54 Aayushi Kirti Indore, Madhya Pradesh India
55 Ann Thomas Kochi, Kerala India
56 Vishali Arangarjan Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu India
57 Cheranjeevi Rajendran Chennai, Tamil Nadu India
58 Srivaishnavi Krishnan Nivetha Trichy, Tamil Nadu India
59 Jyothi Muthiah Prakasam Kollam, Kerala India
60 Anjan Hamid Jarif Mirpur, Pallabi,, Dhaka Bangladesh
61 Balamurugan Palanichamy Mahadevi Madurai, Tamil Nadu India
62 Saurabh Singh Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh India
63 Amith Mathew George Kollam, Kerala India
64 Serena Carrie Langstieh Laitphlang Shillong, Meghalaya India
65 Maysa Fatima Calicut, Kerala India
66 Kiruthika Jeyaprakash Chennai, Tamil Nadu India
67 Arun Kumar Saivam Alagumalai Madurai, Tamil Nadu India
68 Vagmita Shukla Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh India
69 Sneha Stanley Manpada Thane, Maharashtra India
70 Aditi Bhaduri Salt Lake, West Bengal India
71 Sainidhi Sridhar Salem, Tamil Nadu India
72 Rabia Minhaj Mohideen Medavakkam, Tamil Nadu India
73 Aravindh Palaniappan Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu India
74 Boomika Rajendran Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu India
75 Vidhyasree Vanisree Chinnaraju Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu India
76 Aswini Govindaraj Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu India
77 Janardhan Holekivi Yogesh Shivamogga, Karnataka India
78 Hirak Mondal Sonarpur, West Bengal India
79 Saptarshi Saha Kolkata, West Bengal India
80 Anjali Pimpri Chinchwad, Maharashtra India
81 Nusrat Jahan Liza Dhaka, Dhaka Bangladesh
82 Puja Saha Bonna Sunamganj, Dhaka Bangladesh


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